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Keep Calm and Carry on in the Events Industry

Keep Calm and Carry On

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For most of us Keep Calm and Carry on is an expression we have got used to seeing on mugs, pictures and T-shirts. It has been used in banter with words changed to fit all situations. However, all of a sudden, within the space of a couple of weeks, this expression feels very poignant. To many of us who have not experienced world wars, this feels like the closest thing to it.

All around us, the world we know, feels like it is collapsing. Panic buying in the supermarkets, quiet roads in rush hour, people unable to leave their houses and all face to face social interaction discouraged.

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So how, amongst all this chaos, do we Keep Calm and Carry On?

The event industry has all but come to a complete halt in the space of 2 weeks. From having a fantastic start to the year, we thought we were in for a record breaking 2020. With no end in sight of the current situation with Coronavirus, it could be record breaking for all the wrong reasons. However, we at Table Art are staying positive. In fact, we are determined to Keep Calm and Carry On. Of course, we will have to make some necessary changes, but we intend to use this time wisely.

At the end of the day we are a sociable nation. Once this situation has calmed down, we know that people will want to interact face to face again. Video calls, social media, text messaging etc all have their place, but there is nothing like a social gathering. Getting together and sharing a table for a meal is simply the best fun whether there are 2 of you or 200! There’s nothing like a “works do” to get even the most shy of us up on the dance floor!!! What better way to celebrate achievement at work than an awards event? And, of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without seeing the boss waving his or her arms about to Hi Ho Silver Lining!

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Table Art Will Be Here For You

We know, that once this crisis is over, you will want Table Art’s input to help you create your best event ever. It will be the end of an extremely difficult time for everyone. Imagine the celebrations! Freedom to shop, freedom to buy toilet roll, freedom to eat out, freedom to go to the cinema or theatre, freedom to watch and play sport and most importantly the freedom to party!

Table Art know that you will want us around to help you. Here with the best and most unique table centres and room décor for your most special party yet. That is why we are determined to Keep Calm and Carry on. Although we may not see you for a little while, we will be here. New ideas, new technology and the same quality, reliability and professionalism you expect from Table Art are waiting whenever you want us.

To all our valued customers, old and new, Keep Calm and Carry on and we will see you all soon!

Talk to our experts and discuss what you have in mind for your themed party. Let us help you make your events successful and amazing.

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