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Supplier Spotlight: Halo FX

Supplier Spotlight: Halo FX

The second in our supplier’s series, this week we are highlighting Halo FX.


During this unprecedented time, we know the importance of sticking together. The events industry needs to be a unified front to weather this storm. We are certain that together we will come out the other side stronger. So, in an effort to lift the spirits of the Event Industry, we are focussing on the services and achievements of our partners.


Continuing our supplier series, this blog centres on the work of Halo FX. A special effects production company. Delivering professional pyrotechnics services for events, taking the team the length and breadth of the UK. Ben heads up a team of pyrotechnic wizards that are extraordinarily talented with all things explosive…

halo fx firework display

About Halo FX:

Halo FX are pyrotechnic specialists that offer an unparalleled range of special effects. Starting with firework displays, both indoor and outdoor. Then onto special effects including CO2 Jets, Cold Spark Fountains, Confetti Cannons, Smoke Machines and Snow effects. Finally, offering pyrotechnic and Confetti table centres. Designed exclusively for events, the variety of services available are fantastically diverse.

The team bring every ounce of their creativity, technical know-how, H&S knowledge and customer focus to every event. This vital combination of expertise is what makes Halo FX the best of the best. Their absolute dedication results in breath-taking displays that are both competitively prices and resolutely safe. 

Pyro Specialists

Not just geniuses at all thing’s pyro, they also offer additional products to support the displays. Need a PA sound system? Or perhaps some theatrical lighting? No problem at all, Ben and his team have you covered. 

In the heart of the Midlands, Halo FX are based in Rugby. With such a central location, Halo FX are conveniently located to service all of the UK. Halo FX travel up and down the country delivering unique experiences for a broad range of events. Covering everything from corporate functions, weddings, music concerts, festivals and even private parties. Halo FX are THE group to call when you are looking to make your celebration special.

halo fx fireworks

What their Clients Say:

The real measure of a company is reflected in the reviews of their clients. Halo FX has a loyal following of clients that come back year on year. They do so in the knowledge that Ben and his team will go above and beyond to deliver the brief.

“We worked with Table Art for the IR Magazine Awards – Europe at 8 Northumberland. They provided exploding confetti balloons and lower moon shaped table centrepieces. The room looked absolutely fantastic with the centrepieces and the DMX lighting complemented the AV lighting perfectly. The exploding confetti balloons added the ‘wow’ factor at the end of our event and I would highly recommend them for any awards show. It was a pleasure to work with Ben and James onsite.”

Lauren Wilson

halo fx fireworks confetti

“Ben provided a Bonfire Night firework display set to music (at his suggestion) for a Round Table Charity event in Balsall Common. Given the constraints of space posed by our venue it was an amazing achievement to produce such a visually striking display. We received nothing but praise for the fireworks. Ben’s advice and experience was invaluable too as we had never organised a firework display before. I can honestly say that I think we got by far the best value for money. The feedback we had, included comments such as ‘amazing’, ‘fantastic synchronization with the music’ and ‘best fireworks I’ve ever seen’. A big thumbs up from me and the rest of the Organising committee!”

Simon Daniel

halo fx firework

What they can do for you: Fireworks & Pyrotechnics

Firework displays

The bread and butter of the company. Halo FX are true masterminds when it comes to firework displays. Having worked at every conceivable theme, from Halloween to a Christmas light switch on – there is nothing that Halo FX can’t deliver.

The real magic of any display by Halo FX is their ability to coordinate a display seamlessly with music. Seizing the audience from the very first note, guests will not be able to look away. Taken on a narrative that is sure to give them goose bumps. Halo FX gives an audience a pyro-theatrical experience.  These styles of displays have never failed to blow guests away.

Can it get more magical than that? Well yes! With the addition of theatrical lighting, confetti and even streamers- you will have a fully immersive experience that guests will talk about for years to come.

halo fx christmas display

Stage Pyrotechnics

We have all seen incredible music stage shows, whether that’s in person or on TV. With our favourite performer’s veritable wizards as sparks, smoke and pyros set off the stage in every direction. That level of production isn’t just limited to the Glastonbury mainstage. Bring that same magic to your own event with the help of Halo FX.

“Incredible fireworks display for our wedding. They were spectacular. All our guests were amazed as were we. Highly recommend, very professional. Thank you.”

Natasha Barker

The team have a fantastic range of stage pyrotechnics that is sure to WOW the audience:

  • Gerbs
  • Sparks
  • Smoke Effect
  • Concussion Pots
  • Maroons
  • Mines
  • Comets
  • Ice Fountains

Looking to make things a little hotter? Halo FX have flame effects using the Galaxis G Flame system. Renowned for its versatility, it is a safe and reliable system that looks great both indoors and out.

halo fx citreon

Halo FX: Creative and Technical Expertise

Halo FX are not just limited to pyrotechnics. They offer a plethora of special effects that are sure to deliver a WOW moment to any event.

Confetti & Special Effects:

  • Confetti Cannon
  • Streamers
  • CO2 Jets, Cryo Jets
  • Exploding Confetti Balloons
  • Smoke, Fog and Dry Ice
  • Stage Pyro, Indoor Fireworks and Flames
  • Cold Spark Fountains
  • Wedding First Dance Special Effects
halo fx firework effects

Pyro & Confetti Table Centres

In addition to the special effects listed, they also have an exceptional range of Pyro and Confetti Table Centres. As a centrepiece company, it would be almost criminal if we didn’t highlight our work here with Halo FX. Having had the pleasure of working with Ben and his team for many years, the exchange of ideas has been ever present. Ben works closely with Gary and the rest of the design studio to bring special effects to our range of centres.

“We have used Halo FX many times over the years and we’re always delighted with the service that they provide! This time round we hired the exploding confetti balloons which were fantastic! We would highly recommend!”

Harriet Hill

Having first approached us with an idea of pyro table centres. Ben utilised roman candles and with the help of our design team, we adapted the Candelabra and Pixel designs to accommodate the pyro. As you can see from the videos, the overall effect is magnificent. It gives that added WOW factor, perfect for a big announcement or a grand finale to an event.

From there we went onto explore confetti options, looking to add a colourful balloon design to our collection. Working with our existing Glow Bubble table centre, we incorporated a confetti filled balloon with a firing system. That system allowed us to sync the centrepieces and ‘pop’ them on demand. The result?  The Exploding Confetti Balloon. An explosive moment where the balloon pops and showers guests in a rainbow of confetti. This went on to be one of the most popular centrepieces of 2019 and we look forward to getting these back out on the market when the industry recovers.

More collaborations between our two groups to come- keep your eyes peeled for the latest developments!

Tyson Fury Promo

The Team:

MD Ben Morley-Mckay | The Man in Charge…

Founder of Halo FX back in 2011, Ben is the creative director of the company.

It was during his university years that Ben realised his passions for all thing pyro. Building on that passion, he went onto become freelance senior pyrotechnician. Working in the industry for over two decades, Ben has worked with a great many pyrotechnic companies. Those years of experience gave him a strong sense of the do’s and don’ts of the business and pushed him to start his own company.

As creative director, he designs and coordinates all the displays. Utilizing a state-of-the-art firing system, Ben can pre-program complex displays. Not just the creative mind of the business, he is also a qualified event safety manager. For all things H&S- Ben is your man.

halo fx flight cases

Director Yolanda Morley-Mckay | Team Lead

Director of Halo FX, Yolanda is the driving force behind the company. Keeping Halo FX ahead of competitors, she invests her time into making sure the marketing is on point for the business. Specialising in the scheduling aspects of the business, Yolanda runs the diary like a swiss watch.

 Her passion for photography and videography has made Halo FX a leading company in the field. We dare you to find a more impressive firework gallery! Yolanda knows the vital importance of content across the website and social media. As such, she devotes much of her time on updating the platforms with the latest event imagery and videos.

it is Yolanda’s keen eye for detail that keeps Halo FX at the leading edge of the industry.

halo fx fireworks display

John | Right Hand Man…

First and foremost, John can be described as the moral manager. Keeping everyone in good spirits whatever the weather! With his brew kit in hand, he keeps the crew happy no matter how much it rains… a real smile killer for any technician setting up a display!

As the senior firer at Halo FX, John has worked in the field of pyrotechnics for over 15 years. Having travelled the world working on displays, his knowledge is invaluable.

John’s is a stickler for detail and before every display, checks every element. This ensures a near perfect record for displays. Always a calm presence in the team, his keen eye has made certain a great many displays were safe.

balloon event decor

The Wrap Up….

We hope you enjoyed this second edition to our Suppliers Series. Halo FX have been a strong partner to our business. Working collaboratively has been truly beneficial for both groups, bringing to life the Exploding Confetti Balloons. We know beyond a doubt that once the industry is back fighting fit, we will be back working together bringing new and exciting products to the events business.

Now that you are completely obsessed with all things Halo FX… it’s time to get in touch with Ben and his team. Click here to contact Halo FX.

More Supplier Spotlight blogs to follow…

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