Poseur Table Hire

Poseur Table hire from Table Art can elevate your drinks reception to the next level.

We have multiple options here at Table Art when it comes to Poseur Table hire. As standard, our Poseurs are set on a single colour via our IR remotes. However, with our brilliant DMX Lighting system, we can now offer our Pixel Poseur Tables.

Watch the colour flow! This stunning invention from Table Art allows you to control the Poseur Tables with a number of different effects. From strobing to colour flowing and even bespoke pattern programming, you can sync the Poseurs with the rest of your lighting to work in harmony and create stunning results.


Patch into a Lighting Desk…

We simply provide a transmitter to your lighting team and they can then patch it into the desk and completely control our lights as well. Alternatively, a member of our talented team of technicians can run the lights from a laptop, working closely with your AV team to ensure a smooth-running event.

We also have different options available in terms of of Poseur Table hire. Usually, the tables are made up of a white cloth (to catch the light) and a white, round top. However, we also offer Oak Top Poseur Tables. These can create a more ‘homely’ effect and give the different look you may be chasing.

Or you could go all out for a modern look with our Rotating Top Poseur Tables. These spin slowly throughout the evening and work perfectly to display awards, floral pieces or event lit table centres!

Another option we have is to create a bespoke print to replace the white cloth. Whilst these may not catch the light as well (dependant on the design), it allows company branding or event styling to be incorporated into your event decor.


If Poseur Table is something you’re considering, why not have a look at our range of table centres too? We have over 190 designs to choose from, with products available for lots of different themes.

You can even link our Poseur tables to the DMX system. A great chance to either use the same effects, or worki in opposites for dramatic changes in atmosphere.

Our reviews say it all – we provide 5* service to clients of all sizes. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look for yourself on Google, Trustpilot and Event Service Check!

Get in touch with the team for a free quotation on info@table-art.co.uk or 0845 521 1234.