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Beatles Forever! Arranging a Music Themed Event

Arranging a Music Themed Event

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guitar table centre

Arranging a music themed event can be fun and exciting, but you also need to find the right props and décor items to make it a success. Just like any other theme, you need to find the best items to create the perfect ambiance for your event. Wondering where you’ll find all these items?

Table Art!

We have helped many clients plan a music themed event. We have all the best props, décor items and table centrepieces that will make your event the talk of the town. With an expert team by our side, we can help you plan the best event that your guests will never forget.

If you are looking for table centrepieces, props and other décor items for your Beatles-themed event, then you’ve come to the right place. We have listed some of the décor items that you can use for your music themed party. Choose the ones that go best with your taste and requirements.

1.     Jukebox

The Jukebox is one of our most popular table centrepieces for musical events. Your guest will know that they are in for an evening of fun and great music as soon as they notice these table centrepieces donned on each table. These pieces go especially well with classical music events. Bring back the fifties with the Jukebox table centrepiece. We can light these in vivid greens and pinks to create the perfect ambiance. The fine detailing on each of these centrepieces will turn heads. Your guests will not be able to hold back their praise after they notice the well-thought-out décor for the event.

jukebox fifties rock centrepiece
jukebox fifties rock centrepiece

2.     Treble Clef

Our Treble Clef table centrepiece is also ideal for a sophisticated musical event. Adorn your tables with this stunning Treble Clef centrepiece. It immediately conveys the theme of the event to the guests. This LED table centrepiece combines musical performance with lighting technology. Sync the LED lights with the music beats and you will create the ideal music themed event. Beautiful, unique and classic, the Treble Clef centrepiece is a great choice for your Beatles Forever event.

musical centrepieces
treble clef centrepiece

3.     Cassette Tape

Take your guests back to the days of cassette tapes with our Cassette Tape LED table centrepiece. These are ideal for retro musical events. There is nothing more iconic than cassette tapes that take you back to the eighties. Transport your guests to the era of loud graffiti, aviator sunglasses and Rubik’s cubes with this stunning table centrepiece. This is the best choice for people who want to recreate the musical era of the ‘80s at their event.

Rocking Eighties Package
cassette tape table centre

4.     Guitar

Add a touch of rock and roll to your event with our Guitar table centrepieces. These are great for musical events or for other parties that have a music theme. Your guests will channel their inner rock gods as soon as they see these stunning guitars on each table. These guitars glow because of the LED lights. You can choose any colour you want and the entire ambiance can be designed accordingly. Our clients love these centrepieces and they are our most popular LED table centrepieces.

rock and roll table centres
rock and roll table centres

5.     DJ Booth

Your musical events can never be complete until there is a DJ booth out there somewhere. We offer an Inflatable DJ Booth that is nothing like a regular DJ booth. It takes less than a minute to set it up and it looks spectacular. It includes DMX pixel tubes that accent the booth using custom lighting. The lights can be synced with the beats of the music. We guarantee that this will be the most popular corner of your event.

inflatable event hire
custom dj booth

6.     Rubik’s Cube Set

If you want to add an iconic eighties touch to your event, then add a Rubik’s Cube Set to it. Our Rubik’s Cube Set is great for seating your guests and for giving an iconic look and feel to the venue. It is perfect for the eighties-themed musical events. We can light each cube in distinctive neon colours. These vivid colours make this Cube set ideal for your music themed events.

led rubiks seats
led rubiks seats

7.     Lit Arc

Add a Lit Arc to the entrance. Our lit arc panels are curvaceous panels lit in the colour of your choice. The panels are white in colour, but you can flood them with any colour. These look awesome and are ideal to welcome your guests inside the venue. They will know that they are in for a fun night as soon as they walk through a lit arc.

led arc table art
led arc table art

8.     Logo Arc

Our Logo Arcs are popular not only for corporate events but also for music themed events. You can customise them for the iconic Beatles theme. If you want to place something at the entrance of the venue, then they are a great option. If you want to add something a little more bespoke to your venue, then opt for Logo Arc. This custom prop can be lit up in any colour of your choice. Just let us know and we will take care of it.

prop logo events
prop logo events

You have all the help you need to throw a party that will become an affair to remember. We are one of the décor experts in the UK and can help you create the perfect ambiance for your event. With us by your side, you will have a successful event.

Looking for event planning guides? You can get them all at Table Art. Take inspiration and plan your event. Let us know what props you want and we will provide everything that you need to create the most perfect music themed event.

Make it happen. Get in touch with us today to get started.

If you’d like an obligation-free quote for your upcoming event, get in touch with our team of professionals today.

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