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New Venture: Dining Hub

A New Venture: Dining Hub

In November 2019, the Table Art team released the Dining Hub. An innovative hub for the restaurant and café industry.

The team at Table Art are always keen to forge forward and bring new technology to the hospitality field. Seeing an ever-growing need for both charging sources and marketing points, Gary looked to develop a must-have gadget. We had the honour of working with the Giraffe Group, an invaluable resource when it came to design development. Considering their needs, Gary and the team were better able to utilise the technology to better address the requirements. The result was the Dining Hub. A charging point delivered right at the heart of your table. It comes with double sided high-def screens that offer fantastic opportunities for marketing.

Now we have your interest, Let us take a look at how the dining hub works…

dining hub design

How it works

Wireless Technology

These hubs are wireless. A fantastic feature that allows you to place the Dining Hubs wherever you want. No annoying wires to restrict movement, you have flexibility!

Free Charging

Draw clients in by offering a free charging point. Each Dining Hub can charge up to 40 phones a day! Rather brilliantly they can also charge multiple devices at any one time. Each hub comes with built in charging cables plus a wireless charging pad at the top. Simple recharge the hub overnight and it will be ready for action the next day!

Point of Sale

An invaluable tool that will allow you to advertise your special offers and deals at the touch of a button. Cloud based WiFi means you can real-time content control from anywhere! Want to announce Happy Hour? It couldn’t be easier with these hubs, bringing the announcement to the centre of every table.

dining hub logo

Technical Specifications

Cloud-based Wi-Fi Content

BASIC Cloud Based Wifi Content Control (Remotely upload images and videos online and hubs update through WIFI).

High Definition

Dual 7” HD 1080p LCD Screens For Bright, Clear, Wide Angle Viewing.

Place Anywhere

Place them on every table! No sockets or plugs needed

Graphic Support

Graphic Support: Image slideshow, Video Play (Multiple Formats)

Video & Image Advertising

Continuously Loop Adverisment Images & Video To Your Customers.

Fast Recharge

Fast Recharge – Only 6-7 hours. Charge Multiple Units In One Go.

Hire Includes App

App Included In Monthly Hire Price.

40+ Wireless Phone Charges

Charge at Table. Charge 40+ Phones*/Day while running Dual digital screens for up to 24-36 hours.

Real Time Advertising

Content Changed Via Wifi For Real Time Ad Changes.

USB & Built in Cables

Two Built-in Cables + 2 USB Ports – Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Touch Screens

Dual 7” HD 1080p LCD Touch Screens For Clear, Easy User Interaction.

All Day Use

Recharge Each Night, Never Be Without Power!

Compact Design

Compact Size. Fits Tables With Ease – 130mm x 114mm x 246mm

Measurable Sales

Measurable Sales Increases.

dining hub logo development

The Launch: Exhibition

Now you have a better sense of how the product works, we wanted to show you to product launch back in November. The Coffee Shop Innovation Expo 2019 was the perfect place to premier the Dining Hubs.  The exhibition is famed for bringing in producers, owners and baristas from across the globe. This was an opportunity too good to miss with our key demographic attending. The problem? The exhibition being held in our busiest month could have proved problematic. However, this is where a bit of strategic planning came into play!

Coffee Shop Innovation Expo

Early Autumn and Gary had booked into the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo . With the weeks he had leading up to the expo, he pushed to get the marketing ready. Starting with the Logo, he sketched out his idea. Featuring a simple plate/knife and fork design, he utilized oranges, limes and whites for his colour pallet. The concept was then passed onto his graphic designer who played around with the concept and put forward a selection of logos for his consideration.

dining hub coffee exhibition by table art

The chosen design was the one most closely matched with the original sketch. Once chosen, we had an aesthetic to work with and the marketing was built around it.

As you can see from the sketches, Gary had a vision for how he wanted the stand to look. He turned to the Graphic Designer again to bring his sketches to life. Working with professional shots of the Dining Hubs, the designer played with the colour pallet and settled on the fonts. The result can be seen below.

Exhibition Stand

The exhibition stand was made primarily from our LED Light Panels. Interspersed was branded balloons done by our good friends at Matthew Lewis Displays. They certainly worked well, matching the colours of the stand. They strengthened the sense of brand.

dining hub coffee expo

We have all attended exhibitions and know the importance of a snappy handout. No one wants tomes of catalogues spilling from bags. They want a small leaflet with a quick overview of the product. Featuring all the clear spec and contact details, they can look to get a better sense of detail from the various websites when they get back home. With all that in mind, we produced small A5 leaflets as shown here. They proved popular at the event and certainly helped bring in the enquiries post the exhibition.

dining hub coffee expo london

Making It Work For You During Covid:

Given the current circumstances, it’s important to consider how the Dining Hub can help.

Keeping in mind that we could see restaurants and Cafes reopening in the next few weeks/ months – how can these hubs help? Well firstly we are working on developing a system of H&S reminders that would sync direct to the screens. A clear and precise reminder to diners that they need to follow the safety guidelines.

The app is currently being altered to enable customers to order at the table. The result would be a cut down of direct contact with your server, a safer solution given the current climate. Ultimately we are looking to adapt the system so it can work with a restaurant EPOS systems. Thus allowing customers to pay at the table, again reducing contact. 

dining hub coffee expo london

The Wrap Up

With all the uncertainty of the current climate, the hospitality industry is just looking to get back on its feet. New innovations are not at the forefront of managers priorities. However, in time we are confident that the industry will be back, stronger than ever. It is this confidence that spurs us on to push this product. Knowing that it will be such an invaluable tool for the restaurant and café culture, it is sure to grow year on year.

If you would like more information about this product, please contact our team today.


dining hub exhibitions

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