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GALAXY QUEST: Space Party Theming!

GALAXY QUEST: Space Party Theming!

Space Party: Another intergalactic adventure by the great event explorers at Table Art.


The De Vere Beaumont Estate transformed into a sci-fi dreamscape that utilized the best event styling that we have to offer. When it comes to Space party theming, this event stands out for its commitment to the aesthetic and the jaw dropping results.

In this blog we take a closer look at this interstellar party as organised by Off Limits. We want to highlight the props and centrepieces that worked so effectively at bringing the theme to life. Hopefully inspiring you to take on your own cosmic brief and deliver a space themed party with the help of the Table Art team.

earth globe theming

The Venue

De Vere Beaumont Estate

The history of the De Vere is a rich and diverse. From its royal connections to the use of it as an educational and religious institute. The building is the very embodiment of the British spirit. The hotel is made up from a collection of country estates and ancestral family homes. Records of the Beaumont Estate go as far back as 870AD. Notable visitors include King Edward VII and Winston Churchill.

space events

With undeniably strong links to the capital, the De Vere Beaumont receives much of its business from London. In the country belt surrounding London, this is an idyllic retreat for those looking to host an event outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. In 2018 there was a huge investment into the restoration of Beaumont. With the mansion at the heart of the estate, it’s facilities are of utmost priority. In order to keep up with the expectations of London visitors, only the best technologies have been implemented here. Making it a standout venue when looking for a corporate or wedding host.

Sci-fi Venues

When you think of sci-fi venues for a space party, the De Vere Beaumont Estate would not immediately spring to mind. An eighteenth century mansion that has all the hall marks of a period drama. With that said, what a fantastic advert for the venue in showing how it can transform itself to suit any brief!

space event decor

The Agency

Off Limits are long standing partners with Table Art. We have had the distinct pleasure of working with them for the best part of the decade. As an events company specialising in Team Building and Evening Events, it was a match made in heaven when they made their first booking with Table Art. Off Limits are a creative bunch that offer an exceptional service, a world away from the ordinary. For this reason, the team at Off Limits often come to Table Art for their event dressing needs. Knowing that we match their creativity and enthusiasm means that we work collaboratively to bring even the most complicated briefs to life.

Off Limits

For this event, Corporate Sales Team Manager Abby Magill was the woman in charge. Contacting our sales team direct, she laid out her vision for this event in May. Looking for a modern approach to a space theme that was a world away from the gimmicky style that is so common on a space party brief. They came to the right group! Here at Table Art we don’t deal in gimmick and only have sleek and sophisticated props.

event set up

The Designs:

The sales team sent Abby a proposal that was jam packed with designs for a space party. Everything from inflatable moon to the space paneling was included. With such a well-rounded collection of props highlighted, it came as no surprise when Abby wanted the lot!

Working with Abby and her team, we put together a package to suit the event. The package comprised of the following:

Inflatable Tunnel & Red Carpet Pixel Entrance

Enhance the moment your guests first set eyes on your stunning lit centrepieces by framing them with our Inflatable Tunnel. This contemporary design perfectly complements our modern event styling ideas, with plush luxury finish- it’s ideal for a space party theme.

space tunnel

Inflatable Rocket

Inspired by an eclectic combination of old silent movies and futuristic styling, this retro chic inflatable is the ideal focal point to a sci-fi event. As with many of our inflatables, this is a versatile prop – working just as effectively as a hanging prop as it does when it’s freestanding.

Space String Display

With a space-tastic twist on our original string curtain display. This String Curtain Space Display makes an out of this world addition to your event. Vibrant Saturn’s suspended from the heart of the display, these planets deliver a dramatic impact as guests step into the room. Delicate strings surround slowly rotating mirror balls, creating a spectacular light show across the event.

space displays

Space Panels

Light Panel Designs from Table Art. With a vast range of printed screens, we have a design fro every theme. Beautifully backlit, they are a striking addition to any event. You can even choose to have a bespoke print applied. 

event space theme
Planet Table Centres

Planet Table Centres are the go-to choice for an Space Party brief. They can be set at two heights to add a dynamic style to the room. 

The Event

The morning of the event and the team were busily loading the order to the van and making the final checks. There was so much booked for this event that we had to take two vans. Rare in the world of Table Art as usually we squeeze everything onto one van! Once the Table Art convey arrived on site, it was a simple case of rolling everything into the space and getting to work. The crew here are big supporters of the divide and conquer approach. That is why, on arrival the crew take on responsibility of certain tasks and tackle that before coming together on the final finishes. As you can see from the images, we had Joe working on the String Space Display initially while Ashley worked his magic on the table centres.

event setting up

Cosmic Soiree

The event itself cosmic soiree that enchanted guests from the moment they stepped into the room. Groups rushed to the space panelled backdrops to get a selfie in all their finery. Others headed to the bar, with our Inflatable Rocket drawing them closer like a moth to the flame.

Table Centres

As the event proceeded, guests took their seats and attention was drawn to the centre of their table. With a starry mix of Rocket and Planet Table Centres, phone cameras were out again in force with guests trying to capture the beauty of the centrepieces. This was a showcase event for the Table Art team, an opportunity to show exactly what we can do for a space brief.

event space theming

The Photography:

You know that here at Table Art we are suckers for a good sense of photographs. I am sure you have noticed the quality of the ones featured here. That is owing to the fact that we commissioned a professional photographer to capture the evening. For this event we brought in Rick from Satureyes photography. Setting out the brief before his arrival, we were keen to get good product shots alongside images of the crew installing the centrepieces and props. Often images like that prove helpful when trying to illustrate how our services work. On the night, Rick took lots of great pictures of the crew, including these showing the guys in action!

The Importance of Photography

Recognising the importance of photography is one of our key strengths as a business. Table Art knows that without good photographs, a client is unlikely to book the product. A good set of photographs gives the client faith that the product will be everything they hope.

earth globe props

In Conclusion:

A space party theme can be a tricky one to navigate. Event Planners desperately do not want to fall down the gimmick rabbit hole. They come to Table Art to deliver a sense of clarity and service alongside a distinctive and unique product range. That was certainly the case for Abby and her team when they presented us with their space brief.

This event is our strongest space theming yet, featuring everything from our range. With the fantastic event imagery to match, we are sure this will be a theme that planners will book again and again.

If you would like more information about this product, please contact our team today.


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