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Table Art offers Protective Equipment: Shield UK

A Change in Direction: Table Art offers Protective Equipment

As the event industry is currently on pause, Table Art has taken the decision to diversify. Under Shield UK, Offering protective equipment for businesses preparing for a post-lockdown world.

Businesses are taking the first steps in reopening after a staggering ten weeks of lockdown. Not a simple reopening process, businesses now need to adhere to strict government guidelines. As a collective we are all working to protect one another and avoid a dreaded second wave scenario. As Table Art are not able to go back to ‘business as usual’, MD Gary wanted to branch out and help local businesses get ready and keep their customers safe.

Here we highlight the products produced so far and the businesses they are helping protect. We have plans to expand the range so please keep an eye on our social media platforms for regular updates.

Protective Screens

Clear Flat-Packable Screens

Protecting your work environment with these lightweight, flat-packable screens. Featuring a clear plastic screen on a hinged wooden frame. These are freestanding screens and easily moved into position. For those looking to have a flexible solution, these screens are ideal. Moving them about to suit your needs as they change day to day. They have been designed to not compromise line of sight across a room, a vital feature for barbers, markets, and surgeries.

Developed over the ten-week lockdown, Gary and Sam have been working hard to finalise the design in time for the easing of restrictions. Utilizing the materials and machinery at the Table Art Warehouse, production is now well underway.

Key Features

  • Wipe clean surfaces, ensuring screens are kept sanitised.
  • Flat Pack for easy transport and storage.
  • Light Weight yet durable.
  • Clear screen to maintain line of sight across the business.
  • Fully brandable upon request.
  • Quick production time.
coffee shop screen

Foamex Screens

These Foamex screens are the brainchild of our Scottish Table Art team. Proving popular particularly amongst barbers, hairdressers, and pharmacies. They have been installed across Glasgow and the surrounding areas over the past few weeks. Made from 10mm Foamex, they are available in black or white. Again, completely freestanding, they are light enough to be moved if required. Easy wipe clean surfaces make it ideal for keeping the work environment sanitized.

Key Features

  • Light Weight yet durable.
  • Available in black or white
  • Fully brandable upon request.
  • Quick production time.
ppe screen protective

Countertop Screens

We have produced Countertop screens to protect employees and customers alike. Shielding them from both direct contact and airborne particles from coughs and sneezes. Produced in clear materials, these screens prioritize vision while not compromising on safety. Easily cleaned, they provide a sanitized barrier between staff and customers. An efficient solution for your countertop space, they are made from the highest quality materials and are great value.

Key Features

  • Wipe clean surfaces, ensuring screens are kept sanitised.
  • Small scale, ideal for countertop and till spaces.
  • Light Weight yet durable.
  • Easily fixed to countertop if required.
  • Clear screen to maintain line of sight across the business.
butchers screen

Social Distancing Floor Vinyl’s

We have all stood in ques, diligently sticking to the markers on the floor. From fading chalk marks to raggedy gaffer tape. Ill thought out floor markers have proven to be a short-term solution to what looks to be a long-term problem.  With clear cut messaging in bright colours that draw the eye, they keep ques orderly. The floor vinyl stickers are a must-have tool in your arsenal of social distancing measures.

From branding up table centres, we have redirected our warehouse machinery. Taking advantage of our CNC Machine, 3D Printer, and vinyl printer, we are partnering with local businesses to produce these vital stickers.

Key Features

  • Wipe clean surface, resistant to floor mopping etc.
  • High resistance, no matter what the footfall, these stickers show little ware.
  • Inexpensive
  • Fully Brandable
  • High grade adhesive, ensuring there is no peeling from the surface.


Sanitizer Units

We are starting to offer a range of hand sanitiser stations, a key feature for any business looking to keep customers and staff safe. Place at the entrance of your business and encourage customers to sanitize before they enter. This will greatly reduce chances of the virus spreading. These stations enable you to keep your premises as germ-free as possible.

Freestanding units are a great option for those looking for flexibility. A plan is only as strong as its execution so if you select freestanding units, you know that should the provisions put in place not work, you can move the stations accordingly.

Key Features

  • 500ML capacity
  • Automated
  • Wipe Clean Surface, Plastic Material
  • Fully Brandable
  • Durable
  • Freestanding

Face Masks

MD Gary has been working with John Woodworth of Tracy Adams Textiles, creating a range of masks for the NHS. Now the UK is experiencing an ease of lockdown, we are looking to offer these masks to the wider market. Produced in breathable rubber style material, these masks take a fresh approach to facial contouring. Made to closely cover the jaw and nose, the soft material ensures ears are not left bruised and scarred as with the standard PPE Masks.

Key Features

  • Breathable high-tech fabric
  • Unique design, ensuring a snug fit to the face.
  • Soft material tie, avoiding any potential for damage to the skin.
  • Fully Brandable

The Wrap Up

Our own warehouse is undergoing a transformation considering the new direction. Prioritizing the safety of our crew. We have spent the last few weeks carefully adhering to distancing guidelines while putting together production plans for the new product lines. 

We are all working our way back to the new norm. As a business collective, we are all looking to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.


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