Blog / Product Release: Pixel Tree Prop

Product Release: Pixel Tree Prop

Another New Product from Table Art: Pixel Tree Prop

The Latest Creation from the Table Art Design Studio… DMX Pixel Tree


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DMX Technology

DMX Technology: The Story so far…

Firstly, For those of you who are familiar with Table Art. You know we are renowned for utilizing DMX technology throughout our range of Table Centres and Props. Table Art have spent the past 10 years using the latest in DMX radio technology and equipment. Delivering state of the art colour changing technology to the heart of every table.  Therefore, it will be no surprise to read that from the moment we introduced DMX to our range, the Award Show bookings went through the roof. It’s no wonder, with the ability to change colours at a touch of a button, to highlight winners’ tables and to black out for performances.

Certainly, The DMX lighting technology has forever changed the industry. With the simple and effective switch of colours, event planners can change the atmosphere of the room. AV Companies lap up the technology, thrilled with its reliability and efficiency.

As a result, the team here went onto invest in this vital technology and brought it to our Furniture and Props. Drinks receptions are no longer dull and awkward affairs. Now they are vibrant hives of activity – guests aimed for their favourite coloured poseur table and watch with amazement as the stool they sit on changes colour.

So, it is that continued passion to develop the technology which has led us to this latest project.

pixel tree sketches
pixel tree sketch

Organic Trends

Meanwhile, with the resurgence of the organic trend, we are keen to get on board with the demand. For example, Flower arrangements and Organic Balloon Displays are becoming a key feature to a great many events. As a result, Table Art had great success recently in offering Floral Wreaths for the base of the centres. Plus colourful Organic Displays for both the table and staging areas – a super popular feature to our events last summer.

pixel tree warehouse
pixel tree table art studio

Creative Minds

Inside the Design Studio at Table Art…

Bearing all of that in mind, we worked on our organic styled range and Event Trees is the natural progression. Consequently, Table Art have designed and produced a series of LED Pixel Trees that we hope to be the next big thing for the industry! The canopy of each tree is made up from hundreds of individual lights that can be pinpoint programmed.  Importantly, they are the dream for any AV technician, allowing them to patch the lights direct into their desk. In other words, gone are the days that you choose and event tree that stays one colour. Boring and dated, Table Art are offering a tree pop that blows away the competition.

Above all, the effects available on these props is almost limitless. From sparkling iridescent hues for a night sky, to an emerald cascade perfect for a midsummer’s evening.  Therefore, when you partner these jaw dropping creations with our range of centrepieces and furniture, the only limit will be your imagination.

In addition, a wide range can be created from sparkling stars within organic balloon displays to underwater bubbling effects and burning fire effects, the possibilities are endless. Add sound effects to complete the experience.

pixel tree at the exhibition at Excel London

The Range

When the design studio get’s their creative juices flowing, it’s a veritable flood of new developments. That is to say, the team aren’t just setting on a single style of event tree, we are working on an exciting and varied range.

Time to get excited, we have the following available in our new Pixel Tree Range:

  • Pixel Tree: 3m Height | RGBW (Requirements: 4 x Universes 2048 DMX channels per tree)
  • Pixel Tree: 1.2m Height | RGBW (Requirements: 4 x Universes 2048 DMX channels per tree)
  • Twinkle Tree: 2m Height | Warm White Lit Trees (DMX not included)
  • Twinkle Tree: 3m Height | Warm White Lit Trees (DMX not included)
  • DMX LED climbing vines
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Ideas for your next event…

Seasonal Romance:

Looking to create a seasonal style event? Then the Pixel Trees are the prop for you. Beginning of the evening you can start with a Springtime pallet, yellows and limes illuminating the staging area as guests walk into the room. After that, onto the dinner portion of the evening, you can go for a Summer Solstice look, all set in romantic reds and oranges. As the evening progresses, it’s an Autumn set of tones for the desert and then onto a Winter Wonderland for the party portion of the night! Partner these trees with any number of our table centres and by utilizing our DMX tech, the lighting will be a real talking point for guests.

Organic Beauty:

In the same vein, with the popularity of the Organic Balloon Styling, we think the addition of the Pixel Trees is a winning combination. As per MD Gary Martin’s sketch, the concept features the Pixel Tree as the key structure. Built around that would be a garland of balloons that would cascade down from the tree canopy. The choice of colours on the balloons would be designed to match the event aesthetics. As a result, the lights will capture the balloons and make them appear luminous, a magical quality that will prove to be a real talking point.

Neon Jungle:

Pssst…want to know the next big event them? We think the Neon Jungle theme will be a huge concept for 2021. That’s why we are thrilled to have developed and produced our Pixel Trees. We cannot imagine a more perfect addition to an event that has taken on this wild theme. Altering the colours of the tree canopies at the touch of a button, surreal lighting effects will wow guests. Don’t forget to bring the theme in with every detail. You can look to our Palm Tree Centrepieces to bring illumination to the tables.In short, Contact the team today for more information on this upcoming theme!


pixel tree colours

A Grand Debut

The Event Production Show is a great chance to introduce the Pixel Trees to our clients. It’s fair to say that with the combination of AV displays from WCE AV, the stand became a real showstopper! For those of you that didn’t make it to our stand, didn’t make it? We missed you. Let us fill you in. We partnered with WCE and we married a huge LED Screen Arch with our Pixel Trees and the SONOS Surround sound system. The result? With the simple touch of a button, go from a Jungle Scene to an inferno.  Certainly, we delivered a fully immersive experience that drew in visitors and will surely impress on your next event.

To sum up, we know that with the current climate, it will be a little while before we are back out on the road for events but let’s get planning! Have an event coming up? Debut the Pixel Trees and guarantee the guests an experience they will never forget. Our team are ready and waiting to deliver exciting ideas for you to work into your next proposal.

dmx table centres
pixel tree close up

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