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Selfie Sensation – Make your event a Social Media Knockout

Make your Event a Selfie Sensation

You can turn any event into a Selfie Sensation. No party is complete without pictures in this day and age. It can be a private, formal or commercial event but getting the best pictures is going to play a role in marketing it. Whether you want to make people feel the fear of missing out (FOMO) or just want to have bragging rights, this is one area to focus on.

Another added bonus is that an event that’s a selfie sensation is going to garner attention on social media. It’s organic marketing at its finest and ensures that the next time you throw a party, people will be sure to come to yours. However, to encourage people to take selfies, you need to provide them with appropriate props to use.

Finding the right props for a selfie sensation party can be challenging but not when you’re working with Table Art. Our years of experience mean that we have mastered the art of throwing the perfect party. We’re conscious of changing trends and do our best to cater to the whims of our partygoers and event organisers.

That’s why we recommend that anyone who wants to throw a selfie sensation party makes use of the right props. The following are our top suggestions for the best props and decor pieces:

Make a Photo Op Wall with Light Panels

For a classic selfie option, it’s a good idea to get light panels that will catch the eye. Our light panels feature LED lighting strips that are low energy. These are compatible for use with the mains or usable with a battery for a neater appearance. The best part is the customisation that these light panels offer.

You can get any imagery or colour on the light panels. We also guarantee high quality here because all our light panels have a high durability aluminium frame. They also have high definition, printed fabric and are also compatible with our DMX lighting system. Your guests will definitely stop and pose for a selfie in front of these.

spaceship light panels
spaceship light panels

Create a Breathtaking Entrance with Organic Balloons

To make your guests want to take pictures from the minute they step into the event, you need to make sure that your entrance is stunning. In fact, it is a good idea to try out our organic balloons for this. These are high-quality balloons that are durable, slightly burst-resistant and have a shiny finish to them.

Additionally, you can either get a curved frame made or opt for something more unique such as on the pillars. The balloons are also available in different sizes so that the end result is extremely aesthetically pleasing. Just remember that if you want to designate this area for selfies, it doesn’t hamper the entrance too much.

birthday event theming

Custom Inflatable Selfie Booth

There’s no harm in getting a good old fashioned selfie-booth but it can be a bit boring. If you’re looking for something different and original, try out our custom inflatable selfie booth. This is an inflatable booth that provides maximum privacy with its walls. It’s extremely easy to set up and doesn’t take a lot of space.

The white walls can reflect and with a poseur table added here, you can ensure that the guests have everything they need. We also recommend placing appropriate props and selfie sticks here so that your guests can really have fun. You can also integrate our DMX lighting to give the selfie booth a unique colour.

event hire selfie booth
event hire selfie booth

Selfie Props that Steal the Show

Props for a selfie sensation party are extremely important. Once you have established areas where your guests will take pictures, you need to make sure that you also have the appropriate props. When most people think of props, they tend to think of small hats, glasses, scarves, frames or more.

While these are fun and perfect, you can go an extra step further by adding bigger props throughout the party. The following are our suggestions for selfie props that steal the show:

Moving Eye Mask

This giant moving eye mask is not only stunning but also has moving eyes that will follow you around. Its uniqueness makes it a favourite for people to stop and get a selfie with. The moving eye mask is also perfect for use with different themes, including masquerade balls, Venetian parties or even as part of psychological horror-themed parties.

mask moving eyes
mask moving eyes

Steampunk Time Machine

Another functional prop, the steampunk time machine really captures the essence of old-time mechanics. It’s got a copper lamp, a time clock and features coils and cogs that actually turn. When activated, the steampunk time machine will spew out smoke that makes it look extremely unique. Try it out and make it a part of your selfie sensation party.

event hire time machine
event hire time machine

The Sparkle Tree

People enjoy delicate, natural elements the most when they want to take selfies. That’s why you should get the Sparkle Tree. This is one of the newest additions to our inventories but it is easy to see that it is becoming a favourite. The tree features glowing, luminescent leaves that work with our DMX lighting system. This means that you can customise and tweak it to match the trees to your colour scheme. Adding one or two will surely steal the show here.

sparkle tree hire
sparkle tree hire

There are our top suggestions on how you should ensure that your party or event is a selfie sensation and a huge hit.

Let Table Art Help You Out

If you want to throw a selfie sensation party but you’re feeling confused, let us help you out. At Table Arts, we have a team of event planners, designers and more. We aim to make your event a success with the help of our unique decor pieces and props.

Whether you’re planning to have a selfie station for your event, wedding or birthday party, our experts can help you out. For more information or to discuss your ideas with us, please get in touch with us and get a free quote from us today!

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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