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Light Bulb Idea: Bright Idea Centrepiece

Taking a closer look: The Bright Idea Centrepiece @ Stanford Hall  

We have the pleasure of working with Universities all over the country, often at end of term Celebrations. A recent event with Leicester Alumni is one to remember, debuting our Bright Idea Centrepiece for their gala.

An Event Case study

Venue: Stamford Hall

Client: Leicester University

Date: November 2019

bright idea table centre

The Venue:

Stanford Hall, a leading conference centre in the heart of Leicestershire. Table Art’s first visit to the venue. Always a thrill for the team, loving the opportunity to explore a new location, Stamford Hall did not disappoint. A handsome mansion set in a perfectly manicured Edwardian Garden. The interior matched the expectations set by the exterior, with historic featured partnered effortlessly with a modern style.  Offering an intoxicating blend of bygone charm and modern luxury, a natural choice for Leicester University.

Steampunk Package
light bulb sketch centrepiece

The Client:

As I am sure you are aware, the Autumn can be a chaotic period for anyone working in the events industry. The leaves on the trees start turning and almost by magic, the Table Art phones ring nonstop. During this thrilling chaos that the wonderful Aboo Aboobaker, events manager for the University got in touch. Setting an open brief, looking for ideas to dress his 20 tables at a staff awards ceremony.

Our sales team are an enthusiastic bunch and fired across suggestions for the table centres within an hour of the original enquiry. Focusing on designs that work well for an event mainly attended by educational staff. Technology and science played a big part, the thought being that teachers love learning and would lap up the chance to see something new.

Along with our popular selection of stocked items, we also proposed our new Bright Idea Centrepiece. As predicted, the Bright Idea Centrepiece concept caught the client’s eye.  

light bulb centrepieces

The Design:

Picture Willy Wonka’s factory and minus the oompa loopers, you have our design studio. It’s a mad lab of prototypes and sketches, with the team furiously bringing creations to life. Conceptualized and fabricated right here in the workshop, the Bright Idea came to being.  

Featuring an iridescent orb encasing a filament light bulb, there are definite scientific vibes to this centerpiece. It may appear simple in construction but as with everything Table Art, there is more than meets the eye. The Bright Idea Centrepiece is solely lit white but vitally, has DMX technology incorporated. This allows the client to brighten, blackout or even flash the lights by command. This feature that really captured our client’s imagination. Keen to have the tables flash when winners are announced.

centrepiece light bulb birdseye

The Event

We liaised directly with the Av Company, Premier UK Events Ltd ahead of the event. This allowed us to coordinate our efforts and arrange for the table centres to be patched directly into their lighting desk. The result, a seamless partnership that gave the client peace of mind as the event began. The AV team partnered their screens and audio with the centrepieces to make sure that as winners are announced, the room mirrored the atmosphere as the crowd wildly clapped.

We appreciate that not every event has the budget for an AV team but don’t fear, DMX technology is available to you too! Table Art aren’t restricted to running our DMX through AV desks and have laptops to deliver the goods. All we need is space for one Table Art Technician and a laptop with the event room. From there our technician can follow your every instruction. Want to change the colour throughout or create a simple wave effect? Give the tech a heads up and he will make it happen.

centrepiece light bulb

The Photography

With the Autumn/ Winter period being our busiest time for bookings (by a long margin). It’s no surprise that we must use multiple photographers to cover events on any given day. This event at Stamford Hall is no exception as it took place on one of our busiest days in November. Here Splento Photography steps in, working across the UK- delivering photographers at a moments notice.

With any new table centre debut, we know how vital it is to capture great images. It’s those same great images that will help other clients book the centres! As a result, we booked Splento to cover this awards show. With lightning response, we received the event imagery the very next day- a five star service!

centerpieces light bulb

More Details

For those eagle eyed amongst you, I am sure you have clocked the vine detail at the base of the Bright Idea. The Client wanted to bring a touch of the traditional to this hyper modern design. They commissioned a local florist to create this unique display to surround the bulb and we think the combination is a winning formula.

“I hired the Bright Ideas centrepiece for my event in Leicester. From start to finish, the team at Table Art are incredibly helpful, informative, supportive and professional. Set-up on time and the guests appreciated them very much. As a bonus, I also received photos of my event from TableArt. My personal thank you to Helen – you’re a superstar!”

Aboo Aboobaker | Events Manager | Leicester University

We have noticed the growing popularity for floral arrangements around our centrepieces. In answer to this, we have started working with local florist company Eternal Flowers. Lindsey and her team have matched our creativity with lush floral displays that have made the clients smile from ear to ear. Like our range but want some floral detail? Contact our sales team and we can happily put some design ideas together for you.

Planning an event at that you think the Bright Idea Centrepiece would work brilliantly for




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