Blog / Numbered Table Centres – Stunning Decorations With Ease Of Access For Guests

Numbered Table Centres – Stunning Decorations With Ease Of Access For Guests

Numbered Table Centres – Stunning Decorations With Ease Of Access For Guests

Table Art’s collection of numbered table centres don’t just provide stunning visuals. They also help guests navigate your event space with ease.

They’re especially useful if you are running an auction. Your presenter on stage will have a much clearer sight of which table is which.

This is thanks to our brilliant LED technology, which illuminates them to help them stand out.

In today’s blog, we’ll look at Table Art’s array of numbered table centres. Hopefully you can take some inspiration when planning your upcoming show.

triple ice bucket frosted number

The Numerator

Starting with the basics, The Numerator is one of our most cost-effective numbered table centres. Crafted using clear acrylic for awesome lighting effects, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Whilst relatively simple in design, your guests will still be mesmerised. Add in DMX technology for even better results. We can make the illuminated centrepieces flash, strobe, change colour or even have patterns flow throughout the room!

numbered table centres
the numerator table art

Ice Star

A truly magnificent design and one of our favourites ever. There’s not an event-goer who doesn’t love real ice lit centrepieces, especially when combined with our powerful LED boxes.

The Ice Star is a brilliant option for event planners looking for numbered table centres. Thanks to our delicate manufacture, these will stay intact all night, despite the heat of an event space.

numbered table centres
ice led centrepieces

The Summit

Something a little taller now, for those booking numbered table centres that really stand out. The Summit is one of our newer designs from the mind of MD Gary Martin.

It’s truly unique in every sense. Inspired by dynamic urban architecture, we’ve recently added the option for branding or number printing on these LED centrepieces. A whole new world of options for the events industry!

numbered table centres
blackpool winter gardens summit

Triple Ice Bucket

Many call this the ultimate LED centrepiece. Do away with old fashioned metal ice buckets and incorporate them into your numbered table centres.

Each table will have 3 buckets, perfect for loading with ice and refreshing beverages for your guests. Again, thanks to its careful acrylic design, the Triple Ice Bucket will glow all evening long in the middle of every table.

numbered table centres
triple ice bucket frosted no centrepiece

Art Deco

These numbered table centres are tailored for those organising a Great Gatsby-themed ball. Take your delegates back to the roaring 20s with Table Art’s glorious lit centrepieces.

Our Art Deco table centres are tall but almost completely clear. This means they can stand out across the room without blocking eyelines. A win-win for your event décor!

numbered table centres
art deco numbered table centres

Thanks for reading this blog. As always, we hope you liked the options listed and have taken some inspiration going into your next corporate event.

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