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Safely Re-open Your Business

Safely Re-open Your Business

MD Gary Martin | Dated June 23rd 2020:

With the government expected to announce the next step to the easing of lockdown, many of you will be looking at ways you can safely re-open your business. Table Art have been working hard to help make this happen.

Most people know I am never one to sit still. So rather than sit around waiting for the event industry to return, I have investigated ways to adapt Table Art to the current climate. Our expertise is designing and manufacturing Table Centres and props. So the natural step was to design and create some items that would help other businesses to safely re-open.

PPE Screens

Using our machinery and technical know-how, we created the fast-pack portable PPE screen. Of course, everyone is hoping this pandemic will be over soon and we can get back to normal life. This has made business owners reluctant to spend a lot of money on adapting their premises. However of course in order to be able to re-open they do need to keep customers safe. Our fast pack PPE screens can be erected in seconds. Moved to wherever they are needed with ease. You can then fold and store them simply when not using them. They are also easy to clean between customers. They do not block out light. And because they are transparent, they ensure that all you do not lose all atmosphere . And most importantly. they keep customers feeling safe and secure.

Perfect for Salons

These screens have already proved a huge hit with barbers and hairdressers. Goulds Barbers, based in Tescos, have installed many of our screens. They are now able to utilise their workstations that otherwise would have been prohibited by the social distancing rules. Screens protect without the need for distance. This also makes the screens perfect for restaurants, bars, coffee shops etc. All of which are hoping to receive confirmation they can re-open on 4th July. Even as Boris Johnson announces today that the 2 metre rule will reduce to 1 metre, he is still recommending that 2 metres should remain where possible. It will still be very difficult for many businesses to open without adapting. Recommendations In New York for example, salons need screens if their stations are less than 6ft apart.

We have also created a number of other PPE screen designs suitable for all purposes. See our website for more on how to safely re-open your business.

Introducing The Salon Hub

With the screens already flying out, we decided to become creative with our table centrepieces. Just before lockdown, we were preparing to release our Dining Hub centrepieces. Placed on dining tables in restaurants and coffee shops, these innovative hubs allow guests to charge their phone. At the same time, the business owner can transmit offers and adverts to the screen right in front of guests’ eyes. Having recently been talking to some hairdressers, we have established, with some adjustments, these are perfect for salons. Placed on the workstation, clients can charge their phone. At the same time, the business owner can advertise offers on products. In addition, other local businesses can advertise their own businesses for example shops, cafes and restaurants. Advertisers can transmit customised messages to the LCD screens. So, look out for our new Salon Hub.

Breaking News

As I write, Boris has confirmed that pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers can re-open in England on 4th July as social distancing rules ease. I expect we will have more details later but it seems, at last, some of the hospitality industry can return.  Hopefully it will not be too long until events can also return. But in the meantime, Table Art are doing all we can to help you safely re-open your business.

Stay Safe!

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