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Table Art: The Pixel Range

Table Art: The Pixel Range

For an event looking to celebrate innovation and creativity then there can only be one option when it comes to your table centres: The Pixel Collection.

Table Art leads the field when it comes to technology in the centrepiece and prop sector of the event industry. It has always been our highest priority to reinvest into our product and keep our tech at the cutting edge.  The Pixel Collection of Centrepieces is the perfect illustration of that. Not content with a single vision, we have taken our classic Pixel Tube and created a dynamic collection of centrepieces. All centring around the technology utilized in the original design.

This blog explores your options when it comes to the Pixel Tube Collection. Illustrating each design and highlighting key features that we feel are important to note when choosing a table centre. This is THE guide for the event planner looking to opt for a Pixel Tube centre but are not quite sure as to what variation to go for.

dmx pixel tubes

Pixel Tube | Tall

“It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.” ― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

The godfather of the Pixel Range, the Pixel Tube was the original concept. Imagined by our MD Gary Martin and Tech Director at the time Harald Giffels. The Pixel Tube was created back in 2012 and was the perfect showcase for our DMX lighting system. The concept was simple, a clear acrylic tube with a series of lights encased in crystals. The Crystals inside the tube act to disperse and distort the light. The overall look is certainly a dynamic one. There are 16 individual lights that run up through the centre of the tube. Each has its own separate channel address so for a lighting technician, these centrepieces are an absolute dream.

TOP TIP: If you have an AV team booked to run the lighting at your event, we highly recommend they run the DMX system in the centrepieces. It’s a simple process of patching a transmitter into their lighting desk. From there you will have seamless control of the room lighting at every level.

pixel tube bognor regis butlins

Pixel Feather

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple

This is one of the more vibrant variations, created back in 2016. It was the year of the Rio Olympics and enquires came in thick and fast for Carnival themed events. Many of our customers are loyal to the Pixel Tube design and want to use it again and again. It was for these customers we developed the Pixel Feather. Featuring over 30 crisp white feathers, we created a special adaptation to hold the feathers securely and evenly.  They went onto be one of our most popular designs that year and continue to be a great choice for the glitz styled event.

TOP TIP: Although we can offer a custom set of coloured feathers, we would recommend sticking to White. Why? The white feathers catch the light so effectively that whatever the colour the light is, the feather takes on that shade. Why spend extra on getting a coloured feather when you can change white ones with a simple touch of a button.

art deco table centres

Pixel Crystal

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft.

When it comes to the Pixel Tube collection, the Pixel Crystal stands tall as our most opulent creation. We sourced intricately beaded chandliers that we adapted to fit to the top of the tube. The beauty of this piece is the way the crystals capture the light of the tube. This variation is a piece that straddles both the traditional and the modern. All the modern encased in the state-of-the-art technology. The traditional found in the elegant hanging crystals.

TOP TIP: Pixel Crystals work particularly well in a stately home style venue. The decadent crystal shade mirrors beautifully with a venue space with a grand set of chandeliers.

hopetoun house tables

Pixel Crystal Ice Bucket

“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” – Daniel Bell

Looking for all the opulence of the Pixel Crystal but wanting it to also be functional? The Ice Bucket variation is the one for you. Rather than having a sea of the venues ice buckets cluttering up the table, opt for a centrepiece that has them incorporated. The cool thing about this design is that it sits on a lazy suzan so the whole piece rotates! Making it easy to grab that much needed bottle of wine.

TOP TIP: Although it can be tempting, don’t over laden your ice buckets. Firstly, it always looks unkept with a pile of bottles spilling out from every bucket. Secondly, it will block the light that your centrepiece is producing.

Pixel Vine

“Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.” – Sukant Ratnakar

As an industry and as a nation, we are becoming ever more aware of environmental issues. As such, we have found a growing trend of event planners looking for environmentally friendly table centres that have a natural look to them. The Pixel Vine is the perfect choice for that type of brief. Firstly, it features a delegate vine display wrapped around the tube. Secondly, it doesn’t compromise on technology and innovation like a simple floral table centre will. Most importantly, its has less environmental impact than a single use traditional floral centrepiece.

TOP TIP: The Pixel Vine is available in both the tall and mini height of tube. Worth noting that a great way to add a sense of drama is to mix the heights!

dmx technology centrepieces

Pixel String

“The ultimate promise of technology is to make us master of a world.” – Volker Grassmuck

Often the simplest adaptations are the best. Inspired by our Mirror Ball String Display, MD Gary noted how effective the string draping was at capturing the light. Working with Tracy Adams Textiles, he had string draped wraps custom made to run the full length of the Pixel Tube. The result was the Pixel String and it was gone onto be a standout favourite in the awards industry. With a wider profile that the standard tube, the strings soften the light and make a real impact.

pixel tube led centrepieces

Pixel String Star

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” Matt Mullenweg, Social Media Entrepreneur

A sister to the Pixel String, this was yet another simple addition- this time with a Star Motif. Awards season is a sea of stars, its always a go-to motif. We felt that by adding a star option to our Pixel Tube range, event planners can utilize the technology of the tube while still featuring their event motif.

TOP TIP: Did you know that we can offer customisation? Not just on this but every table centre in our collection! Anyway, back to the centrepiece in hand. In place of the Star, you can have an alternative shape or even a company logo. Just contact the team direct and we will work on a visual for you to approve.


The Wrap Up

Table Art boasts decades of experience in the events industry. It has taught us many things and one of those is that award shows are most successful when they opt for the DMX lighting system upgrade on their table centre. Important to highlight because the fabulous thing about the Pixel Tubes is that they come with DMX as standard!  

Thank you for taking the time to read todays blog. The Table Art Studio aim to continue development and bring more to the range in the coming years. Music to the ears of event planners, we aim to have a new Pixel themed centrepiece annually. Perfect for those customers looking to return to our services but want a new design yearly to keep things fresh.

Contact our sales team today for a Pixel Catalogue.


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