Blog / A Night in Space: 5 Outer Space Décor Pieces You Can’t Miss

A Night in Space: 5 Outer Space Décor Pieces You Can’t Miss

A Night in Space: 5 Outer Space Theme Pieces You Can’t Miss

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Searching for the perfect decorations for your space theme party?

Want to experience the magic and mystery of space?

Do you wish to plan a party for your guests that they’ll never forget?

Well, this is your chance to prove your prowess in party planning!

You’ve always wanted to stand out from the crowd, and this is the opportunity to do so in style. With summer already here, this is your chance to throw a party that will get everyone in the party mood. Some themes have been used so frequently that they don’t hold any appeal any longer. If you really wish to amaze your guests and hold their interest for the duration of the event, you need professional help.

Table Art will work to make your event a success. With our help, you can make your dream a reality. We have an array of props and furniture to transform your space theme ideas into reality. So whether it is an alien invasion or a Mars mission theme, you can contact us. We will help bring your vision to life and impress all your guests in the process.  

So to help you throw the best space theme party of the year, here are a few cool ideas. These props and furniture pieces are all that you need for a blast.

table art spaceship tunnel
table art spaceship tunnel

1.   String Curtain Space Display

The original string curtain display has been such a hit that we decided to add some flash to it. The space display is all the venue needs to establish the tone of the event. As the guests step inside, they are greeted by the dramatic look. The planets peep from behind the String Curtain Space Display and greet your guests. The mirror balls are dressed as planets, and they slowly rotate to represent the masses in space. The disco balls catch the light and create a spectacular light show for your guests. The colourful light playing on the walls and floor adds to the tone of the party. So if you want to see the displays in action, make them a part of your next  space theme event.

space event decor
decorate space party

2.   Inflatable Space Rocket

Want to go to the moon and experience the magic it can bring to your life? We all do! So what better way to celebrate your love for everything extraterrestrial than by adding the right decorations? We offer the best prop for your space theme party. The Inflatable Space Rocket becomes the focal point of your party and offers your guests something amazing to behold. The versatile prop can suspend from the ceiling for major impact.

The mission to Mars is yet to begin? Use it as a freestanding prop and give your guests the opportunity to get some great pictures.

space event
space event

3.   Inflatable Full Moon

The Inflatable Full Moon is a magical prop that brings character to your space themed party. Detailed with textures and craters, the inflatable replica is as close to the real one as it gets. This is one awe-inspiring decoration that will leave your guests mesmerized. Just take a look at this beauty, and you’ll realize why it is among our best props. People love this and have used it for a number of themes other than space. So make use of this space centred prop and bring the lunar magic to your event. Your guests will get a golden opportunity to take some selfies with the prop. Help them make memories worth cherishing with our Inflatable Full Moon prop.

inflatable moon space prop
inflatable moon space prop

4.   Lit Arc Panels

If you want to create the perfect cosmic environment for your event, we have the right decorations to help you. With our Lit Arc Panels casting a magical display of lights at the entranceway, your event is set to be a success. Let your guests know from the moment they enter the venue that you have wonders in store for them. The curvaceous panels perform well as a standalone prop but can be paired up for added impact. They are the perfect background for your guests to take selfies and keep a record of this memorable night.

led arc table art
led arc table art

5.   Table Centrepieces

Want to explore the galaxy and give your guests a look into the theme of the party. Our Planet LED table centrepieceshave to be your first choice for the event. They are available in two heights and bring a strong sense of exploration to the party. If you want to create a cosmic atmosphere for the guests at their tables, this is the way. The functional centrepiece will help set the tone of the event.

If you want to host an event that’s out of this world, you’ll need the right decoration pieces and props. Our dynamic Rocket LED table centrepieces can create spectacular effects and ties the theme together. Amaze your guests as they sit among the most gorgeous table centrepieces.

rocket centrepiece
rocket centrepiece

These props are all you need to achieve your goals of throwing a space themed party this season!

Are you searching for the right props and furniture options for your next big event?

Wondering what décor can help you throw a party to remember for years to come?

Well, then you are in the right place after all!  The UK’s bespoke décor experts at Table Art have the most stunning event décor to light up your events.

You’ll be the most appreciated host with the best decorations to offer. Give yourself the resources to make it happen!

Get in touch now to know more!

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