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Light Up Centrepieces To Hire – Table Art’s Fantastic Range Of Products

Light Up Centrepieces To Hire – Table Art’s Fantastic Range Of Products

When it comes to light up centrepieces, you should be looking no further than Table Art. 

Our brilliant range of gorgeous LED table centres have been transforming events for years. Thanks to clever technology and careful design, guests are always impressed by Table Art.

Everything is made easy, from enquiry to the final product. In today’s blog, we’ll show you how we work and introduce you to Table Art’s incredible service.

Exploring The Website…

The Table Art website is clean looking and easy to use. If you’re just looking to hire light up centrepieces, head to our LED table centres page and indulge yourself in viewing our designs. With over 120 to choose from, you really can’t go wrong.

Otherwise, why not find out a little more about us and the services we offer? Our furniture & props page might just give you the inspiration you need. From seating like LED Bar Stools and Cubes to giant inflatables like our Circus Elephant and Octopus, there’s almost endless choice!

You can even meet the team and put some faces to the names you may already know. Perhaps you’re interested in the venues we have worked at previously? Our website is full of information which will tell you all about us.

light up centrepieces
musical note table art

Enquiries & Booking…

Found the light up centrepieces you’re looking for? Now is the time to get in touch with our team. You can use our get quotes now page for a quick, easy method. Alternatively, drop us an email or call us on 0845 521 1234.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Quick responses and detailed information to give you a complete understanding of the services we offer. 

Once you’re ready and you’ve made your decision, we’ll fire you over a booking form and invoice. This is where you need to give us all the information you have to hand. Let us know where to be, what time to be set up by and what time the event finishes. We’ll do the rest!

light up centrepieces
cabaret lamp manhattan light up centrepieces

Preparing Your Order…

Once your booking is confirmed, our warehouse team are made aware and the preparations begin! The light up centrepieces you have chosen are picked by the crew before cleaning and testing starts.

Every single LED table centre has to be in perfect condition before it’s allowed to leave our unit. The team spend plenty of time wiping down the products and testing them to ensure full working order.

Each part of the light up centrepieces are then packed into our protective flight cases. These allow for flat packing and mean they take up less space in the venue, whilst also being easier to transport both on foot and in the vans.

The same process is followed for our powerful lights. Every individual product is cleaned and tested before being packed.

light up centrepieces
bollywood light up centrepieces indian party

The Delivery Process…

A few days prior to the big show, you’ll be given the names and contact numbers of the crew we are sending to install your light up centrepieces.

On the morning of your event, each flight case is checked again before being carefully loaded into one of our vans. Your assigned crew ensure everything is loaded before heading to the venue.

We always aim to arrive early to ensure we have ample time to set up and allow for traffic jams. Upon arrival, a member of our crew will get in touch to let you know we’re there and get the all clear to begin set up.

light up centrepieces
windsor candelabra led centre

Installing Your Table Centres…

Our products, flat packed into flight cases, are wheeled into the venue where our crew will find a quiet area to put them together. The set up is done quietly and out of the way to ensure yourself, your AV team and anyone else in the venue is not disturbed. 

A similar process is followed when putting the light up centrepieces onto the tables. Our crew, wearing all black and working discreetly, quietly and carefully place each product on the dining tables. 

At the same time, they may run a couple of quick tests to double check the lights are working properly. Once everything is done, the crew will get in touch to find out what colour you want the LED table centres lit in and get your sign off.

light up centrepieces
full moon led table centres

The Final Product…

The work is done and you can relax now! Once you’re happy, our crew will grab some photos of the light up centrepieces, pack away the flight cases and leave the event space.

Don’t worry – they’ll remain in the area for the duration of the event in case of any issues, although these circumstances are extremely rare!

Now the fun begins. The part you’ve been waiting for… Guests arrive and the show goes on!

light up centrepieces
pixel string led centrepieces


It’s time to clear the venue! Our crew will return to the event space at the time specified by you and, once guests have departed, begin to pack down.

Again, this is done discreetly to ensure no other crews or the catering team are interrupted. We’ll stay out of the way, de-rig quickly and be out of the venue in no time.

All the light up centrepieces are then loaded back into the vans and transported to our unit in Leamington Spa. Here, they are again cleaned and tested before being stored away ready for the next big show.

light up centrepieces
bright idea table centres

Like what you hear? Want to experience the Table Art service for yourself? Get in touch today for a free quotation!

Don’t just take our word for it, read our Trustpilot reviews for the perspective of our amazing clients.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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