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Table Art: Light Panels

Table Art: Light Panels

Make an impact on your next event with our innovative light panel series. With hundreds of design options, these inventive panels are the magic final touch to an events décor.


Table Art do things a little differently. Pioneering the field of event décor, we are at the cutting edge of the event industry. Be ahead of the trend and choose Table Art for your next event. Alongside a wealth of event props and LED Centrepieces, we have these distinctive light panels to illuminate your event.

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The versatile nature of these panels is what makes them so popular on our events. We have an unrivalled selection of prints to choose from, making it a must for both a themed soiree and branded gala. All panels incorporating the latest in light technology, they are a favourite amongst AV groups, coming to reply upon their quality and reliability. This blog is a product focus on our Light Panels, highlighting some of the best events they have illuminated and sharing with you just a small selection of the designs available.

Onto the task at hand… light panels!

circus event theming panel

The Concept

As a 30-year veteran of the events industry. MD Gary has seen every manner of backdrop and panelling. This experience has given him a valuable list of dos and do not to pull from when it comes to developing his own collection of props. When Table Art was first established back in 2011, our focus primarily was the table centres. However, as time went on, our clients were eager to draw in the table art style into the rest of the event décor. As a result, one of Gary’s first developments with the LED Light Panel.

Key Aims:

The key aim of these panels was to produce a vibrant high-quality print. Stretched across a light framework that was easily transported. Add in the Table Art flourish of state-of-the-art lighting and the combination is a winning one. Sourcing out a lightweight metal frame turned out to be a labour of love. With research and partnership, the perfect material was selected. A measurement of 2.4m x 1.2m was decided and once the panel frame was constructed. Furthermore, Heavy feet were added for that all-important stability.

Coral Group:

Now onto the most important part, the graphic. Working with the Coral Printing Group, a hard-wearing textile was chosen that could take on the most vibrant of prints. So, a patented process to fix the textile to the panel was developed. Working with high grade rubber and keeping it concealed within the framework made for a strong application of the fabric. As a result, you have a panel that simply needs plugging in! 

Aurora Northern Lights Event theme

How it Works…

Light Panels are rather sizable, standing at 2.4m by 1.2m width. Although they are easy to transport for our own team, flat packed within the van. Unfortunately, they are too sizable for a pallet service. As a result, clients will often order the Light Panels as part of a package when they opt for a full service on our table centres. Importantly, once booked it the usual streamlined service you come to expect from Table Art. Firstly, we share with you our catalogue of designs and you choose your favourite. On the day, our team arrive with these panels packed flat within a sleek canvas bag, protecting the panel from dust and dirt. On site, the crew unpack the panel, straighten up the feet and simply place in situ. After that, it’s a simple plug into mains power and your chosen panel will suddenly illuminate!

Design Series:

We also offer a series package, ideal for those looking to order multiple panels. Likewise, a perfect example of a series design is our Steampunk graphic. The five panels are quickly screwed together to make one continuous design, ideal for those looking to dress a staging area of create a photo backdrop.

table art steampunk panel


Light Panels work best in three key areas. The first being a photo backdrop. The illuminated backdrop makes for a flattering light as your delegates pose for a photo. By selecting a branded print, you can inject the company logo right into the back of every photo taken that night. This is the dream scenario for an social media savvy planner, guaranteeing your brand and making it instantly recognisable across several social platforms.

Dream Circus Event Ballerina

Making your theme clear…

The second zone these panels work brilliantly for is a staging area. Again, the illumination is what makes these panels stand out, drawing the audiences’ eyes up to the stage. With any dinner layout, everything is designed to face the stage, so this is a great focal point to draw from. If you have a distinct theme, this is the time to get those themed panels front and centre on the stage. Making your theme and style clear from the moment guests take their seats!

Another key zone is the bar. We have worked with Ace Bar Events who now offer a matching bar front and service to our light panels. If you explore their website, they even offer a virtual design service that allows you to pick your favourite designs and pair it with your choice of bar. Explore their site now and prepare to be amazed!

superhero drinks bar

The Designs

Our office boasts four photoshopped crazed members of staff, two of which are graphic designers. This means that whatever your brief, however quirky or unusual- we can deliver! Designing our panel prints make us unique amongst our competitors. You can guarantee that by choosing Table Art, the designs will be seen nowhere else and will be of the upmost quality.


Our first designs were a series of Mobsters and Molls for a twenties themed event. A common style in our collections is black and white. Why the monochrome you ask? Well it is the best colourway to pick up external light. If for instance you have a red colour theme for your event, simply order the monochrome panels and on arrival we can bring along an uplighter to wash the panel in red light. It’s a smart and effective way of injecting colour without the need for printing hundreds of colour variations of the same design.

hollywood themed events

More recently we developed a light panel series for our Dream Circus range. When the inflatable Unicorn was requested by Best Parties for their Dream Circus Christmas Installations, Gary felt it was important to draw in the unicorn motif into the panels. That summer saw one of our team working on a surreal design incorporating these iconic unicorns alongside the steadfast motifs of the dream circus concept. A 16-panel series was completed and has gone onto feature across hundreds of events.

dream circus prop


For those looking to strengthen their sense of brand at an event, then a customised Panel is the solution. We can print panels to order and you can customise them to suit your brief, brand, and style. Table Art can even store the panel prints for future use so you can use them on annual award shows and ceremonies.

sainsburys panels battersea evo

Two Approaches:

There are two distinct approaches with a custom panel. The first is sending the logos and concepts to our team and they will draft up some design options for you to approve. The second, if your company has their own graphics team- then they can simply work with the spec we put forward and work on the design to suit. Once complete, we can get said design over to the printers and get it made for your event.

You are not just restricted to company brands and logos for your custom panels. If you have a specific theme that you cannot see represented in our collection, then get in touch! We are always delighted to work on the more challenging themes, and we can happily put forward new concepts for your consideration.

branded light panel

The Wrap Up

Take a different approach to the usual bulky and expensive panels you see on events. Table Art offers this inexpensive and yet high-quality solution. Easy to install and derig, they are simply plug in and play. A dream for an event planner on a tight turnaround!

We hope this blog has got you inspired and thinking of your next event. Our light panel print collection is ever growing and so if you have an event in mind, contact us now and we can fire across a design catalogue for you to look through. We guarantee there will be something in the collection to suit your theme!


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