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Trip to Moscow

Take your Guests on a Trip to Moscow with a Moscow Themed Event

Take your guests on a trip to Moscow with a Moscow Themed Event. Bring Russia to your venue with Moscow theming that will impress.

Inflatable Russian Domes

Your Moscow themed event will be a success with the infamous Russian domes. The iconic architecture of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow can help make the theme obvious. With these inflatable Russian domes set in place, your guests will instantly know it is a Russian themed event. These vibrant domes offer a splash of colour to the event, brightening even the most darkened corners. The distinct set of three inflatable domes offer a great view and work great as an entrance feature. There’s no denying the selfie potential of these inflatable domes too. So, if you don’t have a selfie booth at the event, there’s no need to worry. Your guests will love to pose in front of these inflatable domes and get a taste of Russia.

inflatable st basils cathedral
inflatable st basils cathedral

Snow Trees

Snow Trees are the perfect addition to a Moscow themed event. They bring a real authentic Baltic feel. You can form a cluster of snow-covered trees in the corner or on the stage. They make a great entrance feature too. You get to amaze your guests with the forest-like effect that these snow-covered trees can provide. The best thing about this prop is that they come with remote control lights. If you are looking to create a truly dramatic effect at your event, then this is just what you need. They provide a 3D effect that will impress the guests. Needless to say, your guests will enjoy the opportunity to take a few selfies with the snow-covered trees.

christmas tree prop hire
christmas tree prop

Custom Print Lamps

This is a centrepiece that looks great for a variety of events. Be it a product promotion or launch, you can get the message printed directly on the lampshade. This unique approach helps to bring the theme of the event to life or to promote the brands that have sponsored it. With custom print lamps, the sky is the limit, so you don’t have to worry about getting the theme across to your guests. Let your creativity shine and opt for a design that stays true to the theme. It can be a small message in Russian or you can opt for images that depict the theme. These beautiful lamps can make your event the highlight of the season.


The Nutcracker is one of the most famous shows in the world. Staying true to the Russian theme of your party, you can use our Nutcracker prop to dress your venue. The centrepieces feature a nutcracker in a bell jar. If you want to give it a more festive look, add a traditional Yuletide wreath at its base. The wrapped wreath, along with the nutcracker, ensures that the theme of your event is portrayed effortlessly.

The potential branding opportunity is what makes this centrepiece special. We can add branding to the base of the nutcracker. If you are choosing these for a corporate event, just ask our team to add your personalisation to the centrepiece.

This will help you with promotion and allow you to stay within the Moscow theme. You can also use this opportunity to showcase the products of any sponsors. Another feature of the centrepiece is that it rotates. As the centrepiece slowly rotates, everyone sitting at the table gets a look at the splendid work of art.

christmas nutcracker wreath centre
christmas nutcracker wreath centre

Let Us Make Your Events Special

Table Art understands your need to impress your guests and put together a spectacular event. Our team of experts are here to help. How do we do it? Over the years, we have collected and designed a wide collection of props, table centres, and furniture that can help you pull off the theme. Be it a Winter Wonderland, or the Wild West, our team at Party Art has all the resources you need to plan your next event.  If you are worried about getting the right props for your entrance or stage decorations, don’t fret.

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