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Return to University Safely

Return to University

Next week will see the return to university for many. Each week seems to bring the return of something at the moment. We, are however, desperately trying to avoid another lockdown. No-one wants to see the return to closures.

Whether it’s schools, offices, bars, restaurants or gyms etc, we are gradually getting used to leaving the house again. Even if it is return with a new normal. Universities are no different. Students want to return to their studies without any further delays to their future career. However, of course both students and staff want a safe return to university.

Return to University

With so many people on one campus, we need to take care to keep everyone safe. Of course, it isn’t always possible to keep everyone 2 metres apart. Classes are designed to be full. So are canteens and communal rooms. There is a way to follow guidelines without needing 2 metres social distancing. A physical barrier protects.

coffee shop screen
coffee shop screen

How Shield UK Can Help

Table Art, known for their stunning centrepieces and room decor have created Shield UK. Shield UK PPE screens are the perfect answer. Our screens can fit perfectly between students either while they study or while they eat or socialise etc. The PPE screens give the protection of a physical barrier but without reducing light and sound. Students can still feel like they are with their friends but greatly reduce the risks. The screens are completely portable and can be moved easily to wherever they are needed. In addition an anti-bacterial wipe down easily cleans them.

return to university

We have also considered that storage at universities is at a premium. So our fast pack PPE screens fold neatly away. so you can easily stow them away in a cupboard when not in use.

Hand Sanitising

Shield UK can also supply mobile hand sanitising units with the screens. This makes it easy and practical for everyone to sanitise their hands before moving from place to place. We all know that this is one of the most efficient ways to reduce the spread.

Return to University hand sanitiser

With the return to university nearly upon us, let’s all do our best to keep them open. New entrants to university have had a tough year with their A Level results and getting into the university of their choice. It is so important to their future to be able to return to their studies in a safe way.

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