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Light Panels: An Instant Transformation

Light Panels: An Instant Transformation

If you are looking for an easy and effective way to bring a theme to life, look no further than our LED Light Panels. 

Choosing a theme for an event is a corner stone moment for any event planner or client. They want it to be exciting, original, and importantly, appropriate in a corporate setting. Table Art knows the importance of these decisions. Which is why we put together finely honed themed packages that are easy to present to clients. A huge part of that theming comes from our lit panels. We offer framed LED panels that stand at 2.4m tall by 1.2m wide. A print is backlit by an LED strip that follows all the way around the frame.

The more colourful the print the better! The LED strip works its magic and transforms an ordinary print into a vibrant art display. These panels can also be linked to create a series. Commonly these series make up staging areas or room dividers. As a prop, they are the very embodiment of versatility. They are easily transported. Adaptable in moments with a change of print and best of all? They are inexpensive in the world of theming. 

Here in this blog , we offer a small snapshot into our prints collection. We hold 150 plus frames and even more prints! We also offer custom printing at a moments notice so if you want to inject your brand into proceedings, then we have what you need!

Take a look through to get a better sense of the prop  and how these panels can transform an event.

Roll Up, Roll Up, The Circus Is In Town! 

Bring all the life of the Circus to your event with a unrivalled collection of prints…

It cannot be denied that Circus theming is our most popular style. Owing to the success of both our Dream Circus installation at the Brewery, and the insane popularity that followed of the Greatest Showman film. We offered a varied set of stylings within the theme. From something that is more traditional to suit a Greatest Showman theme. To the more surrealist designs that work brilliantly for the Dream Circus style. In the gallery above, you can see a selection of both. 

Don Your Best Top Hat

Victorian charm comes as standard when you choose our Steampunk styling.

A celebration of Victorian design with an industrial twist, the Steampunk theme is fabulously unique. Popular for those looking to make statement, the Steampunk theme is characterised by cogs, clocks and rust tones. The Steampunk panels are a proven set piece when opting for this theme. Here in the gallery you can see how effective they are as a staging backdrop. 

We have also worked with the team at Ace Bar Events to create a Steampunk bar. You can see the result of that work in the gallery above. Opting for a set of these panels as the backdrop and then punctuating that with a green bar front. The client was thrilled with their bar area that drew the eye and consequently, punters.

table art steampunk panel

London’s Calling! 

Let the ultra cool skyline of the Capital set the tone at your next event.

The Brewery Venue are known for their fabulously creative Christmas Parties. The Northern Lights theme of 2017 was no exception. Inspired by the aurora borealis, the theme was a riot of colour against a black backdrop. The parties had everything from lantern displays to our LED lit panels. The Brewery Venue wanted to twist the theme and add a London element. A key part of that was to include the London Skyline on a panel series that then made up their drinks reception. 

british london event theme

Custom Creations

For a strong sense of brand at an event, look no further than our custom print light panels. 

Now this is where the lit panels really show their strength. We work with Coral Printing to print every one of our panels and so a custom design is a simple process. If you want to bring a sense of brand to the party then these panels are a great way to do that. Often used as a photo backdrop, the panels commonly feature sponsors or the event name. Here you can see groups such as Sainsburys and WHS Smith making the most of our panels. 

customised light panels

Get Ready For A Fiesta! 

Delivering a riot of colour, our Rio themed panels instantly bring the fun! 

The Rio Collection is our most colourful range, hands down. The panel series feature favelas, shutters and Carnival queens. A blur of oranges, limes and reds, these panels immediately deliver on Rio Vibes. Initially created for the Rio Olympics in 2016, they have gone on to be a go-to theming choice. When they are paired alongside our Palm Tree props and Pixel Strings, they really do transport guests to Rio De Janeiro. 

rio carnival event theme

Blast Off! 

Follow in the footsteps of Buzz Lightyear and select our space themed light panels for your event.

Looking to throw a Space Party that’s fit for Hans Solo himself? Come to Table Art, it’s a one-stop shop for all your Space theming and centres. Front and centre of this theme is our collection of Space themed panels. Similar to our Circus collection, we have a varied selection of styles to suit a wide range of approaches to the space theme. Starting with galaxy prints that illuminate Earth, Jupiter and the Moon, they are an impressive art installation at any event. Then we have the more ‘Star Wars’ approach where we have a series of panels that give the view from the deck of a spaceship. Get ready to step on board and blast off! 

space themed party

The Names Bond, James Bond…

All the glamour and sophistication of a Bond film, these Light Panels will impress guests in an instant. 

No Time To Die has seen a resurgence in the theme and our Bond Panels are back in demand. In a similar fashion to the opening credits of every Bond, we have silhouetted panels. Each character is set against a fiery backdrop and the contrast immediately draws the eye. Can you guess which Bond silhouette features? Believe it’s the pre Craig classic that is Piece Brosnan. 

table art bond

Take A Bite Of The Big Apple

The World famous Skyline of New York, illuminated in these dynamic light panels.

When you think Skyline, you think New York. It was a no brainer to print the iconic skyline as a series of panels. Created back in 2016 for a Big Apple theme, these beauties made up the entrance way and acted as a photo backdrop for guests as they arrived. These panels partner perfectly with our Urban Block table centres and never fail to translate the theme instantly.

A Great Gatsby Soiree

A stunning collection of Twenties themed panelling to style an Art Deco party…

Finally, our Art Deco prints that have remained popular over the past decade. The Twenties was all about the flappers, glamour and excess. These panels deliver on that with their distinctive designs in black, gold and white. The Art Deco Range was our first set of lit panels and have been used across hundreds of events. From bar areas to pool side dividers, they have been everywhere. 

Like what you see? Who can blame you. These panels are so versatile and effective that they are a MUST for an event theme. Contact our team today for your free no obligation quotation.


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