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Sustainable Events: Examples and Options from Table Art

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Exploring Eco-Friendly Event Design with Table Art

Single-use is out; sustainable options are in! This goes for everything – including the events industry. If you’re running an event and aren’t offering some sustainable elements, then the success of your event could be hindered.

Here are some of the options we would suggest to make your event sustainable.

Hire Reusable Props and Centrepieces – At Table Art, we have a huge selection of props, table centres, and lighting you can hire for your event. This will contribute to making your event more sustainable, as there is no waste when it comes to the décor. We will deliver and collect everything you need to make your event perfect. Browse our inventory here.

Eco-friendly transportation – You can encourage your guests to use public transport to attend your event or car share where possible. If you choose to work with Table Art, we deliver all of your props, table centres, and lighting in our electric van. It can hold a huge capacity of products and is far more environmentally friendly than standard vehicles.

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LED lighting – LED lighting uses less energy than alternatives. At Table Art, we only use LED lighting, so you can rest assured that your event is using the least amount of energy possible.

Sustainable Merchandise and Giveaways – If you choose to give your attendees promotional items, select items that are responsibly sourced or made to be recycled. Bamboo products are great for this, and there are so many different options available.

Digital Media – Encourage the use of e-tickets and e-brochures to reduce the amount of paper and printing for your event. This can make a huge difference to its sustainability.

If you want to host a Sustainable Event but are struggling with a theme, here are some that may inspire you;

Zero-Waste Event Theme – This can be tricky to pull off as you really need your guests to invest in this theme. This would involve there being no waste at all. Hire reusable props and decorations, and make sure all tableware is reusable – even the napkins. Some hosts even donate leftover food so that nothing is wasted.  

Green Conferences and Expos – If you’re organising a conference this year, now is a great time to get your exhibitors and attendees thinking greener. You can do this through e-tickets, encouraging attendees to use public transport, choosing a venue with an eco-certification, and even thinking about powering your event with renewable energy where possible.

Sustainable Fashion – The fashion industry is changing as people become more aware of waste. Charity shops are becoming more popular than ever. If you’re hosting a fashion show or event, searching for ethically or sustainably sourced fashion can be a big selling point.

Celebrate Local Theme – Support your local business and invest in sustainability with a Celebrate Local theme for your event. This is a particularly good theme for food events; you can use your local butcher or greengrocer for an event with a twist!  

At Table Art, one of our goals for 2024 is to become even more sustainable with our product and service offerings. This means ensuring our props, decorations, and lighting remain reusable and adaptable. It also means investing in greener ways to travel with our electric van.

If you’re planning a sustainable event this year, then contact our team for help and advice.

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