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PPE for Exhibitions and Conferences

PPE for Exhibitions and Conferences.

PPE for Exhibitions and conferences to come back is going to be vital.

PPE for Exhibitions and Conferences

At last we have some good news for the events industry. It is a small but positive step in the right direction. From 1st August meetings of up to 30 people can happen to view venues for suitability. Of course as long as there are social distancing rules in place.

What does this mean?

This could mean that venues can start to plan for small conferences, business meetings and even some exhibitions to return. Pilot events can take place. Whilst this is still not enough to help most event supply companies, it is a start, and certainly good news for venues. From 1st October, it is expected that all types of events can take place at a capacity that allows for social distancing.

Table Art, unfortunately, will still have to keep our lit centrepieces packed away for the moment. But it is the perfect opportunity for us to supply our PPE for Exhibitions and Conferences with our screens and connected items.

PPE for Exhibitions and Conferences

Social distancing is still very important and very much a consideration for all venues when they re-open. A physical barrier makes all the difference in these circumstances. For example, a screen between seating areas means that it is not necessary to be 2 metres apart. Whilst you may think a screen completely dissolves any atmosphere, that depends on the screen. Our PPE fast pack screens are completely see-through and do not block sound either. Placed strategically, guests can still fell like they are part of a much bigger group. Of course, because they are completely portable, they are perfect for venues as they can be moved for each event.

Safe Exhibitions and Conferences

The screens are perfect for exhibition spaces. Create separate spaces with the screens. In addition, we have the perfect hand sanitisers to attach to the screen. Perfect for guests to use before and after entering each space.

PPE for conferences and Exhibitions

And for conferences, we can supply the complete conference set. Together with projected backdrops, your conference or exhibition stand will look stunning.

PPE for conferences and exhibitions

We understand that companies will need to create an impression after so long away. And we understand that venues will need to be able to offer options to make it possible for their clients to proceed with any events. But from hotels to exhibition centres, it can be, not only possible, but done with style.

PPE for conferences and exhibitions

PPE for Exhibitions and Conferences is the start to the return of the industry. We all desperately want it to return as soon as possible. With the right equipment, this can hopefully be sooner rather than later.

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