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Pallet: Step by Step Guide

The Pallet Delivery Service: 

The Pallet Service is one of the most popular delivery options here at Table Art. We have put together this how-to-guide to walk you through the steps of a pallet service.

Bringing you all the magic of Table Art and giving you total control of the set up. This service is ideal for our more budget conscious clients. So, what is a pallet service? Simply put, we ship the products direct to the venue and you take responsibility for the install and derig. The following day, we arrange the collection of the order and get it returned to our warehouse.

Our team are well versed in the world of logistics. With our extensive experience, you can guarantee the usual five-star service you have come to expect from Table Art on our ‘Full Service’ orders.

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Placing your order

Once you are ready to place your order, the sales team will send you a booking form to complete. The form includes a delivery/ collection address box. Here you need to include the details of where you would like the pallet to be delivered and collected.


Fire back the completed form to our sales team and by return they will send you an invoice confirming the details.

booking form

Step 2: Order Preparation

Our warehouse work from comprehensive prep-sheets to put your order together. You will note upon receipt that everything we provide is stored in flight cases. As you can see from the images here, our products are made up on component parts that will need assembly on site.


A pallet is a 1.2m x 1m wooden crate base that we load the flight cases onto. Cases are stacked safely and secured in place with straps and plastic wrap.

warehouse prep

Step 3: Final Checks

The day prior to shipping, our sales team will contact you to confirm the delivery/ collection details once again. It is important at this stage to have a point of contact stated with a mobile number detailed.

final checks pallet

Step 4: Delivery

As we use external couriers, any pallet delivery is delivered one working day prior to the event. For example, for an event on a Thursday, you can expect the pallet delivery on the Wednesday. However, for an event on a Monday, you will receive the pallet on Friday.


For those wanting tracking details or an estimated delivery time, you will need to call the Table Art office the morning of delivery. Our team will then get hold of the delivery depot for the estimated delivery time. Please note that often times are not allocated until 10am so you may not get an answer straight away. If your delivery comes before 10am, then that is a bonus! Please also note that all deliveries take place between 9am- 5pm on weekdays.

pallet company

Step 5: Unloading the pallet on Site

The couriers will deliver direct to your chosen venue as instructed. However, if your venue does not have a loading bay, the venue will need access to a trolley so they can get the pallet inside the venue.


With the pallet delivered to your chosen address, it is time to unload the pallet. Usually this is a two-person job so undertake this as a pair. Remove the plastic wrap and strapping and then carefully unstack the cases. Each case will have the breaks applied to the wheels so remember to unlock the breaks as you unload.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep the wooden pallet base and straps. Store them in a secure place for the return journey.

pallet stacked

Step 6: Setting up the Product

Now the fun part! Roll the cases into your event space. Group them together in the room, preferably in a spot with plenty of room for you to set up.


HOT TIP: Photograph the inside of the flight case when you first open it. That way, when you come to returning the product- you have a reference for how the centrepieces go back into the case.


You will find a comprehensive set of instructions inside one of the flight cases. With many of our products being made up of two or three components, the set up is a breeze. Just follow the instructions and you will have your centrepiece in moments. If you get stuck, our team are available 24/7 to talk you through the process.


With each light fully charged with 8-10 hours use, we recommend turning the lights on just before an event. Inside the light box flight case you will find a pair of remotes. Point the remote at approx. a foot from the centrepiece and press your chosen colour. The centrepiece will remain that colour for the duration.


Roll the flight cases out of the event space and store in a safe place.

set up pallet

Step 7: Party!

Ok now the real fun part! The event underway, the centrepieces will shine bright throughout the evening.

party pallet

Step 8: Derigging the Product

Event finished, recover the flight cases, and roll them back into the room. Reverse the process of install and derig each centrepiece. Carefully placing each component part in the relevant case in the appropriate spot. Remember that hot tip from the install? Refer to those images for reference.


HOT TIP: On the top of every flight case is a plate displaying the product label and the quantities it held. Make sure that what you return to the box matches the numbers on this plate. If they do not match, you are missing components. At this point, look around the venue and see if you can locate and return the missing elements.

pallet label

Step 9: Loading the Pallet

Roll the flight cases to where you have the pallet stored. Again, a two-person undertaking, pull out the pallet base and begin to stack the cases on top. Once all the cases are loaded, use the strapping to secure them in place.

HOT TIP: Make sure the brakes are applied to the flight cases once they are stacked on the pallet base.

flight cases

Step 10: The Return Journey

Fix the return delivery labels to the pallet.


Our logistics team will arrange collection of the pallet the day post the event so please make sure everything is loaded onto the pallet before 8.30am the following day. Please note that the couriers do not collect on weekends.


Once collected, the couriers return the pallet to our warehouse in Leamington Spa. The team then check over the order. If a missing item is flagged or products are damaged, our team will be in touch to discuss.

pallet flight case

The Wrap Up

We hope that this guide has provided you with a clearer idea of how a pallet service works. This service continues to be an invaluable delivery option for those smaller events.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team by clicking here.


pallet delivery table

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