Blog / Table Art Blog – Lockdown Latest on 5th May

Table Art Blog – Lockdown Latest on 5th May

Table Art Blog – Lockdown Latest on 5th May.

Welcome to another Table Art Blog – Lockdown Latest.

So, as we enter another month, we are now in May. Who would have thought back in February, when we first started to talk about the Coronavirus in the UK, that we would be here. Weeks at home, no work, no income and no socialising at all, not even with family. But just when I start to feel a bit sorry for myself I remember the terrible misfortunes of other people. I know of a lady who has just been treated for cancer and lost her mum last week. She couldn’t visit to say goodbye. She can’t meet up with and hug her sister. And she can’t even attend the funeral but will have to watch on livestream! It makes me feel lucky to have my family at home with me.


Game Changer

On a more positive note, we are seemingly past the peak. The daily new case and death rates are now definitely coming down. Even with the figures apparently now being more accurate. The new Nightingale Hospital at the NEC Birmingham has still not had a single admission. Most excitingly, though, we are told there will be news of an accurate antibody test this week. This, I believe, will be a game-changer. This will mean we know who of us has had the virus and is now immune to it. If we are immune, we can safely go back to work without fear of being infected or infecting anyone else.

There is a good chance we may establish that many more of us have had this virus without even knowing. Apparently, this test is 100% accurate and will be widely available. With the vaccine likely to take a long time to come to fruition, this antibody test could be the thing that enables us to get some normality back.

Exit Plans

Several countries including Spain and Ireland have now announced their plans to exit lockdown. And we expect to hear news about ours from Boris on Sunday. Although it will, of course, take time for us to ensure we can socialise again safely, at least there is some sign that we are heading towards it. Health has to be the top priority but it is also vital that the economy gets going again as soon as possible. Mental health is starting to suffer, not only because of the lack of contact with other people but also financial pressures. Many business gurus are saying how important it is to the health of the whole nation.

We hope Boris brings us good news this week. We hope he can tell us that this awful virus will be soon under control. That the antibody test will help save lives. And that we can slowly and safely get our lives and businesses back.

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I hope you are enjoying our weekly Table Art Blog – Lockdown Latest blogs.

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