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RACE ACROSS THE WORLD: An Inspired Travel Theme…

Event Décor inspired by the BBC’s Race Across the World

What a show! Did you catch it? The team here at Table Art are all avid watchers. It seemed fitting to look at the show this week post its finale. We were so inspired by the contestant’s travels that we thought we would put together this ‘Race Across the World’ event styling.

race across the world

The Show

As a welcome tonic of escapism in the lockdown, this show has been must-see viewing for a Sunday night. Beginning the journey in Mexico City, five pairs of adventurers needed to make it down to Ushuaia. An astounding 8757 km to navigate without the use of flights. The teams were a mixed bunch of characters, all of which won the hearts of the British public.

Following a nail-biting finale on Sunday, it announced Emon and Jamiul as the worthy winners. Working hard through their adventure, they finished up with a £20,000 prize! For a tear-jerking ending, the uncle and nephew team donated half their winnings towards homeless charities in South America.

The first series covered a trip from the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London and finishing at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. Now we have watched both seasons, we are excited to see what the BBC have planned for the next trip!

A ‘Race Across the World’ event would be a fantastic new approach to the well-travelled global theme. With the popularity of the show every growing, it will certainly get guests excited!

race across the world styling
Sketch: Travel theming perfect for the ‘Race across the World’ motif by bringing together a collection of key props.Decorating with the Christ the Redeemer Statue, Statue of Liberty and realistic african elephants with a host of accessories.
Styling: Give your event the perfect focal point and select our Christ the Redeemer Prop. A vibrant Brazilian fiesta is the ultimate choice for of theme for those looking for a colourful bonanza and this iconic statue instantly sets the tone!

The Concept

For those of you well acquainted with our event styling collection, you will know the breadth of range we hold. Covering different parts of the Globe. We have strong theming for New York, Ibiza, Rio, India, Vegas and Hollywood. Now the beauty of the ‘Race across the world’ theme is that we simply combine key elements from those ranges! As you can see from Gary’s initial concept sketch above, he has strategically chosen statement props and built a world of accessories around them.  

Worlds Biggest Fan…

As arguably the worlds biggest fan of Race across the World, MD Gary is keen to get these themes proposed to the industry. With such a scope for creativity, it was an opportunity he couldn’t ignore. Focussing on his initial sketch, he picked out the Statue of Liberty, Christ the Redeemer and Elephant Statues as the key focal points. Building from that, he added in the hot air balloon to give a sense of old-world travel. Then onto the Asian parasols to give the oriental flavour. Finally flourishing the design with buddha lanterns, a great choice for the tables.

Not looking to rest on his laurels. Gary has started a range of additional sketch work that shows new concepts for the theme.

race across the world sketch
Sketch: Inspired by the Favellas of Rio, this sketch plays on the graffiti aesthetic. Utilizing our LED Light Panels, a brick/ poster print builds the look. Mirroring that street styling with oil barrel style poseur tables, the pallet wood tops give a real earthy feel. 


Ideas flowing…

With Rio de Janeiro featuring in the last season so heavily, Gary wanted to bring in the Rio Styling Table Art is so famed for. As stated, the Christ the Redeemer prop will be a real statement. A great feature for a backdrop, it is always popular with guests looking to take a selfie. Also utilizing the LED Panels with the Favella prints, they offer a real injection of colour. Images of the world famous favellas transformed into artistic prints, they never fail to impress on an event.

As we said, Gary is also looking to build on the existing range. So, if we look to the sketch above- the aim was to bring the graffiti aesthetic into the theme. Those who watched the series, or those who have had the thrill of visiting South America, will know the cityscapes of the continent can be described as vibrant yet untamed. The design studio is looking to bring a sense of the true ‘grit’ by introducing these shabbier graffiti elements. All the grit but none of the grime! Our prop range is made to look ‘rustic’ but made in the same chic way that you can expect from anything made by table art.

Rio Panels: Here is the original inspiration for our Favella Panels. As you can see, this colourful collection of buildings was the concept that inspired the series. We took a famed image from Shutterstock and with a bit of artistic trickery on Photoshop, these Rio Panels came to being! 

New Designs:

Now we know that the main rule of Race Around the World is NO PLANES! But man we couldn’t resist adding it to the concept. Looking at old world Bi-plane style, it would deliver that sense of adventure recalled by Amelia Earhart. Still widely used across the globe in more remote regions, the Biplane is a instantly recognisable feature. By making it a feature prop on this style of event, you are adding a dynamic to the ceiling space that is often forgotten.

A key element to any event is the choice and design of AV. Here at Table Art we know the vital importance of lighting. An effective lighting design will elevate your event and make every picture taken one to keep! By utilizing an AV group for this style, you can introduce weather style effects that give a transient feel to the evening. Why not set the lights to a sunset effect where the lights transform into warmer hues throughout the evening? A great way to subtly introduce a sense of time to the event. 

race across the world travel
Sketch: Bringing Amelia Earhart vibes to your event with a biplane prop. A great way to dress an often forgotten ceiling space. It will be a key feature to the event that is sure to find itself popping all over social media. 
race across the world style
Sketch: Inspired by another corner of the Globe. The design studio was looking to bring a European flavour to the proceedings. This modern approach of modular panels accented by silhouetted palms is a great backdrop for an event. 

Travel Props

The key strength of this Race Across the World theme is the fact that we can draw from so many of our existing props. For those of you new to us here at Table Art, the Event Styling Pages are well worth an explore. We offer unique event styling for events. Specializing in innovation and technology, we will deliver above and beyond. Experts at transforming a blank canvas into a truly immersive event experience. Take a look at our Event Styling Concepts below. We have put together a rich range of travel themed ones for your consideration:

Also well worth a look is another approach to the travel theme. We have an ‘Around the World’ theme inspired by the adventures of Philias Fogg. These theme features the African Elephants too but with a Victorian Circus Twist. 

race across the world theme
Sketch: A sketch from the original ‘Around the World’ concept put together earlier this year. This would work just as effectively here on the ‘Race Around the World’ theme. We think that perhaps swapping out the book case panelling for the Rio Panels could work particularly well. 

To Conclude

We hope this much needed injection of adventure cheers up your dreary Thursday afternoon. What happened to all that glorious sunshine ey? Here at Table Art we are working hard to stay positive and plough on with our creative endeavours. That is why this week’s blog inspired by ‘Race Across the World’ has been a much needed lift. Not only is the styling inspired by a program that we are all obsessed with. It reminds us of the bigger picture and that we are not alone in the Covid crisis.

The aim of an ‘Race Across the World’ event theme would to be bring in every corner of the globe. It would give the guests the sense that they are explorers, heading off on an intrepid adventure. Who does not want to offer that to their clients? Step away from the well-worn travel themes of old and take an adventure with Table Art! 

We offer the very best range in Table Centre Hire Options so contact us now:


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