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Return to the Office Safely with PPE Screens

Return to the office safely with PPE Screens

Are you thinking about the return to the office safely? With the children now all back at school, many people are considering the return to the office. For some it has been a good experience working from the comfort of home. Others, however, are desperate to return to the office. Business owners are weighing up how can they can resume operations in a safe and cost effective way.

High Street businesses are also desperate for office workers to return. It is those workers that shop at lunch time, pop out for coffee or buy their take-away lunch.

Safety is Paramount

No-one, however, wants to put lives and health at risk. So, it is vital that the return to work is done in a safe manner. Social distancing is still the advisable way to do this. Masks certainly can help and separating desks etc. However, both these measures can be impractical and unworkable.

A physical barrier means you can return to the office safely

A physical barrier, not only reduces risk, it also means desks can be closer and masks not necessary. PPE Screens can be positioned between workers and work as this physical barrier.

return to work safely

Shield UK PPE screens do not reduce light or sound. Workers can still hear and see each other. As social creatures, we do not want to sit completely on our own. We want to see and speak to our colleagues. But of course in a safe way. Business owners also want to accommodate all or most of their staff but moving desks apart can prevent this. Placing the screens between workers will reduce the need to limit staff numbers.

return to the office safely


Screens can sit on desks or independently stand between them. If you need the flexibility to move your PPE screens, then our Fast Pack screens are ideal. They are easily moved and can pack away for storage.

Screens are also available with portable hand sanitiser units. Perfect for when staff need to leave their desk. They can sanitise their hands easily before moving to another area.

return to the office safely

Shield UK by Table Art make all our PPE screen in-house here in Great Britain. We make them to order in the size and quantity of your choice.

Let us help your return to the office safely with PPE screens.

Contact us at or call 0845 521 1234 or 07973 316676.

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