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Nature Themed Party – Bring Nature Inside

Nature Themed Party

Are you organising a nature themed party?

Is your love for nature a major part of your life?

Do you wish to include elements of nature in your next big event?

Well, this is your chance!

People who love nature don’t always have the expertise to plan a party that oozes natural charm. There are many ways to incorporate nature into event décor. However, only professional event planners can help you create the best ambiance. If you too have been looking for some ideas, here’s everything you need to know. From furniture to props, Table Art offers you the decorations that can make your next event a raging success. Want to blow your guests away? You need to go through this list of decorations and decide on the ones that emanate the power of Mother Nature.

bright idea
bright idea

Coral Chandelier

The best way to impress your guests from the moment they walk in is with a Coral Chandelier. They suit any nature themed party. They are also great for people who are looking for decorations for their underwater theme events. These decorations make the theme of the party quite evident to the guests from the moment they walk in.

Being a versatile choice for event décor, the coral chandelier provides a chic look to any event. They can even be used as props for events that lean more towards the comic side. The three distinct tiers provide them a glamorous look that’ll give your nature-themed party the sophisticated look you’re going for.    

coral chandelier prop
coral chandelier prop


LED table centrepieces make for effortlessly beautiful pieces that ooze elegance. Casting the whole table in an enchanting light, Efflorescence is one decoration piece you wouldn’t want to miss out on. You can make it a part of your nature themed party to enhance the beauty of the venue. It is made of delicate silk blossoms that are spiralled inside a glass vase.

blossom table centre
blossom table centre

Cactus LED Table Centrepieces

Another great option from Table Art is the Cactus centrepieces. If you are looking to include all elements of nature in your event, then don’t leave these out? These centrepieces work well with a Wild West theme, but you can also include them as a part of your nature-themed party. They can provide the venue with a much rustic tone and leave guests breathless. Using green LED lights, the centrepieces get a realistic twist. You can bet that guests would want to touch them to see for themselves.

cactus table centre
cactus table centre

Climbing Vine Pixel Tube

Want to bring the magic of the forests into your event? Well, now you have the opportunity to include some great elements of Mother Nature to your next big event. The Climbing Vine Pixel Tube is just the decoration that can help you here. The LED table centrepiece creates the look of a shadowy woodland and is enough to transport your guests to a secret garden.

The cascading ivy wrapped around the tube is an innovative wonder that never ceases to amaze our customers. The blend of natural and artificial elements creates a phenomenal effect to give your nature-themed party a deeper meaning.

pixel vine centrepiece
pixel vine centrepiece

Palm Tree

Your nature-themed party can’t be complete without a display of some gorgeous Palm Trees by Table Art. They work for when you’re going for a beach theme or want to bring the Jungle to your venue. They allow you to bring the feel of the tropics to the venue and give your guests something that they’ll remember for years to come.

The white palm trees can be paired up with the lights of your choice to cast them in the colours of your theme. Many customers use the colours of their brands to highlight the decoration item. They bring the vibrancy of the sandy beach and the fun of those shores right to the venue. So what’s stopping you? Opt for them and give your nature-themed party the best style.

event tree hire
event trees table art

Lily Vase

A sophisticated decoration piece just adds to the charm of the venue. This is exactly what our Lily Vase aims to do. The simple yet charming centrepiece adds to the theme of the event and provides an elegant silhouette. The towering arrangement has quickly become a favourite of our clients, and we know exactly why.

This piece steers away from the conventional table centrepieces and is just what you need to impress your guests. The traditional floral arrangement is illuminated with the help of state of the art technology. It is the perfect blend of these two that provides this decoration piece with such a unique look. You can select the colour of your choice to meet the themes of your party or to represent your brand. With the lighting system working on point, our lily vase will provide your venue the x-factor it needs!

lily vase centrepiece
lily vase centrepiece

Spirit of Nature

Planning the big event shouldn’t be a hassle anymore. Now that you’ve gone through the list of these nature themed party props, things will get easier. You can take your time to plan the event and choose the props that’ll fit best with your nature-themed party. Whatever you choose, with the spirit of nature inspiring you, it’s impossible to go wrong!   

Is throwing a nature themed party your goal this season?

Searching for the right props and furniture options for your next big event?

Wondering what décor can help you represent the theme?

Look no further than here! The UK’s bespoke décor experts at Table Art have the most stunning event décor to light up your events. They offer brilliant party and event guides at Party Art! You’ll be the host with the most, and your parties will be remembered for decades to come!

If you would like help creating your next event, then get in touch with the styling experts at Table Art for a free consultation.

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