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A Mad Science Party Theme

Host a Mad Science Party Theme

space event theming
space event theming

A mad science party theme can be a great way to explore the fun side of science. It can be hard to give it a unique, fun spin but it is not impossible.

In fact, if you’re thinking of throwing a mad science party, you should get your thinking hat on and really think about this theme. Remember, the earlier you start planning for it, the more time you have to explore different ideas.

Additionally, your interpretation of this theme will also make a huge impact on how you decorate it. This can both be a blessing or a curse in disguise because you have too much time to cancel your ideas or not enough to fully recognise them. Lucky for you, you can also rely on us for unique decoration ideas for your party.

We have years of experience in organising themed events and are always here to help. Our collection of props, accessories, statues, and more will offer you everything you need for your party. To further help you out, we’re sharing a few of our decoration ideas.

These will help you understand more about what a mad science party can entail and how you can decorate it:

rocket centrepiece
rocket centrepiece

1.    Create an Organic Molecule Balloon Display

Set the scene for your mad science party with the help of this unique organic balloon display. With silver, grey, black and white coloured balloons, you can create molecule figures or structures. These are also available in custom colours so you can have different displays for different molecules.

It’s the perfect way to explore mad science because no regular scientist would think of blowing up molecules to the size of balloons. Explore molecular bonds and chemistry at your mad science party with this unique decorative item. Remember that these can be placed outdoors so these are the first things that your guests will see.

balloon arch hire
organic balloon led

2.    Illuminate the Tables with a Light Bulb Centrepiece

Start off with the right table centrepieces. For a mad science party theme, these can be hard because it is difficult to picture a science-based centrepiece. Luckily, we have made things easier by turning light bulbs into the perfect centrepieces. Give homage to the creator of the light bulb, Thomas Edison with these unique decorations.

The base imitates the bottom of a light bulb where the actual bulb is available in different colours. Whether you want them to be white, red, and green or even blue, we can offer you the Light Bulb centrepiece in different colours. You can easily mix and match them to fit any theme. You can also use the different colours as seating indicators!

table centre light bulb
table centre light bulb

3.    Bring the Moon Down to Earth

What do a bunch of scientists always keep planning for? Well, they’re mostly planning to go to the moon. Now, what would some mad scientists plan to do? They would bring the moon to them instead of the other way round! Our Lunar Glow table centrepieces help you to do just that.

These are perfectly crafted to imitate the moon and have all the details, including moon craters and blemishes. Each table can have its own full moon centrepiece with different bases. It is available in tall or low standing bases. Additionally, the lights for the moon can be adjusted to either look like a blood moon or a bright full moon!

lunar moon centrepiece
lunar moon centrepiece

4.    Bubbling Displays of Pixel Strings

No mad science party theme can be complete without tubes of bubbling potions. That’s not always possible to apply to a party theme but you can do that with our help. Our bubbling pixel string centrepieces imitate this aspect perfectly. These give the impression of clear glass tubes with different coloured liquids bubbling inside them.

The pixel string not only softens the tube shape but also have an iridescent glow which makes it look ethereal and other worldly. Plus, you get extreme flexibility in picking the colour of the pixel strings. So, whether you want pink, green or even orange, you can match with any colour theme you have. Plus, these can help you make the warm or cold colours used look more striking.

led centrepieces

5.    Rest Comfortably on Glowing Uranium

The mad science party theme is one where you should really focus on unique colours and seating arrangements. That’s why it is a good idea to get the most unique seating options that you can find. So, how about seating your guests on some uranium?

It’s not going to be real uranium though. We recommend that you make use of our LED cube chairs which glow in the dark. These are small blocks that are comfortable to sit on, colour adjustable and perfect for your theme. You can pair these with the Lumenbloc tables that have a clear base that reflects light perfectly. It can be the perfect imitation of uranium blocks to sit on.

These are only some of the decor items and pieces that we have. If you take a look at our inventory, we have a whole area dedicated to science, space and other similar themes.

cube seating hire
cube seating hire

6.    Get Custom Decor Pieces Made

If you’can’t find the kind of science pieces you want in our inventory, don’t despair. At Table Art, we have a dedicated team of designers who will work with you to create custom pieces. Our in-house designers also understand various style challenges and aesthetics and can work out the perfect solutions.

We specialise in creating unique decor pieces. These not only complete your party aesthetic but also become some of the most sought after items. Work with us and let us work our magic in bringing your party to life.

custom led table centres
martini event hire

If you want help designing and creating your event then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can build, transport, and install custom centrepieces and furniture so that you are free to relax.

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