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New Year Optimism: Looking Ahead

New Year Optimism: Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to 2022 with our usual brand of enthusiasm…

2021 has not ended as we hoped. Usually at this stage of the year, we post an end of the Year Review. Covering everything from our most popular table centres, to how many cups of tea brewed here in the office. As 2021 has effectively only been a three month endeavour for events, we want to look ahead to 2022. This blog is our opportunity to share with you, our ideas for the new year. Starting with a look at our Franchises and how we intend on expanding our reach. Moving on to our innovations with balloon décor and then finishing up with an announcement on rotating centrepieces. 

We hope that despite the current circumstances, this might well be a welcome dose of optimism.

lamp table centres

A Golden Opportunity

Our franchise re-energised in UAE and new partnerships to announce! 

As you are aware, back in 2019, we made the announcement that the UAE Franchise was taken under new management. Robert Canning and his team took over the Dubai based business and were set to make it their own. Unfortunately, COVID-19 had other plans and everything was put on hold. Earlier this month, we were pleased to meet Robert in person here at our offices. It was an opportunity to exchange ideas and get excited about the year head! We have shared our experiences and resources with Robert and look forward to seeing Table Art spring forward in the UAE in the New Year.

Our MD Gary is also working to bring two further countries into the fold and so we hope to make this official towards the end of 2022. For now, we are working with our existing franchises to make sure that we are offering the best service and product in the field.

Bright Idea Uocef Table Centers

A Bright Idea

Our most popular design of 2021, we look to adapt the design to make it suitable for branding…

Featuring at 12 different events over a 3 month period, the Bright Ideas earned their status as our most popular design of 2021. From a UNICEF Gala Dinner to a Rolls-Royce product launch, these centrepieces shone bright at a myriad of events. Thanks to that popularity, the workshop are looking at ways of altering the design to make it more adaptable. One of the most common requests is a brandable centrepiece and so we want to adapt this beauty to be able to include a company logo. Prototypes are underway and we hope to launch in the new year. Keep your eyes peeled for an update across our social feeds!

An Alternative to Helium…

With a global shortage in helium, the team are developing a new way to bring the Exploding Confetti Balloons to events.  

The events industry is well aware of the issues relating to balloon décor. The shortage in helium and latex is a sticky issue but there are the moral concerns too. Balloon debris makes up for a high percentage of marine pollution and so we need to prioritise an alternative. Our team are working hard at developing a way of reusing the latex so it is no longer single- use. We also want to do away with helium and create custom stands. 

We are working with the team at Halo-FX to make these ideas a reality. The popularity of these designs show no signs of slowing so we are making this is at the top of our development list for the New Year!

light up centrepieces

Streamlining of Services

Looking at ways to streamline our Pallet service to make it more user-friendly.

The pallet service has always been the go-to services for the events companies with a budget. The service is simple on paper but in action, can be tripped up by reliance of external couriers and the venues that receive it. We are looking at way to simplify the service and help customers with a more informative set instructions. Currently putting together a how-to video that will make each step clear and easy to follow. 

We are also creating our own special pallet bases to firstly include a build-in ramp. Secondly, a QR code that you can receive a full set of instructions through. Thirdly, straps that are permanently attached so they can’t be lost! All exciting developments for our logistics team.

led centrepieces

The Office gets a make over…

We upgrade the office and invite clients to come visit! 

Believe it or not, we have been at the St Marys Road, Leamington Spa since 2012. In that time, the office has never had a lick of paint or change of furniture. Using the time we had on the lead up to Christmas, the office staff decided to cheer themselves up with a change. Layout was the major change and we now have a better flowing office with dedicated meeting area for both clients and team catch ups. We have also decorated with from top to bottom, featuring everything from a NEON Table Art sign to mustard sofas. If you fancy a nosey, you are welcome to visit (Covid restrictions allowing) or simply follow us on Social media to get a sneak peek. 

Spinning Around

We plan to launch a range of rotating table centres in the New Year…

Before our Christmas break, the R&D team found themselves knee deep in motors and rotators. They are set to launch a range of rotators that are perfect for table centres. The idea being that you can choose to upgrade your centrepiece to rotate and we will just bring along our adaptable base. These rotators will be available in black or white, or even have completely branded. We will also be including the DMX system which will allow you to sync the rotators and alter the movements at the touch of a button.

Again there will be a big announcement in 2022 for these so please keep an eye out across social media.

Stay Ahead

Make sure you follow us across all the social platforms…

Ok so we know we harp on about our social platforms but who could blame us?! If you want to be on the pulse of life at Table Art then you need to get following! We are across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook primarily. Our team also have their own TikTok accounts that we share, they truly give you the inside on life here.

We want to end with another Thank you to our customers. You are what keep us innovating and we are so grateful for your support and enthusiasm. If any or all of the ideas featured on this blog sound intriguing then get in touch! Our team will be happy to discuss the developments further and look at ways of adding them into your own events.

We look forward to working with you all in 2022.

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