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Make Your Product Launch Count with Lit Table Centre Hire

Make Your Product Launch Count

Make your Product Launch count with Lit Table Centres

Product Launch events are crucial for your company. It is the first time your product is announced and you want everything to go as perfectly as possible. Your stakeholders may be present at the party and you don’t want anything to go wrong. The execution needs to be immaculate so that you make a great impression on your guests.

It is advisable to choose a professional event management and décor company for your product launch parties. This will not only take the burden off you but will also bring new, innovative and creative ideas to the event. Remember, you need to really impress your event attendees with the product, its reveal and the overall ambiance of the event. It is only possible if you leave the event management task to the experts.

At Table Art, we have helped many, many clients with their product launch and reveal events. We understand how crucial these events are for any business. We choose the best design and décor elements for the event that go perfectly with your branding efforts. From table centrepieces to décor and props, you will have everything set perfectly.

Here are some of our ideas for a product launch event.

1.      Branded Display Case Table Centrepiece

Opt for our stunning Branded Display Case centrepieces. You can put them on each table at the venue. These are ideal to showcase your new product or brand. These will be the centre of attraction at every table. You can wrap your logo around these cases or simply add a glimpse of the product you are about to launch. You can also put the new product at the centre of these cases to create some excitement amongst the audience about what’s about to come. These breath-taking table centrepieces are ideal for a product launch and product reveal parties.


2.      Ice Melt Table Centrepiece

This Ice Melt table centrepiece consists of an ice sphere that sits on top of a glass pedestal. The ice slowly melts throughout the course of the event. Ice droplets from the sphere fall into a pool of clear water at the bottom. They fall over handcrafted icicles. Include your product details in the vase for the perfect Product Launch Table Centre

This is a stunning and unique way to launch your product to the world. 

3.      Ice Cube

At Table Art, we promise to amaze our clients with stunning décor items and table centrepieces for just about any kind of event. Another amazing table centrepiece that is very popular among our clients for a product launch is the Ice Cube.

It’s very similar to the Ice-Melt centrepiece. It consists of a real block of ice that keeps melting throughout the course of the event. You can freeze the new product you are about to reveal in this ice cube. As the ice melts, your new product is revealed slowly. Your guests will be in awe as the message or product gradually appears within this lit table centre.

4.      Logo Block

In addition to announcing the new product, you also need to deliver a strong sense of branding.. For a great way to deliver your message and branding to your guests, consider our popular Logo Block.

Logo Block gives you the perfect opportunity to highlight your brand. A solid block allows you to take your branding to the next level. Lit with DMX lighting, this amazing table centrepiece will have everyone talking

These are just some of the ideas we have in mind for your next product launch or product reveal party.

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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