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A Masquerade Ball to Remember

A Masquerade Ball to Remember

Venetian Masquerade Event Theme
Masquerade Ball

Planning to host a masquerade ball?

A masquerade ball adds mystery and fun to any night. Masquerade parties began during the Renaissance and have a long history. They are a great way to have some fun while at a themed party. It is a night of intrigue and mystery and something that people will remember for a long time.

A masquerade ball is also your chance to showcase your creativity and party management skills. Want to throw a masquerade ball that becomes the highlight of the year? Want the attendees to remember it as the most fun night ever?

Turning your creativity and inspiration into reality is a tough task. However, with Table Art by your side, you will have everything you need for a night to remember. Here’s all you need to make your masquerade ball a success.

white mask prop
white mask prop

Table Centrepieces

1.     Masquerade Candlestick

As mentioned before, masquerades date back many centuries. If you want the ambiance to give the same look and feel, then add a Masquerade Candlestick to your décor. It comes with a romantic flickering light. It will set the tone of the night for you and your guests. Your guests will know that they are in for a night of romance, mystery, and intrigue when they see these stunning candles flickering at the venue.

If you are planning for a Venetian themed masquerade, then this Masquerade Candlestick is a must-have. Pair it up with Venetian statues and make the evening truly magical for your guests. You can add more Venetian Props, statues, and busts to add a sense of intrigue and romance to the evening.

masquerade events warwick university venetian candlestick lit table centre
masquerade candlestick

2.     Masquerade Candelabra

Another great prop for a masquerade night, this Masquerade Candelabra will lift up the ambiance of your venue. It has a 15th-century look and feel, and the guests will be taken back to Venice of the 15thcentury. The candelabra comes with intimate glimmering lights that set the tone for the evening. If your masquerade ball theme includes delicate acrylic masks, then add Masquerade Candelabra to it, too.

masquerade candelabra centrepiece
masquerade candelabra centrepiece

3.     Masquerade Vase

Another great centrepiece for a masquerade night, the Masquerade Vase gives the ambiance a Brazilian Carnival feel. It will lift up the mood of the evening and turn it into a fiesta. The stunning vase is accessorized with a crown of floral and different carnival masks. This is ideal for a Copacabana or Rio themed masquerade.

masquerade paradise vase
masquerade paradise vase


Lighting is very important when it comes to masquerade balls. After all, you want to create an ambiance of mystery, intrigue, and romance. You can use candle bulbs, chandeliers, and festoon light strings for lower-key lighting.

1.     Controllable Dynamic Light

You can choose our controllable dynamic light for exuberant lighting at the ball. These lights are wirelessly controlled and give the venue a stunning ambiance. Available with both static colours or breathtaking DMX technology – these brilliant table centres lights will take your event to the next level.

2.     Pixel Poseur Tables

Want to add more mystery and drama to the masquerade night? Add in our Pixel Poseur Tablesto the setting, too. These uniquely and elegantly designed tables use pixel lights that give the venue a stunning look. Furthermore, a whole range of effects can also be created with the light in these tables. All it takes is the touch of a button.

led light hire
pixel poseur tables

3.     Pixel Chandelier

Pixel chandeliers also add a touch of elegance, romance, and intrigue to a masquerade night. They have never been out of fashion and create the perfect ambiance for a masquerade ball. They are a perfect balance of modern and classic, something that you are looking to achieve in your masquerade ball theme.

pixel chandelier prop


The entrance to your masquerade ball must not be ignored. After all, this is the first thing that your guests will notice about your event. You must make it as mysterious and romantic as the interior.

1.     Lit Arc

A lit arc is the perfect entrance setting for a masquerade ball. It adds a new dimension to your night and will make the guests go wow. You can go for curvaceous panels with LED lights to walk your guests into the venue. The white panels can take on any colour of your liking with baton up-lighters. Choose red to add a little more mystery to the night.

lit arc table art
lit arc table art

2.     Red Carpet

Choose the red carpet if you are throwing a classic masquerade ball. Keep the lights dim and use rope and chrome posts to welcome your guests. This will create an ambiance that they are entering something where they will be VIPs. And, of course, you want your guests to feel like VIPs, don’t you?

event decor red carpet
event decor red carpet

3.     Lamp Posts

Set the scene for an evening of romance, mystery, and intrigue by lighting the entrance and the walkway with Venetian Lamp Posts. These lamp posts are a perfect prop for a masquerade night. They will take your guests back to 15thcentury Venice. These lamp posts give the entrance and the venue a classic look and feel. Your guests will be in awe of the setting.

Venetian Parisian Lamp Post Centrepiece

Planning and arranging a masquerade ball to remember is not an easy task. However, it won’t be too difficult when you have all the props and accessories you need.

Are you looking to host a masquerade that everyone remembers for a long time?

Want to be the talk of the town for planning such a successful masquerade ball?

Well, look no further. At Table Art, we have years of experience organizing masquerade balls. Our experts will make sure that everything is in place and as per your plans. The ambiance and décor will come together perfectly and make it a night to remember for all your guests.

Get the best props, furniture, lighting, and accessories for your masquerade ball with Table Art. We are the leading bespoke décor experts in the UK. Our event décor is the talk of the town, and we help make our clients’ event a raging success.

Need more masquerade ball décor ideas? Let us help you make your events the best ones in town.

Get in touch with us to know more.

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