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New Partnership | The Setup Stylists & Table Art

New Partnership | The Setup Stylists

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with the Setup Stylists, bringing organic balloon décor to corporate events.


Organic balloon styling has fast become the strongest event trend of the past decade. Insta feeds are filled with colourful balloon creations. Backdrops for Baby showers and birthday parties. The drip feed effect of these influences is the growing demand in the corporate event world. Event planners are keen to bring the fun and creativity of these displays to their corporate clients.

Table Art, with a history of working with balloons, have long wanted to expand our capacity for balloon installations. Following an introduction to the work of The Setup Stylists team, we quickly realised that a partnership would bring the best of two worlds together.

We would like to introduce you to The Setup Stylists team, and how our partnership will benefit your next event…

Table Centrepieces and table furniture by Table Art

The Setup Stylists | An Introduction

Founded by Laura and Becky back in March 2021, this is a fledgling company that has achieved great things in a small period. The Setup Stylists are masters in Organic Balloon Décor and event styling. Specializing in dreamy private parties, styling events to absolute perfection. The Summer has been a whirlwind of bookings, from Festival themed children’s parties to glamorous baby showers.

For those looking to get a true sense of what this team has achieved, explore their instagram page.

Table Centrepieces and table furniture by Table Art

Our Partnership

By happenstance, The Setup Stylists and Table Art crossed paths at a small private event. There we formed a friendship and were quickly exchanging ideas of how we could bring Organic Balloon Styling to corporate events in a big way!

That same week, we had an event looking to make a statement entrance and they were keen to use balloons. Perfect! A quick call to The Setup Stylists and within hours, our warehouse was filled with balloons. Laura worked hard through Wednesday to create four arcs in brand colours. Our office manager Clare was eager to learn the ropes, so helped Laura build the skeleton structure. On the day of the event, Laura and Becky met our team at the Building Society Arena, Coventry. There we installed our Full Moon Centrepieces while the Setup Stylists worked their magic on the arcs. With a finishing flourish, the four arcs were a vision in orange, white and navy. 

“Table Art provided table centrepieces and a balloon entrance for our charity ball at the CBS Arena. Not only did these transform the space, but the staff I dealt with from start to finish were professional, friendly and happy to accommodate last minute changes with no trouble whatsoever. Would highly recommend and will use again.” Katie Wigley

What we can do for your event:

How do we translate private party styling to something appropriately ‘WOW’ for a corporate event? Easy. With this partnership, the aim is scale! We want to go big. We are bursting with ideas, and we cannot wait to bring them to life through corporate events this Autumn/Winter.

Forget the red-carpet entrance of old, transform your event entrance with Organic Balloons. Guide your guests into the event in the most stylist way possible. With the help of a full archway or arched columns with organic balloon styling. Immediately injecting colour and creativity before they have even really arrived. Guests that step onto your walkway will immediately have their expectations blown. They will be busily pulling out their phones, keen to get a snap of themselves as they walk up this imaginative, and innovative display.

balloon event decor

Capture the Moment:

For most corporate events, a space to photograph guests as they arrive is imperative to the planning. Brands want to capture the moment and photograph the guests in all their finery. Flat branded panels are usually used for the backdrop. Inarguably smart but does it stand out? Why not take a more inventive approach and opt for a balloon wall or hooped backdrop? Continuing the balloon motif from the entrance, we can mirror the same colours and styling. We can even add a company brand with either a hanging or LED printed panelling. All of which can be up lit with our state-of-the-art DMX lighting system.

Tha Organic balloon table centre.


Follow through to the main event space with Balloon Centrepieces. This is where Table Art step in and can offer you an extensive range of balloon themed centres. Arguably our most popular is the Exploding Confetti Glow Bubble. It is little wonder, with a surprise bang and a shower of confetti – they are always a hit with guests. If you wanted something a little more sophisticated that better fits with the Organic Balloon style, our Organic Balloon centrepiece is perfect. All our designs can include DMX technology, you can set these centrepieces to brand colours in an instance. If you have an AV team on site, all the better. Why? Because now you can sync the centrepiece lights direct to the desk and highlight winners’ tables and create dynamic patterns across the room.

Tha Organic balloon table centre.

Most corporate events have a stringent set of branding guidelines. You can bring colour continuity to the event by following the company colour palette and running it through your balloons.  We at Table Art can strengthen that by up lighting the displays and selecting the light tones with pinpoint precision. The combination of the two skills makes for a winning partnership and your brand is now clear and effective across the event.

More Information

You will find us rolling out these organic balloon stylings across the Autumn. Table Art are putting forward these balloon creations in proposals, an addition to our centrepieces. We hope that our clients will be as excited as we are, to bring them to events this Autumn.

Thanks to The Setup Stylists for working with us, and bringing their unique style to our events. We are sure this partnership will be a fruitful one and we look forward to creating together.

If you like the look of these chic displays, contact our team direct on 0845 5211234 | We are ready and waiting to bring the best of The Setup Stylists and Table Art to your event.  

Table Centrepieces and table furniture by Table Art

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