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Successful Business Partnerships can be the Key to Expansion

How We found Our First Successful Business Partnership

A Successful business partnership can be the key to expansion. One year after the incorporation of Table Art, Greg Anderson of the Blue Parrot Company in Glasgow called us. He was looking for something to differentiate his event offering in Scotland that would give them an edge in innovation over other event companies. Because we were actually finding it economically difficult to supply some geographic areas, we were considering taking on partners to cover these places.

Taking the Plunge

After some deliberation, the decision was made to take the plunge and we formed a working partnership. Blue Parrot would hold a core stock of Table Art equipment. Our team would then train them on delivery and service to be able to replicate our own efficient systems. For a successful business partnership, we needed a company that was already working with and delivering the highest level of service with the utmost reliability. Blue Parrot were the obvious choice with a great unit and showroom in Glasgow. Also, their staff were already wearing smart uniforms for delivery.

How Would it Work?

Blue Parrot could offer the range of lit table centres that they held in stock. However, they could also have access to the complete range of styles held in the UK. The advent of pallet delivery in the UK worked well with the fact that  we designed Table Art products to be transported safely in their own flight cases. It meant that we could cover the entire country with our lit table centre designs.

candelabra acryclic legs

Product Expansion

After a couple of years and thousands of event guests experiencing dining with one of our designs in the centre of their table, we decided we should experiment with some larger props and event decorations. We considered that we could apply the principal of efficiently flat packing table centres to other decorations. To work with our Scottish branch, the props would have to work in the same way as the table centres. There would have to be a core product that would stay in Scotland. Blue Parrot could then dress them  in different ways creating alternative looks that would enhance the lit centrepiece experience.

Our First Joint Product

Our first product was a light panel. These are lit panels, covered in stretch fabric prints, that can easily change to fit the event. Because they are so light, we are able to send the different designs between the two companies in the post. A simple way to completely change the look of any event. Next, came the Swans Neck stand and pop up adjustable Mirror Ball Stand. Hanging chandeliers and white, gold and full coloured palm trees could now be easily and quickly installed in key areas like the entrance, pre dinner drinks and stage areas. 

floral table centre

The Next Step

The next step from there was to offer complete theme solutions together with marketing, video and an image library. Clients could use these to create their own bespoke events more efficiently and economically. With the growing popularity of the film, Greatest Showman and also the whole circus theme really taking off at the moment, we can take our ever-popular Dream Circus style and adapt it to work in all sorts of interesting ways. Blue Parrot have used this style extensively and have used it to market the entire concept in Scotland. Using high quality inflatable animals like elephants and giraffes can create the big venue effects. Plus when adding tables dressed with carousels, hanging acrobats and hot air balloons the effects can be stunning.

table art flame centrepiece

Sharing a Vision is the Way Forward

I think that sharing a vision with another company, either within the same industry or not, can really work. It’s great to swap ideas and experiences, good and bad, but it really must be something that everyone gains from. The Blue Parrot – Table Art collaboration is a great example of a successful business partnership. I am sure it is one that will continue to develop and grow for many years to come.

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