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Screens, Screens, Screens!!

PPE screens, screens, screens and more screens! That’s what Table Art are busy creating at the moment.

With many people returning to the office, schools back in full and universities returning this week, PPE screens are in demand.

PPE Screens

With the unhappy news that COVID-19 cases are rising again, it is even more important that the return to the workplace or education environment is done in a safe way. Everyone knows that hand sanitising is extremely important. And also that social distancing is vital. Screens with hand sanitising units are the perfect answer for both. A physical barrier provides the social distancing in any environment. Even if you can’t stay 2 metres apart.

flatpack screen
flatpack screen

PPE Screens and Self-Isolation

On this morning’s Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary spoke about self -isolation. He said that even if someone in your workplace tests positive for Coronavirus, so long as you have not had close contact i.e. with PPE screens etc, you do not need to self-isolate for 14 days. This is great news for those that need and want to keep working. Obviously we all want to keep safe but also keep the economy going too.

PPE Screens

Boris News

With Boris now announcing that table service only will be allowed in bars and restaurants, PPE screens are vital to keep them open. Restaurants and bars can keep many more tables open if they place a screen between each one.

Shield UK by Table Art have installed PPE screens into schools, hairdressers, offices, restaurant, bars. With their transparency, they avoid the feel of isolation. Children, workers customers alike don’t want to feel on their own. Keeping sight and sound of other people is key. Hand sanitisers fitted to the edge mean that as soon as you leave your area you can ensure your hands are clean.


Your children can feel safe in school or university. You can feel safe at work. You can feel safe socialising. Almost everything is possible with PPE screens.

Finally when the time comes that we can all be free again. And of course that time will come at some point!!! The screens can simply be folded up and put away for a future date.

PPE Screens

Shield UK by Table Art Ltd can help keep you safe with PPE Screens.

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