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Racing Ahead: MK-7 Venue

Racing Ahead: MK-7 Venue | Formula One 

A photoshoot at the painfully cool new Formula One Venue, MK-7. 


MK-7 is the beating heart of the Red Bull Formula One team, and it could be the perfect venue for your next event. Heart thumpingly brilliant, this is a venue like no other. Recently Nick Kenton, Head of Corporate Events & Hospitality at MK-7 got in touch with the table art. Looking to collaborate with us for a photoshoot, MD Gary- thrilled to be the co-driver on this F1 Photoshoot.

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“I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.” – Ayrton Senna

Mirroring the quote from this revered F1 Driver, Table Art are also drawn to dedication. As this was an opportunity to work at a new venue, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with Nick and his team. Working at a new venue, whether it be an event or a photoshoot is always a valuable experience. It gives you a sense of the team that support that venue, the goings on behind the curtain if you will.

It is our experiences at venues that leads us to make recommendations when speaking to our clients. A common question that we encounter is when a client has it down to two venues on their list. The question is what our experiences are there and which we think best. As all of the sales team have worked direct on events, they have first-hand experience that they can share with the client. Recommendation is a key part of the service we offer here at Table Art. So, when we got a chance to work at this new MK-7 Venue, our MD was keen to lead the way.

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The Venue

MK-7 is not simply an events venue, what it has to offer is a rich experience for all those that visit. The Red Bull headquarters is also a museum. Telling the story of the Red Bull F1 Team with compelling exhibits and passionate guidance. Surrounded by iconic racing heritage, it can be a fantastic choice of venue for an event. Located in Milton Keynes, it is conveniently placed near the motorways of the region. Not only is it centrally located, it offers state of the art facilities that makes it a favourite venue amongst event planners.

Designed for Thrills…

MK-7 was designed for thrills. A stimulating space that works effortlessly as both a museum and event space. With state-of-the-art AV facilities that includes a giant AV wall, you are guaranteed the attention of visitors. Thrilling guests from the moment they arrive. This is a fantastic choice of venue for large scale presentations and gala dinners.

‘Being a Formula 1™ fan, I thought the venue was amazing and on hearing feedback from attendees they thought the same, F1™ fan or not’

What does MK-7 have to offer? Well it is comprised of a boardroom, two smaller meeting room and a mezzanine. wAll of which offers a jaw dropping view of the F1 Car Collection. With capacity for 450 delegates. It is a dynamic event space that is ideal for hosting corporate events.

mk7 venue inside
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The Centrepiece

“I am an artist, the track is my canvas and the car is my brush.” – Graham Hill

With that kind of passion built into the veins of the F1 venue. The MK-7 does not need some audacious décor distracting from the exhibitions. When we were approached to support the photoshoot, MD Gary wanted to select a table centre that enhanced the venue. The immediate thought was a design embedded in technology, Pixel Tubes and Full Moons are at the forefront of that brief. Nick Kenton proposed both centrepieces to his team and they settled upon the Full Moon design, liking their simplistic design and their low profile.

DMX Technology

When looking to utilize DMX technology, we often think the simpler the design the better. Hence why the Pixel Tubes and Full Moons are so effective. They have simplistic silhouettes that only allow the DMX to shine. The Full Moon is arguably one of our most popular designs, especially for award shows. With DMX being a ‘must-have’ for an awards show, the Full Moons communicate the light effectively and are a fantastic tool for highlighting winners’ tables.

With the Full Moon chosen, it was a simple task of logistics. Liaising direct with the events team at MK-7, arrangements were made for the photoshoot.

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The Photoshoot

We appreciate that logistics isn’t always at the forefront of an event planner’s minds when they select a venue. With aesthetic, facilities and service at the top of the agenda, access for suppliers is right down on the list of priorities. That is why it is so fantastic when a venue has all that in hand. MK-7 has been superbly designed at every stage. Not only does it deliver a fantastic experience for the front of house arrivals, it also delivers for the suppliers. The security led by a helpful team meant access to the venue itself was a pleasure to manage. Onto the room itself, everything was on one level so it was a simple case of rolling the cases into the room. What a dream!

Fuss Free Logistics

MD Gary Martin took this photoshoot on solo. Taking a van full of Full Moon centrepieces, he arrived at the venue with his usual infectious enthusiasm. As the DMX system was a key feature here for the videographer, Gary set the system up quickly and liaised direct with the AV team on site. All in hand, Gary simply placed the centrepieces on the table and let the photographer loose. Nick directed the shoot like a pro and made sure that the venue shone. With the events team on hand to make sure every detail was at 100%, the resulting images were jaw droppingly beautiful.

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The Wrap Up

For any of you now keen to explore what MK-7 has to offer, we recommend exploring their fantastic website. You will see many of the images from this photoshoot, front and centre on the website. As you will see, the Full Moons are a fantastic choice of table dressing, adding to the sense of awe in technology that the exhibits offer.

If you have an event coming up at the MK-7 then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask how Table Art can help decorate. We have a huge selection of centrepieces that will be a fantastic addition to the tables here.

For the very best in Table Centre Hire and Event Styling, come to Table Art. Our team are ready and waiting for your call.

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