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Go Low with the Perfect Low Table Centres

The Perfect Low Table Centres from Table Art

Many people assume that only large table centrepieces can be stunning for parties and events. Don’t be too quick though to overlook small or low table centres. When used properly, low table centres can help to create a friendly, relaxing and equally stunning table setting.

Low table centres are very unobtrusive and can tie in well with the party theme. Their flexibility means that they’re perfect for use on formal or informal events.

Table Art have a large inventory of low table centres that are perfect for any event. We’re proud to be able to offer you variety and diversity in our decor pieces.

The following are some of our favourites and top suggestions for low table centres for any event or party:

Low Table Centres: The Cube

Many formal and corporate events want to have their logo showcased, especially for the sponsors and guests. Instead of opting for large table centrepieces that can take up too much space, get the Cube. Small, with sleek lines and LED-lit, the Cube is very similar to our LED cubes. It is perfect with our DMX light system.

The Cube is small enough to take up less space but large enough to showcase the corporate logo. Each block is customisable and can showcase your logo.

led cube centrepiece
led cube centrepiece

Low Table Centres: The Manhattan Lamp

Sleek and chic, the Manhattan lamp is extremely classy and very functional. It goes well with almost any theme and is great for weddings as well. The Tiffany glass used for the lamp shade really helps to bring this lamp to life. The design also helps to evoke feelings of old Manhattan.

Our team of in-house designers came up with the concept and brought it to life. Given its unique design, and intricate glasswork, these are the perfect low table centres for your event.

art deco panel cabaret centres
art deco panel cabaret centres

Low Table Centes: The Botanical Lamp

Another lamp that’s a favourite is the Botanical Lamp. This lamp is actually legendary in our inventory as it originally debuted in the Museum of Natural History. It features a motif of the Wisteria flower. Its lampshade has a stained glass paint-work in vivid green and purple colours.

The lamp is popular because it’s small, functional and extremely attractive. If you want to inject a touch of colour to your events, you can do so with the help of these low table centres. Plus, it’s extremely versatile and goes well with a number of themes, including cabaret, Earth Day and more.

botanical lamp
botanical tiffany lamp

A Bright Idea

One of the most unique low table centres in our inventory is The Bright Idea. Designed to look like a light bulb, you get to see a glowing filament with small glass dome around it. 

The filament portion is compatible with our DMX programming system. The lighting is adjustable and you make it brighter or soften it as needed. The style of this centrepiece makes it a must-have for anyone who wants unconventional designs or has an industrial theme. Additionally, this lighting option can also work well for weddings and formal events too.


The Blossom Fish Bowl

Celebrate spring, summer or your favourite occasion in an Oriental manner with the help of our Blossom Bowl. This unique low centrepiece features an empty, clear fishbowl that has a sprig of cherry blossom in full bloom. It’s placed on an LED light stand to illuminate it from below and create an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

To enhance the visual display, you can customise the lighting according to your preferences. The clear glass complements the light and even the white petals catch and reflect light. It is a centrepiece that captures the enchantment and essence of floral beauty.

blossom table centre

The Buddha Lantern

Designed to imitate the exotic style of Eastern countries, the Buddha Lantern is a must-have for themed or formal events. The lantern has a unique, laser-cut pattern on it that allows light to filter through it. The end result is a low table centrepiece that emits a glow that is eye-catching and soothing.

It has a design similar to a pagoda and goes well with other decor pieces. The iconic look of this piece makes it a must-have, especially for Eastern themed events. Whether the theme is a Mediterranean beach or Bali, these are the perfect low table centres. So, if you’re looking to transport your guests to another place, these ambient lanterns are perfect.

buddha lantern centrepiece
buddha lantern centrepiece

All of these low table centrepieces are our top picks and available in our inventory. Additionally, we also have a vast inventory that has more to offer. So, take a look and get started planning for your special event today!

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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