Blog / Add Branding to Corporate Events with Table Art’s Logo Block

Add Branding to Corporate Events with Table Art’s Logo Block

Add Branding to Corporate Events with Table Art’s Logo Block

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Try the Logo Block for an amazing branding opportunity.

Table Art are never a company to stand still.

We always ensure we move with the times and offer the best, most technologically advanced products we can.

That’s why we’ve created our newest table centre – the Logo Block.

In today’s blog, we’ll go in depth on why we added these centrepieces to our collection. Also how you can use them to add branding to your next party.

The Process

We’ve always offered a great range of branded centrepieces. From the Ice Melt to the Summit, there’s a whole variety of options which have been available throughout the previous years.

However, we love nothing more than adding quality products to our range and the Logo Block was no different. A simple, yet sleek design was important – all of our centrepieces are made specifically to catch the eye of guests and add to the atmosphere of the event. For us, it was vital that the Logo Block achieved the same effect.

Table Art’s Managing Director, Gary Martin, sat down with our ultra-creative design team and together they drafted up plans for this new table centre. After endless discussions and designs, the team decided on a 19x19cm cube, placed on top of our powerful light cubes.

logo block table centres
square table centre brand

The Results

As always, the outcome was superb. Yet again, our design team had pulled it off and we knew instantly that the Logo Block would be popular within the event industry.

After just a couple of weeks, the Logo Block is already receiving huge interest. Many of our clients are looking into the possibility of adding this fantastic centrepiece to their next event.

The Logo Block can be branded on as many sides as you like for an additional cost, but is also available for use as a plain, yet interesting table centre, similarly to our Full Moon.

You could even use DMX Lighting Technology to enhance the table centres further, producing bespoke effects that will live long in the memory of your guests.

table art logo block
brand square table art

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