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Liverpool Cathedral | Educate Awards | 10 Year Anniversary

Liverpool Cathedral | Educate Awards | 10 Year Anniversary

An evening of celebrating the great and the good of the teaching profession, the Educate Awards bursts with joy in the heart of Liverpool.

Liverpool Cathedral opened its doors to the best of the best and played host to the Educate Awards. This magnificent venue was a fitting backdrop for this evening of celebration, highlighting the astounding work of Schools in the Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, and Greater Manchester area. The laughter and joy of the guests could barely be contained in the vaulted ceiling of the cathedral. The atmosphere was electric and made for a memorable evening.  

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Credit: Image courtesy of Educate Awards/CPMM Media Group

Our third time illuminating the Educate Awards, it is always a honour. This year, the team at CPMM Media chose our Windsor Candelabras. A wonderful choice as it mirrored the gothic architecture of the venue while bringing all the modern benefits of an LED centrepiece. Opting for a gold hue, the centrepieces provided a striking yet complimentary contrast to the red set design. We believe that its always best to go for a contrasting tone to your general room lighting. It allows for the two elements to stand out from one another. The Educate Awards followed that look and the evening was accented by gold and red, it gave serious festive vibes.

In this blog we take a closer look at the event and give you a sneak peek into life behind the pictures.

Windsor Candelabra
Credit: Image courtesy of Educate Awards/CPMM Media Group

The Educate Awards

Founded back in 2012, it highlights the excellence of schools in Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester area. Celebrating and rewarding with those that go above and beyond for their school, the Educate Awards is now more important than ever. This past two years has been devastating to the world of Education and this evening was an opportunity to celebrate strength through adversity.

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Credit: Image courtesy of Educate Awards/CPMM Media Group

Liverpool Cathedral

A Neo-Gothic Architectural masterpiece, the cathedral is the heart of Liverpool and plays host to large scale and cultural events alike. With a wide range of function spaces available, they cover any manner of events, big or small. A dedicated events management team are on hand to provide excellent service. From initial ideas through to creative design and delivery on the night a dedicated Event Manager will help you deliver your perfect event from start to finish. The central location of Liverpool Cathedral makes it a go-to for many a corporate celebration. This prestigious venue is utterly unique and fabulously dramatic. The Cathedral boasts an impressive capacity for 2000 guests and offers one of the most stylish venues in the UK.

Fun fact, Liverpool Cathedral has Britain’s largest Organ. Not only an imposing figure at an event, for those who posses the skills to play it, the organ adds a spine-tingling fanfare to any soiree.

Event Décor Done Right
Credit: Image courtesy of Educate Awards/CPMM Media Group

Windsor Candelabra

Our first large scale booking for the Windsor Candelabra. What a sight, these elegant Candelabras illuminating such a dynamic space. The combination of Liverpool Cathedral and the Windsor Candelabra did not disappoint. The height of the Windsor Candelabra played beautifully with the vaulted ceiling of the Cathedral.

The Windsor Candelabras are a sympathetic choice to a religious venue. Going for an ultra-modern design, the client chose something that complimented the historic venue. Candelabras do not look out of place in historic surroundings and the tapered candles continue to mirror the historic look. However, rather than doing an historic replica, our Candelabras give you a modern take with a traditional silhouette. The beauty of the Windsor Candelabra or any from that range is the marriage of modern and traditional.

Credit: Image courtesy of Educate Awards/CPMM Media Group

Team Effort

Robert headed up the Table Art crew for this event, supported by Kevin and Ashley. The trio made their way up to Liverpool early afternoon and were in situ by 3pm. They installed the 55 table centres by 4pm and were ready well in advance of the guests arriving at 7pm. Working in a conveyor style, one assembled the main body. Another placed the tapered candles and the third walked the centrepiece out to the tables. A well oiled machine. 

The crew always enjoy a trip to Liverpool. We have been lucky enough to work at the Titanic Hotel, the ACC, Anfield Stadium, the Cathedral, and the adjacent Crypt. Always fun, Liverpool is a vibrant and colourful city that never fails to welcome.

Led Event Table Centres
Credit: Image courtesy of Educate Awards/CPMM Media Group

Let’s Get Booking

This Winter season has seen the Windsor Candelabra explode in popularity. Since this event, the centrepieces have featured at two further events. Not only popular with our clients, they are a Table Art favourite too. We love the slimline silhouette and the tapered candles. The combination of which makes for a perfect choice of centrepiece when decorating a cathedral. The Educate Awards made the smart decision and opted for these beauties, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with them again. 

January and the busy months following are just around the corner. Have an event in the new year? Contact our team today for a free no obligation quotation. Our team are ready and waiting. With record quick response times, you will have a proposal ready to go within a couple of hours!

Event Décor
Credit: Image courtesy of Educate Awards/CPMM Media Group

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