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Venue Focus: JW Marriott Grosvenor House London

Table Art Illuminating the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London

2019-2020 RetrospectiveA highlight reel of Events held at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London.

The Venue:

With an outstanding location, Grosvenor House A JW Marriott Hotel greets guests with five-star service. A jewel of Park Lane, this London Venue sets the standard for corporate hosting. Event planners find this venue irresistible with its unparalleled meeting spaces, decadent Ballroom and Park Room. As a result, the team at Table Art find themselves at this popular spot on an almost weekly basis.

Table Art have had the pleasure of working at the Great Hall on a great many events. Here we take a moment to celebrate the highlights from the past year working at this fabulous venue. With over twenty-five events illuminated at the Grosvenor since this time last year, it has been a true task trying to pick out our favourites. Key factors in picking the best? Those booked by loyal clients, events with the best pictures and vitally, the LED centres made a real impact on the look of an evening.

So, let’s begin, eight events hand picked by our team to highlight the best events at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London in the past year:

pixel string grosvenor house dmx table centre

Events in Detail:

Four Impact | Coral Centrepiece | March 15th 2019

The Client: Jenny Boden of Four Impact has been working with us here at Table Art year after year. Always a pleasure to dress her events, this particular event had a distinct theme. With a Coral table art chosen, it’s not hard to imagine the theme. Jenny and her team wanted an Underwater styled event with a classic approach to what can otherwise be a gimmicky concept. At Table Art, we’re all about taking a theme and elevating it to an entirely new level that will leave guests stunned.

The Centrepiece: The Coral Centrepiece, a unique design. All handcrafted by Joe Martin, no two centres are the same. There is no better table centre available when looking for décor with an underwater motif.

The Event: With over 80 table centres at this event, it required three members of our crew to install. With the venue being a home away from home, we know that for a JW Marriott Grosvenor House London Event, we need to be on site from 2pm. That gives our team more than enough time to do the install, with the average centre taking less than a minute to install. That’s right, a whole minute! Anyway, I digress. The install could be described as lightning quick! With the help of our DMX programming, the technician ran the lights in calm blue hues for the evening.

grosvenor house april coral

Park Publishing | Ritz Lamp & Windsor Candelabra | November 20th 2019

The Client: A call from Park Publishing is always an exciting one. Vivienne and Derrick Keating liaise directly with MD Gary Martin every year to bring fresh new ideas across the spectrum of events coming up that year. Last year, a perfect example with six events booked, all with new designs utilized.

The Centrepiece: This particular event chose a mix of table decor, namely the Tall and Low Ritz in Silver, alongside our Windsor Candelabra. The splendid Windsor Candelabra is a slim-line model of a Classic Candelabra, including tapered candles. With those candles possessing a hyper-realistic flickering effect, a romantic light is set across each table. Complimentary to this is the Ritz range of lamps, in a low and tall height to offer a dynamic look across the room.

The Event: Veterans of Park Publishing Events, Andy Rawlings and Robert Adams worked this event, making sure that the new designs sparkled at the heart of evert table. A charity gala, the main purpose of this evening-to raise much needed funds so the event featured an auction. Our DMX system came into it’s own, flashing the lights as the bids went up! 

Pride of Britain Awards | Low Crystal Globe | October 28th 2019

The Client: The Pride of Britain Awards, hosted by Trinity Mirror is a yearly affair for the Table Art Southwest Team. Trinity Mirror run multiple Pride awards throughout the year. However, the Pride of Britain Awards at the Grosvenor is the pinnacle of those events, with it being televised on ITV.

The Centrepiece: With this event being filmed for television, line of site is vital. That is why year on year, our low-level centre are chosen for the tables. This year the team delivered the iridescent Crystal Globe centrepieces. With the low profile, these beauties offer a crystallized light across the table that always charms guests.

The Event: For those of you that caught the Awards Show on ITV back in October, you will know that the event became a storming success. With heroes of the British Isles celebrated, the Low Level Centrepieces are a subtle addition to the proceedings.

grosvenor house october

Corporate Events | Tall & Low Crystal Globe | May 15th 2019

The Client: Holly Waters and Kerry Owen headed the team at Corporate Events for this event. Working with our sales team closely, they ensured they selected the right table art for their clients budget and aesthetic. As you will glean from this blog, having featured two of their events, we work with Corporate Events often and it is always a pleasure.

The Centrepiece: The elder statesman of the Table Art Collection, The Tall Crystal Globe is one of the original designs. The acrylic stands is instantly recognisable as a Table Art Design and has featured across thousands of events. When partnered with it’s low level counter, the Crystal Globes make for a vibrant look.

The Event: One of the first events attended by our newest team member, Connor Jeffries- a real thrill for him to work on. Any event coming up at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London is always one hotly contested for by the team. Connor joined by his colleague Jake Rheams for this event. A nice simple led centre to install, Connor and Jake completed set up an hour within arrival.  Leaving them ample time to set up the DMX system on the balcony, ready to run for rehearsals.


grosvenor house may

Property Drum | Circus Styling | November 29th 2019

The Client: Director of Property Drum, Grant Leonard ran this event like a well-oiled machine. Contacting the team months prior to the event, he set out his Greatest Showman brief.  In response, our sales team delivered a proposal featuring a wealth of circus themed centerpieces and styling options. Although we imagine it became tricky to choose favorites, Grant came back to us with a clear selection and we set to task prepping the order.

The Décor: With over 85 Tables, Property Drum wanted to feature a mix of circus themed LED table centre. The Greatest Showman design is a given but what went with it? Well our Hula Girl and Circus Horse partnered beautifully, creating a colourful look fit for a circus. In addition to the centrepieces, the client also selected our LED panels with our Circus Print designs. The photograph here illustrates those panels and I think you can agree, they are a spectacular addition to the drinks reception.

The Event: With such a popular and instantly recognisable theme, its always a concern that a circus event can look run of the mill. Not if you select the props and centres at Table Art. We delivered an exciting Circus themed party here fit for the Greatest Showman himself!

Beauty with Purpose | Earth Globes | October 25th 2019

The Client: A first time booking by the Beauty with Purpose team. Steve Douglas ran proceedings and first got in touch just two weeks before the event. Hosting an event featuring international clientele, keen to deliver a global motif to the gala. Happy to oblige, with a veritable galaxy of Global themed centrepiece to offer.

The Centrepiece: It will be no surprise to read that the charity gala opted for our striking Earth Globe and Earth Swirl Centrepieces. Last year – a popular year for our Earth Globe design, featuring above all at the New York Save the Children Gala. In response to a newsletter featuring that event that struck the interest of Beauty with Purpose in the first place.

The Event: Opting for this distinctive mix, the client looking to deliver a look a world away from what they had chosen in previous years. The Table Art team did not disappoint, with the Earth designs featuring DMX as standard, the team delivered light to the proceedings, seamlessly programmed with the AV Production.

grosvenor house venue

Beyond Certainty | Around the World Styling | January 17th 2020

The Client: A delight to work with Haralambos Stavrou and his team at Beyond Certainty for the first time. Looking to bring an ‘Around the World’ theme to two events in January. The second event featured here specifically, delivered for the staff at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London.

The Décor: An exciting event, developing a wide spectrum of new designs to deliver this fabulously retro theme. Firstly featuring our realistic Inflatable Elephants, these beauties had been a working project in the studio since summer 2019 and the first event they featured at. Then onto the poseur tables which we custom printed to look like wooden barrels, topped with a shabby world map. Each poseur then illuminated by our Cabaret Lamp on top of our book bases, bespoke made with a Philias Fogg book title.

The Event: An usual event as we did it twice! We ran the same event for two weekends running at The Grosvenor House. A thrill, the staff at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London fell in love with the Elephants, taking quick moments during set up for selfies. With a professional photographer on site, a great opportunity to launch new designs and since, we have had endless enquires based on the images people have seen from that set of event.

grosvenor venue january

Corporate Events | Full Moons | April 24th 2019

The Client: No you aren’t seeing double, Corporate Events are featuring here again! We loved working with them so much, we thought we would highlight a second event of theirs.

The Centrepiece: Low Level beauty, the team at Corporate Events selected our Full Moon Design. With a low profile it’s a great choice for those looking to preserve sight lines. The vital feature the company specified? The DMX system so that they could run the lights with their AV design. All done and delivered, our team install and provided a transmitter to they could patch directly into the onsite AV desk.

The Event: As you can see from the image, you don’t always need an ornate table decor to deliver the drama. Often a simple but effective choice of design can deliver all the drama you will ever need.

JW Marriott Grosvenor House London

CIM Awards | Tall & Low Candlestick | April 11th 2019

The Client: Marketing Excellence Awards looked to Table Art to support their awards show back last April. With a sponsorship package in place, thrilled to be able to light this event with our centrepieces.

The Centrepiece: Often, when we choose to sponsor an event- we like to put forward centres that we are keen to get good photographs of. We chose the Tall and Low Candlestick table art, looking to get pictures of the designs lit in gold hues.

The Event: This event truly delivered at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London! A great opportunity to highlight our LED designs and with our Candlesticks at the heart of every table, a key feature to the event. Pictures did not disappoint either,  centres lit in gold and captured beautifully by our team on their SLR cameras.

cim awards

The Photography:

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of photography but over the years we have learned of the VITAL need to get good event images. Without good photographs, clients don’t get a clear picture of what they are booking and are remised to proceed. A good picture sells a product ten-fold and so that is why we have invested in the best cameras here.  In addition, we do a short training session with new crew members to make sure they are confident when on their event, looking to take a good shot. Finally, for the best picture of the month – a prize is given out to the photographer!

In Conclusion:

We adore working at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London, clear from this highlight reel of events. With the climate the way it is, we aren’t sure when we will next be back at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House London. What we can be sure of is the fact that once events are back to normal, we WILL be back, and we will rock every event!


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