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Selfie Booth: Strike a Pose!

Selfie Booth: Strike a Pose!

“Don’t just stand there let’s get to it. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it.” – Madonna

Take a new approach to the traditional events photobooth and choose the Table Art Selfie Booth!

We pride ourselves on being leaders not followers. We want to offer an alternative to the conventional and somewhat dull event photobooths of old. A modern approach that will have guests eager to get snapping!  There is so much more to love about the Table Art Selfie Booth than your average booth. This blog focusses on one of our most popular products and examines how it will work for you on your next event.

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The Concept

The Selfie Booth was devised by MD Gary back in 2016. He had noticed a growing trend for event photobooths. However, when attending events, he recognised how time consuming they were to install, how unreliable they could be and honestly, how unattractive they were. A big uninspiring block in the corner of the room is hardly going to get guests excited. Gary knew there was another way…


Following on from the success of our Inflatable Creatures, the popularity of inflatable structures is undeniable. That’s why Gary felt it would be a great fit for an alternative booth. Focussing on an Igloo shape, the team devised a plan to create a booth that was open ended. With such a fluid shape, the team would be better able to fit it into awkward spaces. Having the inflatable made from white materials was a natural choice. Table Art knows that a white background is IDEAL when up lighting as it takes on colour perfectly.

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Once the studio was happy with the shape, they had the igloo made and tested the illumination. Looking spectacular when lit with our uplighters, a mix of colours across the igloo made for a truly dynamic look.

Capture the memories…

Then it was time to consider the photo elements. One of the major cons to a traditional photobooth is the processing time. You either have to wait patiently outside of the booth to wait for your photos to develop. Alternatively, everything gets saved on USB and sent to you post the event, often days/weeks after the fact.  Neither option is idea. In contrast to that, the concept of the selfie booth is to use your own phone to capture the moment. Instantly you have your pictures! All of which can be uploaded straight to social media. Music to the ears of any event planner trying to get the event hashtag to trend!

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What you get! 

Onto the important stuff, what do you get? Firstly, a selfie booth is made up of the Inflatable Igloo, including wireless uplighters that can be set your chosen colour. You can even upgrade the lights to DMX so you can preprogramme them and alter the colours at the touch of a button!

Prop Box

Secondly, we have our ‘prop box’ which is filled with all the best photo booth props you have come to expect. Wild hats alongside silly masks, feather boas and neon sunglasses. The prop box is packed with the best accessories for your selfies. Placed outside of the booth, a strategic choice! While ordinary photo booths have ques of bored attendees waiting their turn. The Selfie Booth has all their props outside the igloo, allowing delegates to get dressed up before they even enter! Once inside they grab our selfie sticks (all Bluetooth enabled) and get snapping! With the uplighters working their magic, the guests have a fun filled background illuminating their pictures.

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We all know how some guests can get a little worse for wear with the drinks flowing. For those inebriated soles we have provided a handy set of instructions, all displayed on a styling white frame. No matter how bleary you get, you can take a quick look at the instructions and know exactly what you need to do when you get inside the booth! We can even customise this frame if you wish and include your brand and colours. Just ask a member of the team and we can happily quote that upgrade for you.

To support the booth, you will have a member of our crew. On hand to help keep the booth and props tidy. Also, a handy addition when you need someone to take the big team photos. They are there for the duration and will make sure everything runs smoothly!

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The Results

A huge pro for this system is the ease of use. A great choice for a budget conscious client, comparatively inexpensive, you can even set the booth up yourself if you are keen to keep cost super low. A simple plug into the mains and watch the igloo take shape! After that, there its just a case of rolling the case of props into position and getting the selfie sticks in the igloo. Someone who has never used this piece before can install the entire thing in under 30 minutes. An absolute gift for a tight turnaround!

This Booth is no ugly plastic box in the corner of the room. A modern and sleek shape, it lights beautifully and draws guests like moths to a flame. Have brand colours that you are looking to bring to the event? Not a problem with the selfie booth. Just let the crew know your colour palette and they will work their magic with the uplighters to match your needs.

Extra Special

Another extra special element in using the Selfie Booth is the potential to trend! With clients having their event images instantly, it is a quick couple of clicks before its on social media. A great opportunity to get the event trending, we can even have signage made with your event hashtag. Placing the signs around the booth, it will be a reminder to guests to keep the event tagged.

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The Wrap Up

The Selfie Booth is an entirely new way to get incredible event photos.  Thus, steering well away from the traditional photo booths. Take a fresh approach with our booth and you won’t regret it. As a result of choosing the selfie booth, it will be both kind on the purse and the eyes. This is a winning prop that will get guests excited!

Even under lockdown, our team are all working from home and eagerly responding to enquiries. If you have an event coming up and are keen to try the selfie booth, then contact our team now for a quotation!

If you have an event this Autumn/ Winter, get in touch today for a free no obligation.


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