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Lit Tables for your Event

Lit Tables for your Event

poseur table event hire
poseur table event hire

Lit tables can transform your event decor. When you’re planning for an event, don’t divert all your attention to props and decorations. The table options for your events also need to be focused on. In fact, we would argue that this is the most important area and should be among the top priorities.

Lit table options can make or break your event so it is a given that you need to pick the right kind. This can be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t following a seating plan. So, how do you make things easier? We can help you out with that.

At Table Art, we don’t just have variety in table options for your events; we also have years of experience in planning parties, events and conferences. Our experience ensures that we understand just what kind of table you should be using for which event.

To help you learn more about picking the right table, the following are some important pointers to consider. We’re also going to include our recommendation for the perfect tables.

table art lumenbloc chair
table art lumenbloc chair

The Best Table Options for Your Event

Starting off, we recommend that you pick seating and table options based on the nature of the event. By focusing on this area, you’re naturally able to make the right decision. It will also give you more direction in picking tables that blend with the theme or the kind of event you have in mind.

Formal Events – Round Tables

Formal events can be for birthdays, marriage ceremonies, corporate events and even graduation parties such as proms. For these events, the perfect tables are round ones. Usually, round tables are the optimal ones as they make socialisation easy and can seat 6-10 people.

For formal events, the tables also need table centrepieces as well as a table number with them, especially if you’re following a seating plan. The good news is that most venues can offer formal tables when you book with them. Then, all you have to do is focus on finding the right centrepieces and we’ve got the perfect ones for you!

Table Art specialises in offering custom and unique table centrepieces that are perfect for almost any formal event. If you’re looking for the right tables, venue and more, our team of consultants can help you make the right choice.

table art twisted flame
table art twisted flame

Conferences – Lecterns

Conferences also come under formal events so you’re going to easily find the best round tables for these with the venue. However, what about the lectern? This small pedestal table is ideal for guest speakers, hosts and other individuals for conferences.

Given that the attention of every person in the room is going to be on that person, you should do your best to find a good lectern. Again some venues supply these too but, if you want something unique, try out our stretch lectern. It’s easy to move and has LED lighting options. It is also available in white or black options.

The most unique aspect of the stretch lectern is that it can be packed into a bag and carried around. Setting it up is also simple and easy and barely takes 60 seconds. Given this ease of use, it’s definitely easier to use this than transporting traditional lecterns to your chosen venue.

stage props events
stage props events

Informal Events – Scattered Seating

For informal events such as a birthday celebration or a product launch or a themed party such as Halloween, you can opt for more informal seating options. Scattered seating means that your seating and table options will be in central areas of the room only.

Unlike formal tables, you can also have more leeway to pick and choose different lit tables that accommodate your event and your guests. Most people for product launches encourage people to walk around and want the product to be the central focal point.  For these, the best tables to pick are our rotating poseur table tops.

These are specially crafted with a state-of-the-art mechanism to rotate them slowly. Designed with LED lighting options, you can colour match very easily and ensure that the focus stays on the products. Another plus point is that the rotating poseur table tops are completely wireless which means no stray wires on the floor!

rotator event hire
rotator event hire

Themed Events or Special Events

For these, you can opt for more creative table and seating options, regardless of the seating plan you have chosen.

A good table option for themed or special events are our Lumenbloc tables. These are designed by our team and are a huge hit among our clients. The Lumenbloc makes use of LED lighting to the maximum and you even have customisation option.

With just one press of the button, you can try different colours that go with your themed event. Pair the Lumenbloc tables with our Lit Cubes or our Lit Sofas and you will have the most unique seating and lit tables.

led lumenblock chair
led lumenbloc chair

Get Help from Table Art

Can’t figure out the right table options for your events? Let Table Art help make things easier. Our team of designers and consultants have years of experience hosting and helping others with events. We can help you find the best table options for any event you have in mind.

Our collection of party items doesn’t just extend to lit tables. We also have props, statues, and all the accessories and decorations you need to make your event a success. With our help, you can throw the perfect event which will be the talk of the town for years to come!

If you want help designing and creating your event then get in touch with Table Art for a consultation. We can build, transport, and install custom centrepieces and furniture so that you are free to relax.

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