Blog / Industrial Furniture Art Focus: Sustainability, Durability and Longevity

Industrial Furniture Art Focus: Sustainability, Durability and Longevity

Industrial Furniture Art Focus: Sustainability, Durability and Longevity

 The key objectives that are at the heart of everything we do.  

Here at Industrial Furniture Art we know the importance of the big three: Sustainability, Durability and Longevity. Thanks to growing media attention, we are all becoming more environmentally conscious. In response to this growing awareness, we wanted to create an ethical brand that our clients can rely on. Consequently, we use reclaimed wood and locally sourced materials to create the best eco-friendly furniture.

In this blog we breakdown those three key objectives. Focusing on how as a business we are striving to improve our working practices to strengthen our ethical standing.


Green Recovery

When the world took a hard pause in response to the pandemic, we invertedly started a green recovery. As airports shut down and roads quietened, the pollution levels dropped significantly. The result of which was a brief drop in carbon emissions. Now although it was not significant enough to repair the damage done over the past century, it has been a positive step forward. What it illustrates is the importance of our lifestyles and how that effects the environment.

The World is starting to open again how do we make positive changes to not undue the green recovery? Sustainability is the answer. In every aspect of our lives, we need to make environmentally conscious decisions. It is not enough to simply recycle our rubbish and to get in the car less. We need to think smart, especially when it comes to our consumption. The fashion industry is already laser focused on sustainability, producing environmentally conscious clothing, and actively trying to reduce waste. Following suit, the furniture industry is taking note and making positive changes.

Article: ‘Green recovery’ from COVID-19 can slow climate change: UN environment report


Gone are the days of cheap flat packed furniture with limited life spans. People are looking to furnish their homes with eco-friendly pieces. Choosing to source ethical brands or to simply re-love existing pieces. For those ethical brands they want to make sure that they are using locally sourced materials and that the process of creation is not environmentally damaging. In the past, the industry has been guilty of using harmful chemicals and selecting materials that have a detrimental effect on our forests and seas.  Moving away from those practices is a slow process but the demand from customers is pushing the industry forward.

Here at Industrial Furniture Art we are passionate about the use of sustainable materials. Our team love nothing more than trips to the salvage yard, picking out wood that is chock full of character and age. Wood is also sourced from building yards, from unused pallets to forgotten scaffolding planks. All of these found pieces are re-loved and re-crafted into unique pieces of furniture. Initially creating a range of desks, we have expanded into side tables, monitor stands and dining tables. All of which make the best of our reclaimed materials, no two pieces are the same.


Durability is an issue that goes alongside the morally dubious sustainability issues of the past century. In placing importance on quantity over quality it has made for generations of throw-a-way furniture that now fill landfills. When we address sustainability, we need to factor in durability. The key elements to consider when prioritising durability is as follows:

🌿 Quality Materials

🌳 Skilled Construction

🌴 Strong Fixings

🌱 After Care

Firstly, all our furniture is made from high quality sourced materials. All painstakingly checked before use. Secondly, the workshop is comprised of three skilled craftspeople, all of whom take great pride in their creations. Thirdly, great care has been taken to source and use the best tools and fixings. Finally, we have a comprehensive set of instructions that cover after care, ensuring that each piece has the best possible chance against the hard use of family life.  


Like the fashion industry, the furniture business is facing a longevity issue. After decades of producing cheap and poorly constructed furniture that are quickly filling landfills, we are having to pull the break hard and take a new and more considered approach. The key objective here is produce furniture that will last generations. Customers are happy to spend a little extra to ensure that what they purchase will last. With this change of mindset, the industry is taking a fresh approach and building with sustainable and durable materials.

As with sustainability and durability, longevity is of the upmost priority for Industrial Furniture Art. As a result, we put great emphasis on the build quality of our pieces. We want our furniture to stand the test of time. A key element here is the design, keeping things classic means we are not at the mercy of trends. One of the major issues with longevity is ever changing trends. Pressures from social media and the wider press means that customers found themselves keen to keep up with the latest trends. To counter this, we produce clean and classic designs. 

D-eco-rate Your Home with Industrial Furniture Art

The past year has forced us to look at our environmental commitments and we are all keen to make sure our homes are environmentally safe. If you are looking for an eco-conscious furniture company to help transform your home, then Industrial Furniture Art are here to help. With classic designs made from high-quality, durable materials – we offer something both rustic and modern for the home.

Covering everything from your home office to the kitchen, we have a range of furniture that is truly unique. Explore our website and see how Industrial Furniture Art can transform your home.

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