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Product Launch: Pallet Furniture

Product Launch: Pallet Furniture

Welcome in those Summer Vibes

When Table Art and Industrial Furniture Art come together… Product Launch: Pallet Furniture

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new range of products. Pallet Chairs and Coffee Tables are now available to hire for your event.

What sparked the idea?

As many of you will know, 2021 has seen a huge shortage in Garden Furniture. The pandemic has affected supply, thus making Garden Furniture the veritable gold dust of the modern age. As a result, the prices of the furniture available is through the roof! Add to that a significant increase in demand and you have yourself the perfect storm. Why the demand? Well, the past year of travel restrictions has meant our holiday funds have been redirected into home improvements. Everyone wants to make their outdoor space a little bit of heaven and a comfortable and chic seating area is just the ticket!  

The team have been working hard to bring new and exciting products to Industrial Furniture Art. Its that dedication that found the team looking at the shortage in Garden Furniture and immediately thinking of ways to offer cost effective alternatives. With our rustic aesthetic, Pallet furniture is the perfect marriage of style and cost.

Environmentally Friendly

Pallets are a vital tool in modern day deliveries and are used globally on an epic scale. The issue with them is they are prone to single use and often get disposed of without thought. How many of us have taken a big delivery for the home and ended up with an unwanted pallet? How many of us have taken that down to the tip or burned it on bonfire night? In this environmentally challenged age we need to get to grips with our waste and look at ways of repurposing.

Our warehouse is in the heart of an industrial estate and so many of our neighbours have piles of pallets strewn across their yards and stores. It took a quick visit and chat to ascertain who was happy to give up those pallets and now we have an almost unlimited supply right at our door. You couldn’t ask for a more environmentally friendly way to source materials.


The warehouse set upon the pile of pallets quickly and with a bit of jiggery pokery they created the bones of the furniture. The guys tested out the best sitting positions and it was decided that a slanted back was the best approach for both comfort and style.

Not for the first time, we utilized our neighbour Tracy Adams Ltd – a textiles firm. MD John looked at our project and happily worked up a template for some cushion seats. Initially we have gone for a sleek grey colour, durable for the garden. However custom orders are happily taken so if you have a particular colour in mind then just let us know.

Meanwhile, not just satisfied with a set of seats, a matching coffee table was devised. Again, making the most of available materials, the coffee table is made up on 2 pallets and has wheels fitted to the base so it’s easily moved about. The eagle eyed amongst you may well have noticed some signature planters in our pictures. Well, that was another great addition to our range, designed by Office Manager Clare Martin. Since lockdown, Clare has discovered a passion for the garden and was keen to create some planters that were suitable for your house plants as well as something for the garden patio. Importantly, all of these planters will be available on our Etsy Shop shortly.

Dual Purpose

Perfectly suited to our Industrial Furniture Art business, the Pallet range has been designed as stylish Garden sets. With what looks like another summer of travel restrictions, it is the perfect time to invest in your garden and make your back yard the vacation spot you have missed. Our Pallet furniture range will be available in our Etsy shop. Secondly, for custom orders just simply email our team and we will put together a quote.

Alongside the pallets use as garden furniture, the potential for event use was quickly realised. By incorporating our DMX Lighting, we can inject colour into our Pallet Furniture. Consequently, the flashes of colour will transform the usual seating area. As the summer approaches and events organisers look for a festival look to their event, what could be more perfect than this pallet furniture? Providing the weather stays dry, we can bring the lighting to the pallet furniture and make extraordinary light shows that will draw in your guests. To sum up, do you have an event coming up? Then this furniture could be perfect. Contact our team now for a free quote with no obligation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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