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Party By Numbers – the Accountant’s Dream Party

Party By Numbers

Numbers may not seem the most exciting thing to celebrate but at Table Art anything can be exciting. Sometimes you may have a number to celebrate. It may be sales figures, it may be record profits or just simple table numbers. If you are a team of accountants or bankers for example, the Party by Numbers is the perfect theme.

Lit Panels

To truly make the Party by Numbers theme come to life, choose Lit panels. These are durable, aluminium panels that are completely customisable. They can feature any graphic, design or colour that you want. It’s a great way to represent your team with your logo emblazoned on these panels.T

The LED lighting options are customisable as well. Showcase your company colours with the help of these panels.

The Numerator

Adding numbers into the party doesn’t always have to be bold. Try a subtle approach with the help of our Numerator centrepiece. You don’t have to get gigantic balloons for this purpose. Instead, opt for some stunning visuals with the help of the Numerator. This is a table centrepiece that features clear acrylic cut numbers placed on an LED light base.

The numbers are clear acrylic, cut with attention to detail and are easy to spot and read from a distance. Moreover, the LED light base is compatible with our state-of-the-art DMX lighting system. This is specifically designed to be radio-controlled and gives you a lot of options when it comes to colour.


The Ice Number Star

If you’re looking for something unique and very visually pleasing, then opt for something different. This might include opting for our Ice star with numbers or other designs emblazoned in the centre. The star is an ice sculpture, made by our in-house designers and is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Ice Star is compatible with our LED light base which lets you customise the colour scheme of the displays. With easy configuration to our DMX lighting system, you can effectively turn this sculpture into a stunning table centrepiece. It’s perfect for your Party by Numbers themed party!


The LED Light Cube

If you’re looking for seating options that are simple, easy to integrate with any theme but also very unique, try our LED Light cubes. These pack a powerful punch in terms of decorations. It’s one of our most versatile party decors and has been a favourite for use with many themes.

For the Party by Numbers theme, these LED light cubes will add a lovely touch of colour. The lighting options are customisable as they’re integrated with the DMX lighting system. This means that whether you’re thinking of cool colours or want something warmer, you can choose.

table art led cube
table art led cube

Custom Numbering and Decor

Feel like there’s something unique on your mind and you can’t find it in our inventory? Don’t worry about it. You can get it custom-made by our team of designers. We take great pride in working with the clients to design unique decor and table centrepieces that they want for their party.

Getting custom numbering and decor for your party can be great. It also saves you time and we’ll make sure to deliver the best results. If you’re looking to get something custom-made, please schedule a consultation session with our design team and share your ideas.

These are just some of our top suggestions for a Party by Numbers but you’re free to explore our inventory. We have a large array of decor pieces and centrepieces that you can mix-and-match or use for any theme you have in mind.

table centre numbers hire
table centre numbers hire

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