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Table Art: Covid Crisis Update

A Covid Crisis Update from the Team. Behind the Scenes at Table Art.

Covid Crisis Update from Table Art. Dated April 1st 2020.

Following Government advice, Table Art took the decision to close the studio on March 23rd 2020. With our devoted team working from home, we continue to do everything in our power to accommodate the needs of all our valued clients during this difficult time. 

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Covid Crisis Update: MD Gary Martin

“Hi everyone – here is the latest Table Art Covid Crisis Update.

So it’s a couple of weeks since my video and things seem to have got even worse. There are no signs whatsoever of when we will see the event industry returning to anything like normal.

I am thinking that when things do return it will be a while before event planners will have the confidence to book large events. It seems that the only way ahead for us is to keep an eye on what is going on every day. We just need to try and be ready for when things start to change.

How Can We Help?

The difficulty for us in this industry is that the government are trying to avoid a large peak. This will hopefully spread the problem out to save lives. Of course, I completely understand that, but obviously it means that it will go on for longer. So rather than sit back, we are looking around for ways we can help out. A call went out for 3D printer owners to make visors to protect our NHS workers. So that is what we are currently doing. Anyone with a 3 printer can get involved!  

At least employees will be receiving 80% of their wages by the end of April. That is a great help. There is even help for the self-employed!  Fingers crossed if necessary, the government will extend this but who knows what will happen after that! I reckon though, with the whole world focusing on it, they will find a range of solutions. From cheap and easy to use ventilators to effective medication.

The Big Question

With everything so up in the air, one of the big questions that we are facing at Table Art is whether to spend time and money on new ideas and designs? It’s what we love and why we are in the business but with the way things are we could be wasting our time and money. At the moment, we have decided to spend the time working on specific designs but not to spend anything on prototypes until we have an idea of what’s going to happen later this year.

I do believe that, when we are through this nightmare, everyone will go mad for events and we will all do pretty well if we can just ride the storm. 

I hope you have enjoyed the latest Table Art Covid Crisis Update. Keep checking for the latest Table Art news.

Good luck and stay safe everyone.”

April 1st 2020

Contributing to Vital Services:

Protective Screens

Table Art Scotland team, The Blue Parrot Group have been supporting local pharmacies. They have been making safety screens and safe distance vinyl’s. Redirecting the efforts of their operational team has been a great way to support the vital services. In this crucial time, we need to do our best to assist the NHS and the wider community.

blue parrot group covid
blue parrot group covid
Fabric Face Mask

Inspired by the work of Greg and his team at the Blue Parrot Group. Gary has been working on ways to help the services in his local Leamington/ Warwick area. Taking a slightly different approach to the usual, Gary has been working with Tracy Adams Ltd. A textile manufacturing company – neighbours at the Sydenham industrial estate. With sketches and research provided by Table Art. John and his team at Tracy Adams Ltd have created these prototype masks. Now with the restrictions imposed by the government, we are looking at different approaches for the manufacturing of these masks.As access to our respective units isn’t possible. Currently looking at the logistics of getting machines out to some dedicated team members at Tracy Adams Ltd. Know that we will keep you updated as to its progress.

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3D Printed Plastic Screen Face Mask

We aren’t stopping there. Gary and Joe are currently turning the workshop upside down trying to devise a protective face screen design. The aim being that we can offer these direct to the NHS. For additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that they so desperately need.

Following a Nationwide call out for 3D printers, Table Art stepped forward. Following a CAD design, our technician Andy Rawlings has converted his kitchen into a production line. Making various components for these masks is a long task but one that is well worth the time. With the help of his wife Sam, they are putting together as many sets as they can. The 3D printer is running at capacity and will continue to do so.

We are all experiencing the agony of watching front line NHS staff call out for PPE night after night. All of us need to do our utmost to support these heroes. Perhaps you yourself have access to a 3D printer? Click here to download the CAD design and get cracking! 

table art masks covid
table art masks covid bw

The Home Front:

For those of you who know our MD Gary Martin, you will find it no surprise to read that he continues to work tirelessly on creative projects and product development from home.

Table Art first started from Gary’s home back in 2004. Although we went onto to have multiple offices throughout the UK, Gary kept the workshop at his home base. The workshop has been a vital tool in nurturing Gary’s creativity. Over the years it has been the birthplace of many of our Table Art creations. It is this same vital tool that is proving to be a lifeline for the MD during this crucial period.

With the restrictions in place by the Government, we know how lucky we are to be able to work from home. The workshop just outside his front door, it gives Gary every opportunity to continue the work he loves. It also helps that Designer Joe Martin, his son, also lives on site. They love to push artistic boundaries by combining the newest trends and innovative technologies. Our team brings the client’s desires fully to life. Now we do appreciate, that with the Event Industry flatlining, there isn’t a demand currently. What we proceed with is absolute faith that the industry will be back up and running in the Autumn. To have designs ready and waiting will only help when it comes to the September rush.

Gary’s objective here is to make sure the events industry has every tool it needs to get back on its feet when the crisis ends.

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Continued Work here at Table Art

With our premises now closed, our team have all made makeshift offices at home. Despite the chaos we are all experiencing at home, we are all working hard to make sure the services we provide remain at the highest possible standard. We imagine many of you are doing the same. So if you are reading this now looking to get inspired, contact the team now and we can happily work on some creative ideas for your next event.

In the face of the current crisis, the thought of events seems totally unimportant. We couldn’t agree more but we also know that this will end. We will come out the other side of this wanting to celebrate, to get back on our feet and get back to normal. It is for this reason that we continue here at Table Art to post, blog and develop our business. We have absolute faith that once this is all over- our valued clients will return and be looking to throw a damn good party!  

We will continue toregular Covid Crisis Update posts to keep our friends and clients informed of the latest developments. Keep an eye out for our Newsletters, Blogs and Social Posts for the latest from the team. 

Covid Crisis Update

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