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Lockdown 10 Weeks On!

Table Art: Lockdown Week 10

Ten Weeks On! 

MD Gary Martin | Dated June 2nd 2020:

Can you believe we are now 10 weeks on from the day Boris announced Lockdown? It seems unreal! We were all glued to the TV every day for the daily update. Fear and panic spread as suddenly everyone had no idea what lay ahead.

Offices shut down, schools closed, all non-essential shops, take-away food outlets, even the dentists closed! Never in most of our lifetimes have we seen anything like it. We have always been so used to being able to buy whatever we want and usually whenever we want it. Even if late night shopping wasn’t an option, next day Amazon delivery always was.

Panic Buying

3 weeks!!! How would we cope? Panic buying started overnight. Queues spiralled around the car parks at the supermarkets. We had no idea what we would be able to buy once we got to the front, but we queued anyway. One thing was for sure, we knew we weren’t going to be able to buy toilet roll or hand sanitiser. Fights erupted in the aisles if someone dared to try and take the last pizza off the shelf or attempted to put more than 3 of the same item in their trolley. We filled all our available cupboard space with as much pasta as we could lay our hands on. Most of us have probably still got shelves full of stuff we will never eat!

That all seems so long ago now. Fortunately, the panic died down fairly quickly and although flour is still like gold dust, we can buy pretty much most foods and grocery items now. The queues are still long at the supermarket but that seems to have become a way of life now. No-one seems to mind and most people chat from a distance while they wait.

Initially, we all stressed about home schooling and the kids being at home all day. But even that hasn’t been so bad.

Spring Sunshine

3 weeks came and went. and we are now 10 weeks on, but of course, the fact that we have had the best spring weather on record has made it not only bearable, but if I am honest, quite enjoyable.

Of course, I am missing Table Art massively. As most of you know, I usually live and breathe it. I haven’t forgotten it though and have been planning new ideas. I have even been making and designing PPE Equipment for businesses. The latest being our flat pack screens suitable for bars, restaurants, hairdressers, nail bars,  etc. Although I have been enjoying the sunshine, I never really relax. Table Art is never far from my mind.

If you would like more information about our PPE Screens, please contact our team today.


Christmas Hope

With some children now back at school, shops re-opening, sports back on and even signs that holidays abroad may commence in July, things may be slowly getting back to life as we knew it. I am still very hopeful that if we can start to see some normality by September, Christmas may still happen for the events industry. Even if it is a bit different this year, somehow I am sure we can make it work. Venues desperately need to re-open. They need income. If Christmas doesn’t happen for events, then there are not many hotels and venues that will survive.

Hopefully, the government’s new track and trace system will be effective once it gets going properly. Numbers will continue to drop and, slowly but surely, we can hopefully all start to plan our industry’s recovery.

I, for one, can’t wait to catch up with you all again and get back to inspiring our clients with ideas for the next event.

Stay safe.

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