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The Perfect Hybrid: Table Art UAE

The Perfect Hybrid: Table Art UAE

Creating an enchanting hybrid that is sure to take the industry by storm. The team at Table Art UAE have combined their passion and skills and created a fusion of LED Table Centres with Floral Details.

This blog introduces you to the new Table Art UAE Team and they range of centrepieces they are bringing to the Dubai Market. An irresistible fusion of the Table Art design with floral detailing, an opulent centrepiece range has been crafted. Covering the finer details of the initial concept to the final results, we show you how you can have the best of both worlds. The state-of-the-art technology from Table Art with the more traditional stylings that comes with floristry.

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Table Art UAE

Under new ownership: Upscale and Posh take up the mantle

This year has seen Table Art UAE under new ownership. Owing to ill health and a change in direction, Paula and Zag who founded Table Art UAE have passed on the mantle to Rob Canning and his team at Upscale and Posh. Importantly, having already worked with each other on multiple events, Rob was well versed in the world of Table Art before signing on the dotted line…

A natural fit, Upscale and Posh are floral specialists who had added their flair to many a Table Art Event. In fact, images from this blog show a showcase we worked on together.  As a result, this is an opportunity to show how effective the combination of LED Centrepieces and florals can be! Anyway, we digress…

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Upscale and Posh

Upscale and Posh was established back in 2002, a family fun business that continues to bloom in the Dubai market. Consequently, it has become THE online flower supplier in Dubai and well trusted and respected within its field. No mean feat when you consider the exacting standards of the Dubai Market. Known for its opulence and creativity, Dubai leads the field in hospitality displays. In addition, Upscale and Posh have a team of dedicated florists that work on bespoke pieces and signature displays.

All this vast experience in the field of floristry makes them the perfect choice for Table Art Dubai.

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The Showcase

Back in October 2016, MD Gary travelled to Dubai to help host a showcase. Alongside the original Table Art UAE team, Gary met and worked with Rob and the Upscale and Posh crew. Even on introduction, Gary was impressed by Rob’s enthusiasm for Table Art and was transfixed by these new concepts Paula and Rob had devised.

The idea behind the showcase was to introduce Table Art to the Dubai Market. So, working alongside Upscale and Posh, we incorporated more floral elements. Initially this was in the hope that it would draw in more planners looking for the more traditional style offered by florals. However once combined, we noticed how strong the LED and floral fusion was. Therefore, it was a unique selling point that we wanted to introduce to the events industry.

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Dubai Skyline

A bay side location, with the Dubai skyline illuminating the background. This was a winning venue for the showcase. The team put out 6-foot rounds and trestle tables and readied them for the samples. Combining the Dubai Candelabra with floral poses, the trestle tables looked particularly spectacular with Dubai as the backdrop.

The showcase was exclusively lit with our DMX Lighting system, allowing the team to group the lights and create distinct ‘zones’ with colour. As you can see from the pictures, the trestle was predominately lit fuchsia with the Pixel Tables contrasting in yellow. These zoned areas are a great thing to highlight at a showcase as it can be a great tool for an event planner. Setting the tone of each space with simple change of colours can make all the difference.

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The Designs

Design highlights from the showcase include the Twisted Flame with a floral display at it’s centre. This is where the fusion of the two styles really comes into its own. The Twisted Flame is a hand forged piece of acrylic. Moreover, the natural shaping of the piece lends itself well to the small floral display placed centrally through the flame. The flame essentially acts as a delicate framework to the flowers and illuminates them to dramatic effect.

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Our Flower Float vases have long been the go-to choice for the event planner looking for a centrepiece with the best of both worlds. The difference here at the showcase was that we used fresh flowers and added in candles. The additional candles added a romantic flair to the vase which makes it a perfect choice for a wedding table centre. Plus, the fresh flowers can be custom picked to match whatever colour palette you have in place for the nuptials.

Dubai Candelabra

The Dubai Candelabra is one of the flagship designs for Table Art UAE. In a similar fashion to how we are looking to combine the traditional with the modern. The Candelabra is a traditional choice for a centrepiece but by making it from acrylic and lighting it, you have a modern look. This design has proven particularly popular across awards shows and Rob and his team have put together floral upgrade for anyone wanting to add a floral element.  

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How to make it work for you:

The floral additions are not limited to Dubai. All our franchises offer such a service, including the head office here in Leamington Spa. Locally we work with Eternal Flowers who have created opulent surrounds to our Earth Globes and Art Deco Statuettes.

A floral element to our centrepieces is a great way to straddle both the modern and traditional. Adding in these elements often add to an overall look and sets a glamourous tone. Weddings are the perfect place to utilize this combination. With the romantic floral displays working effortlessly with the Table Art in daytime light, guests will be transfixed as the lights dim and the centrepieces illuminate! You can even upgrade to the DMX lighting and have the lights ‘dance’ and change with the beat of the wedding music.

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The Wrap Up

We wanted to highlight this extraordinary showcase in Dubai because it was the jumping board to so many wonderful developments. Firstly, it brought floristry to the forefront of our minds and resulted in an entirely new range of centrepieces. Secondly it was our first meeting with the team at Upscale and Posh. A memorable meeting that has gone onto develop a fruitful partnership. A partnership now that means Rob and his team are bringing Table Art to Dubai.

If you have an event coming up and you want to create your own centrepiece hybrid, contact our team now for a bespoke quotation!


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