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Love is the Air | Windsor Candelabras

Love is the air | Windsor candelabras

Love is in the Air with the Windsor Candelabra

To celebrate the August 2021 Wedding Sale, we look at one of our most popular centrepiece choices for the big day!

The Candelabra is a classic choice of Wedding centrepiece, but this Table Art creation is far from ordinary. Guests will be charmed by the iridescent light and draped twinkles. We are getting all the romantic feels from these Windsor Candelabras. Little wonder when they look so wonderful decked with magical fairy lights.

Beyond the Windsor Candelabras we will also be discussing the evening portion of a wedding when the décor is often neglected. A Bride and Groom will often put all their energies into their daytime décor but what happens when the sun sets, and guests are ready to party? Have no fear, we have the perfect collection of centrepieces to take you from day to night. Classic and natural looks for the day running into romantic lighting for the evening. In this blog we will highlight an often-forgotten detail that is sure to make your Wedding stand out!

Love is the air | Windsor candelabras

Warm Summer Evenings

If you ask a wedding guest about what they are most looking forward to, many will say the evening. Why? Things are more relaxed. They can catch up with friends and family. Drinks are flowing and the dance floor comes alive. Ok so it’s easy to see why it’s a favoured time but why is it an often-neglected area when it comes to décor? The Bride and Groom are often overwhelmed by all the big elements of their day that it can be easy to forget the finer detail. By the time they come to arranging the evening, they’re just happy to get a dance floor in and the bar open.

Love is the air | Windsor candelabras

What is so often missing is a sense of atmosphere. A quick fix for that is to make sure your décor is on point. Ok so atmosphere isn’t solely down to décor but when its well thought out, guests will be immediately at ease. Creating romantic lighting, drawing attention with key features can be a real winner for the fight for a good vibe. Whether that’s a specific look for the evening or transformative day décor- it’s an area not to be missed!

Dusk Till Dawn

As shown so beautifully here with our Windsor Candelabras, lighting is everything. Table Art know that in their bones and that’s why they have become masters of event lighting. Every centrepiece is designed to encapsulate the light and cast stunning effects across the room.  Not only do they make the most of artificial light, but they also work to devastating affect with Natural light. In making the most of our materials, acrylic/crystal and glass all look stunning in daytime light. We are offering you a magic solution, a centrepiece that works for both day and night.

Love is the air | Windsor candelabras

Let’s focus on the Windsor Candelabra. If you select this for your Wedding, you have a classic design for your table centres. Day time you will have a glass look candelabra at the heart of every table. Looking to add a floral element? No problem. We can do a natural floral wreath around the base or even drape ivy around the arms. Then as the sun sets, the base light illuminates the piece and creates an instant ‘WOW’ moment. Guests will instantly love the hidden lighting which now illuminates their table. Now as the evening draws on and guests are called to the dancefloor, the centrepieces can be set to a ‘disco’ program. Each centrepiece will run through a rainbow of colours to give a true ‘party vibe’ to the night.

A Table Art centrepiece is the smart choice when looking at décor for your wedding. In the world of expensive props and hangings, the centrepiece is a relatively inexpensive choice with maximum impact! Every centrepiece in our range looks just as beautiful in the day as it does the night – the only challenge is picking a design from our vast range!  

Evening Romance

Let us not forget that a Wedding is about two people declaring their love for one another. Love is in the Air and we want to make sure that is at the heart of what we do. The day itself should be a stress free and joy filled day. Which is why you need to choose Table Art for your wedding décor.

Don’t spend your wedding morning in a mess of bunting and linens. By simply choosing Table Art, you can focus entirely on yourself and your partner and let us get on with the task of decorating your venue. We specialise in fuss free installation and derig. The morning of the event we will arrive and roll our flight cases straight into your venue. In as little as an hour (depending on your order) we can get everything in place and thoroughly tested. Once satisfied we head back to base until the wedding ends. As guests leave, we prepare the cases once again and get everything packed away, leaving no trace of mess or fuss.

candelabra table centres

As previously discussed, if you want your lights to alter through the day then we can either offer our technicians services or patch it direct into a lighting desk if you have one on site. Nothing is too much trouble, we will do everything to deliver the perfect wedding décor for you!

“Great service and products.  The team are clearly experienced in slotting into a large-scale event and quietly deliver exactly what is required to a high standard – professional and competent.  Would highly recommend.”

Darren Harvey | Table Art Customer Review

Love is the air | Windsor candelabras

Get up and Dance!

Apart from being left at the aisle, the biggest nightmare for a couple is the idea that they host a dull ‘cookie cutter’ style wedding that doesn’t reflect them as a couple. Our biggest tip to avoid this: Don’t book a package at your venue that includes the décor. We guarantee that the same wedding has been hosted multiple times and you could even have guests feeling déjà vu from previous weddings.

Bride and Grooms want to create an authentic look with cute elements that reflect their love.  Be brave and source your own décor. If you come direct to Table Art we have a dedicated team that will bring your wedding to life! Contact us today and make the most of our August discount- a breath-taking 50% off!

candelabra table centres

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