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Purple Haze: Colour in Focus

Purple Haze: Colour in Focus

Purple Haze has inspired us to take a  trip through the world of Table Art…

Rather than fighting the Winter Blues, we are choosing to luxuriate in seasonal purple haze. Purple is a colour that delivers on richness and romanticism. In terms of its associations with mood, it is often described as mysterious, spiritual, and imaginative. It is for this reason that the tone is welcome in the world of events, the industry is all about imagination! We find that in over 50% of colour mood boards presented, purple features. Consequently, we find the centrepieces being lit in purple across hundreds of events each year. Luckily for our clients, we have a spectrum of purple tones available for them to choose from. 

In this blog we explore a range of centrepieces that we feel look their best in purple. An utterly fabulous colour tone that exudes excess and luxury. Take this opportunity to see how purple could work for you on your event. Not only do we show you the best centres, we show you how best to light the rest of the room!

art deco table centres

Ritz Lamp Low

Silver Ritz Lamps are the perfect choice for a sophisticated soiree.

Our low level table lamps proved their popularity across Autumn 2021. Here on this event at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, the centrepiece was paired with the Classic Candelabra. The client opted for a purple tone which worked beautifully with the silver shade of the Ritz. The shades have a reflective quality so the purple haze was mirrored back onto the table, creating this magical effect. These low level centrepieces are perfect for the tone because they capture it so vibrantly in such a small space. Consequently, right in the heart of the table you are delivering a burst of colour. 

Eastside Rooms, Birmingham, pixeltube

Pixel Tube

A force to be reckoned with, the Pixel Tube delivers on power.

Our most technologically advanced table centre, the Pixel tube features 16 individual lights. This is the only centrepiece featured on the blog that can feature the full spectrum of purple across a single centrepiece. Here the client chose to transform the Hilton Park Lane in a single magenta tone. Alternatively you can opt to light the centrepiece from dark to light tones, top to bottom. To clarify, the Pixel Tube can also make patterns, create wave effects and flash on command. Therefore, making the most of this could be a fabulous way to inject purple into your event. 

Light purple rio twists

Rio Twist

Get twisted into a purple haze…

This is another centrepiece that delivers on power. The Rio Twist has a light at both the top and bottom of the centrepiece, focussing the light dead centre. With two individual lights, you can opt for different purple tones on each and create some devastatingly cool effects in the centre. Here the client has chosen to blackout the room with some accented blue uplighters. This has allowed the centrepiece to truly standout and the guests are hit with the colour as soon as they set eyes on the room. 

celtic manor gala
celtic manor gala

Urban Block

An ultra cool centrepiece, channelling the New York Skyline. 

The New York Skyline is so often photographed at twilight, Where the sun is setting in a vibrant spectrum of purples, blues, yellows and pinks. The urban architecture lit with thousands of windows illuminated in white tones. Shown in this fabulous view across hundreds of movies, it is little wonder that clients want to bring that into their event. The Urban block table centre always looks best when lit white. Here the client chose to uplight the centres in white and accent the room in purple and pink tones. The result of which is a strong atmospheric event that will leave guests intrigued. 

keyboard camden roundhouse
keyboard camden roundhouse


“Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life” – Art Blakey

Picturing a Jazz bar, you have purple hazy tones lighting the musicians as they immerse themselves in their craft. The Keyboard table centre tries to encapsulate that with a abstract shape. Fluid shaping and purple lighting deliver on Jazz vibes. This centrepiece is a great choice for a more intimate venue, especially one with a musical theme. Purple plays a big part in the music world and it should be reflected as such in your choice of table centre.

tall crystal globe harrogate convention

Crystal Globe

A design classic with purple detailing…

A Table Art original, the Crystal Globe centrepiece has been a key design for the best part of a decade. It has been lit in every colour you could imagine but we have a special place in our hearts for purple. The Crystals of the globe capture the tone beautifully and often reflect the colour back down to the table. Here again the client has opted to blackout the rest of the room which allows full focus on the table centre. That is to say, whilst we appreciate this isn’t always practical, it does make for a dramatic look. 

Winter Trees Event Table Centers

Winter Tree

An atmospheric design that is perfect for the long nights of Winter. 

This centrepiece is often paired with the Winter Branchlet, as shown here in the picture above. The Camden Roundhouse here shows how to effectively light the design. The client had a purple theme but rather than lighting everything in that tone, they opted for a white light on the centrepieces. It was a perfect choice as it acted as a contrast to the backdrop and highlighted the design rather than blended it in. Importantly, our number one tip with lighting your centrepieces is opt for a different colour to the room AV. The last thing you want is for it all to wash into the background.

Glow Bubble

Fill the sky with purple tones…

The Glow Bubble table centre is THE choice for venues with high ceilings. Event planners need not worry about filling a space and making an impact. Firstly, the Glow bubbles deliver on height. Secondly, the deliver on colour. We use state of the art technology that directs the light to the heart of the Glow Bubble. Here the client opted for a mix of colours, including purple. The result of which meant that each colour stood out beautifully.

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