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New Light – Less Power

New Light – Less Power

Introducing Table Art’s new table centre light: the Eglow 7. The most important component with LED event décor are the lights that are used with every table centre. With the ever-pressing need for the event industry to be more sustainable, Table Art have taken the next step to saving power at every opportunity.

As LED and battery technology evolves, it is important for us to produce a unit that can not only be used for multiple applications, but also easily updated and modified.


Use less electricity with the Eglow7

The first step being introduced before Summer 2023, is the new upgraded LED plate that can be changed over with a simple twist.

We have added new, 50% more powerful LEDs meaning that to create the same amount of light we will only need 50% of the electricity. With more than 150 designs it was essential that the Eglow 7 light could be utilised to light multiple different table centres.


Powerful LEDs

The Eglow 7 can provide a short distance mix of colours in a low-level table centre like a Full Moon, but also have enough light projected straight up to light a Tall Crystal Globe, and enough spread to light the arms on a Candelabra.

During tests we discovered that a single light source with a 15 or 20 degree reflector produced a beam of light that would light up a crystal globe but was too focused to provide light on the arms of Candelabra. The answer has been to use a plate with 56 x printed LEDs, with a lens fitted over the top to give us the softness and colour mix we were looking for.


Stay up to date with new developments

We’re looking forward to all the new developments like the Eglow 7 in the coming year, and hope you will follow us as we develop new products and designs.

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