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Old Is Gold: Bringing Back the Disco

Old Is Gold: Bringing Back the Disco

Want to relive the era of the swinging seventies?

Or are you looking for a party theme that promises fun and excitement for all the guests?

disco themed party
seventies themed party

Summer is here, and you have an open ticket to funsville this season! There’s so much to enjoy in the hot weather and dancing is on the top of the list. Yes, we know the weather is hot but who can resist the disco beats of the ‘70s?

That’s right! This season, the oldies are back to make you rock to the music. Old is gold, and now you too can witness this. Just go for a disco theme, and you’ll have the most fun you’ve had in years. Dancing to the top songs of the past era and a perfectly decorated venue guarantees a night of fun.

This is your chance to showcase your party management skills and groove to some of the best beats from the seventies. Want to throw a disco themed partythat’s the highlight of the season and leaves people nostalgic? Here’s all you need to make it a raging success.

table art rubiks cube
rubiks cube

String Curtain Mirror Ball Display

You’ll want to mesmerize your guests with the theme as soon as they arrive at the venue. A display that’s worth their while is our most popular prop, the String Curtain Mirror Ball Display. The contemporary decoration item has everything you need to charm your guests. The mystical look they lend the venue and the stunning effect they create is unrivalled. With the help of thousands of translucent strings, the scene is set. Encased within are the slowly rotating mirror balls that fashion the magical setting.

Using the latest technology, we lighten up the display with your choice of colours. The mirror balls catch the light from the radio controlled lighters in the room. This helps create an entrancing ambiance that just adds to the charms of the party. They are the perfect entrance features as they will leave your guests enthralled. They are just perfect to give your guests a taste of what awaits them inside.  

event decor disco
event decor disco

Many people opt for Lit Arcs to add a new dimension to the theme of the party. They act as a standalone decoration option that floods the entrance with the light of your choice. The hues you choose will set the tone for the event so opt for bright colours.

For a more dramatic effect, you should opt for the light tunnel. Apart from being effortlessly chic, the entrance feature amplifies the light display. You can go for a white stretch tunnel or the one with a black finish.

Altering the entrance feature enables you to use the String display as the major decoration inside the venue. Just a simple change is enough to cast your venue in a different light altogether.   

light tunnel entrance
light tunnel entrance

LED Cube

Bringing an array of neon colours to the venue will help you stick close to the theme of the event. The LED Cube furniture is just what the venue needs. Going perfectly with your disco theme, the LED Cubes help you create a cool chilling zone for guests. Once they have had enough of dancing, they can relax on these props. Want to enjoy a drink or two? This is the area of the venue you have to be at. They are programmed by our wireless lighting system and can create extra effects for more impact.

Want to include the element of water in this night of dancing? You got it! Want to showcase the fiery tempo of the dance floor on these cubes? Now you can! Just choose the colour you want, and the LED Cubes will be ready to give the venue a unique feel.

The Rubik Cube Seat is more suited for an ‘80s themed party, but the bright colours will do perfectly for your theme, too. Deliver the fun with these creative seating options; they too can be lightened up with the colours of your choice.

led cube hire
led cube hire

LED Table Centrepieces

Who can get enough of mirror balls at a disco themed party? Well, you can easily make sure your guests want for nothing by including them as a centrepiece. Now you can bring the disco to the tables, too!

The Mirror Ball LED table centrepieces, available in tall and low variations, are designed to use our DMX lighting system. The system not only brightens up the room but can make you dance along. How, you ask? We can easily synchronize the lights to dance along with the songs playing. Your guests don’t have to be on the dance floor to get the feel of the theme. They can groove to the beats of the era right in their seats!  

table art low mirrorball
table art low mirrorball

Are you looking to host a memorable event that celebrates the seventies?

Want to be the talk of the town for your successful event planning efforts?

Well, look no further! The consultants at Table Art will make sure all the decorations come together perfectly. So leave your worries at the door and dance the night away!

Now you have the opportunity to get the best props and furniture for your disco themed party. You can avail the best services from the UK’s bespoke décor experts at Table Art. We have the most stunning event décor to light up your events and make them a raging success. You can also get decoration ideas with the help of event guides by Party Art. Get our help and plan parties and events that’ll define you!

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